eevee is so cute

Carnival Date with Monsta X


  • Pretty quiet and shy throughout the whole day
  • But he’ll do the little things like holding your hand, keeping your things (bag, jacket, etc)
  • Would probably take random, awkward selfies with you even if you’re not looking
  • Still holds your hand and stuff on the rides you go on
  • King of winning all the prizes, he’ll win you so many stuffed toys from the carnival games including a giant one or two
  • Heck parents might even ask him to win a toy for their kids and he totally would and it’s super cute to watch him so you don’t mind
  • So you might end up spending more time around the games and food
  • Buys tons of food and snacks for you guys but encourages you to eat well
  • “But Shownu, there are still more rides to go on?? And it’s not exactly eating well if we’re only eating junk food hehe”
  • Even if you have to do most of the talking, he’ll always listen and remember what you say regardless of what you’re telling him and how loud your surroundings may be


  • You’ll somehow manage to convince him to go on the highest rides (like the Hellevator, Drop Zone, Atmosfear) but when the ride starts to bring you guys up he’ll start crying
  • When the ride actually starts to move and such like dropping down he’ll probably be laughing and shouting really happily the shift is so quick
  • Totally tries to flex and such when you guys play the games (especially that strength testing game), might even flirt with a worker in attempt to get a discount or prize
  • He’ll make the biggest deal out of winning a prize, “Oh my GOSH look at this Eevee doll I just won!! It’s so CUTE and SMALL and FLUFFY!!!!!”
  • But if he’s playing one of those multiplayer games where only one player gets the prize, he’ll give his prize up to another kid that plays with him if he wins
  • Never lets go of your hand which is cute at first, but the moment he sees a ride he wants to go on the next thing you know you’re being pulled around at the speed of light
  • He’ll buy food “for you” but if you look back at him after 0.008 seconds he’s engulfing the cotton candy
  • If you go in the haunted house with him he’ll probably try and scare you from behind by poking you etc, but the moment he feels something or gets spooked he’ll actually run so fast and far (he’s still going to come back to you dw)
  • Will try to stay in the carnival for as long as you guys can, might hide behind rides and such even when all the guests are leaving and rides are being locked up for the day
  • But you guys would eventually get caught and… let’s just say you might not have any more dates at that carnival anymore


  • Vows that he’ll go on ALL the rides with you
  • And by all he means all, including the scariest rides and all of the children rides
  • So extra he probably screams on every ride regardless of the intensity etc (that moving tea cup ride meant for kids? He’ll still be screaming at the top of his lungs)
  • Makes faces at the camera if a ride has them
  • Will buy the prints of those photos taken on rides, especally if you look “funny”
  • Super good with time management so you guys will manage to go on the most popular rides early, before they have all of their huge line-ups (he probably did his research in advance!)
  • You’ll even manage to get those temporary tattoos and get cute and sparkly matching ones
  • Tries to win you prizes at games but wins exactly 0 stuffies
  • But he’s not discouraged about it, he’ll just say “I know a place where we can get guaranteed prizes!” and he’ll just take you to the little gatcha machines lol so you guys end up with a bunch of random but cute keychains and little toys
  • Buys food for you too but doesn’t get separate ones, he insists you share everything! So drinks, cotton candy, ice cream, fries etc


  • Will buy you tons of food to share, always in the largest sizes too
  • He’d ask which game you’d want to play and exactly which prize you want
  • Would even try and win a prize for you himself if you really wanted it
  • He’d be like “I got this” but he’d spend SO much money trying but to no avail,,,
  • So he’d just buy the prize for you instead
  • And he’d spend so much money overall for you but he doesn’t mind, he might make jokes about it (“my wallet’s going to be empty because of you!!!”) but he doesn’t mean it
  • When you guys are in line for a ride he’ll watch the batches that ride it before you guys and comment about it too (“Whoa that goes faster than I thought it would… does it really turn like that? Wait, don’t tell me it… yep… ah, it loops upside down…”
  • Cares about you lots he’ll always be checking in with you, asking if you’re hungry or if you need to use the washroom
  • He’ll ask you if you’re nervous or something when a ride starts, he’ll be super calm and reassuring when you are but the moment he hears the sound of the ride starting he’ll probably scream
  • Asks to play stuff like bumper cars because it’ll be a “cute couple experience”, but when you guys actually play he’s so aggressive and competitive


