eevee lutions


I’m finally able to do this

Every single eevee(lution) character I have in one big master post.

Time to name them

Eevee: Peanutbutter, Paisley, Monique

Vaporeon: Ikaroa, Adell, Aquarius, Arlene, Delta

Jolteon: Ridge, Acira, Chuck, Chase, Damini, Chance

Flareon: Chevron, Ella, Laila, Liam, Candace, Dante

Espeon: Jasmine, Felicity, Brooke, Oswald, Binx, Jasper

Umbreon: Palmette, Hunter, Pistol, Ransom, Noir, Mo, December, Tio
Skulls, Decaying

Leafeon: Connor, Amity, Noah, Seth, Mika

Glaceon: Murphy, Leigha, Reece, Pietra, Nana, Bishop, Mercy

Sylveon: Peirce, Maribel,
Ivory, Adonis, King, Bianca,
Fabio, Tobias,
Natascha, me, Sebastian,
Bubblegum, Oliver, Twinkles, Cassandra


… That help you draw runes
That watch you use sigils and then use them themselves
Delphox drawing a fire rune in front of it to power up its fire
Learning voice/songcraft from Mismagimus
Death mages mapping Drifblim flight patterns to help parents find their lost children
A Desert mage stalking Cacturne packs at night to save lost travelers
Ground Trainers learning how to “cast stones and throw bones” from Marowak and Mandibuzz
Vaporeons pranking their mages during water scrying
Using Litwicks to interrogate prisoners
History witches with a ton of Yamasks on their team
Yamasks showing trusted trainers buried secrets (and setting them up to be taken by Cofagrius if they betray that trust)
Psychopomp mages working with Dusknoir and Pumpkaboo to pass on spirits
Getting astral aid from Hypno and Musharna
Fossil loving mages with all “extinct” Pokemon in their team
Learning Oracles from Absol and Xatu
Bone mages with Cubone familiars
Mages that worship all, one, or none Legendaries

Storm mages dancing with Manetric and Eletabuzz, racing with Zebstrika to follow the storm. Minun and Plusle cheering as a Ampharos lights the way. Raikou races in the clouds with them. Tornadus and Thunderos are proud.

Prisoners sentenced to “trial by fire” is a death sentence for they meet the Chandelure in the basement…

Green mages with HUGE gardens that consist of all sorts of Grass-, Bug-, Normal-Type Pokemon
Fairy mages with Klefki that hold secrets to portals
The Order of the Fox (Delphox, Ninetails, Zoroark, Eevee-lutions) are chaos mages
Green witches using Cacturne to “compost”
Healer mages working with Lucario, Chansey, and Audino
Empaths learning control with Gardevior
Alien mages seeking Denoxys (sp?)
Space mages with Clefairy and Behamyam (sp?), learning astrology with Gothielle, worshipping Dialga and Palkia

So. Many. Water mages with their Water/Ice familiars
Empaths with Shuppet to aid those with depression
Phantumps leading Death mages to their bodies (or to lost children)
Using Pay Day to gain prosperity coins
Bug mages with giant hives as secret bases


My Scorbus Headcanon #2

Sometimes I like to imagine that Scorpius and Albus shared a train compartment on the Hogwarts express their first year.  Scorpius, being shy and not really knowing anybody because “no body wants their babies playing with a Malfoy” sits all by him self in an empty compartment.  Then Albus breezes on the train, late because he had that heart to heart with his father about Slytherin, and finds that all of the compartments are full except this one with a little blonde boy so he sort of throws himself in the compartment like, “Hey can I sit in here, everywhere else is- OH MERLIN, YOU’RE SCORPIUS MALFOY!”  And of course Scorp gets all flustered and blushy because merlin’s beard, I’m stuck in a room with a Potter, he’s going to hate me because of my dad, but then Albus adds, “I SAW A PICTURE OF YOU AND YOUR DAD IN THE PROPHET AND YOU WERE HOLDING A COPY OF “Modern Muggle Culture.  Second Edition.”” So basically, the two strike up a conversation about cool things from muggle culture (like the wonders of wifi and whether umberon or vaporeon is the best eevee-lution) and develop a friendship because they are both huge little nerds.  


I actually HAVE!  Although, it was in acrylic canvas painting form :)  I painted the whole eevee-lution set on mini canvases!  All of them except for eevee, flareon, jolteon and espeon are sold, however!

I have them as a button set on my Etsy currently!

I’m currently doing digital doodles of the starters, and then I’ll continue painting gen 1 in reverse order (I’m at kabutops!)

As a friendly note, you can always contact me to paint your favorite pokemon at a discounted price of $60 :D  Just shoot an email to and let me know what you want (pokemon, personality, shiny or not)
**As an additional note, this rate doesn’t apply to OCs.  Just standard pokemon with regular markings**

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