  • Accidentally falls asleep if a line up for a ride is too long
  • If it’s way too long, he’ll somehow convince you to bail no matter how far you are in the line
  • He’d say he has a “better alternative” but really he’d just take you to all the kiddie rides because they have no line ups
  • But it’s actually pretty fun, especially when you guys are the only ones on the ride
  • Other than those rides he would probably convince you to go to the magic mirror house or giant slides
  • He’d also encourage you to go to the arcade and play a bunch of games
  • Wants to gets stuffies but tells you that if you want one you have to win it yourself, says every stuffy he wins personally will be another addition to the collection on his bed
  • He’d win SO MANY but would still sacrifice a few for you later on
  • Would pick a fight either with a kid or a staff if he loses a game he thinks he won, “What do you mean that child won this round? I clearly got more points, I should be getting that stuffed bear not her??”
  • Claims he can even win something from the claw machine but won’t and will go on and on about how it’s rigged (it totally is though)


  • You’d have trouble choosing what rides to go on first, so he’d suggest to line up for the biggest and scariest ones
  • But even when you’re just in line he’ll probably watch what the ride and see what it actually does and will totally scream
  • “Jooheon that one is for little kids”
  • But he’ll probably do the biggest pouty face and throw in some aegyo to convince you
  • Goes on and on about how you two should make funny faces at the kiddie roller coaster’s camera
  • But when you two actually get to that point he’ll probably be too pre-occupied with screaming or covering his eyes because it’s at a drop
  • You guys keep sneaking pictures of eachother without the other knowing, like you’ll take a few of him while he’s focused on the fries he’s eating and he’ll take pics of you when you’re watching a ride
  • Plays a few of the carnival games too but when he wins a cute stuffed toy you’ll be like “thanks Jooheon!” but he’d be so confused at first,,, like he won it for himself but ok (he’d totally give it to you anyways)
  • It would take so much effort to convince him into going in the haunted house… and it’s really difficult to get through it with that scared little bean… “Jooheon what’s that sound?” “Oh sorry I was just rapping under my breath”


  • Thinks that “win a free iPad!” game is totally legit and will spend a good amount of time playing it
  • But will always follow what you say otherwise, you basically hold hands with him and lead him to wherever you want to go
  • Pretty playful and giggly when you guys wait to go on rides
  • But when you’re on a ride he’s somehow able to remain so emotionless and pokerfaced
  • Would play tons of games and have a little contest with you to see who can win the most prizes
  • Challenges you to every game in the arcade
  • “i can’t believe you beat me in my specialty… dance dance revolution… let’s settle this in streetfighter, my second specialty”
  • Wins so many tokens he basically has enough to buy a nerdy, expensive prize with them
  • Takes tons of pictures with you, getting that couple aesthetic™
  • But some of the pictures he takes of you will be super unflattering, especially if he sneaks pics of you when you guys are on a ride

Finally Shin Soukoku Week 2017 is coming to an end… Well it was fun while it lasted, even though I spent most of my 1 week holiday just drawing for their celebration. XD

Being a Pokemon game fan since Pokemon Yellow, there’s no way I would never have thought about mixing it in with other anime or real life before…

But out of all the Pokemon game series, I love Mystery Dungeons Series the best. I just idk love the thought of being a creature instead of humans i guess… I always thought of what kind of Pokemon would a character be, which ofc depending on first their personalities then maybe their looks. 

On another note I’m currently working on their final evolution forms, in this case Atsushi. Or should I say Adult form. Cuz they are just children in this forms…

Also I am thinking of drawing Dazai and Chuuya to put them together. So any suggestion on what Pokemon would they be? Only if anyone is interested though, if not just ignore and let me move on with my own fantasies… 

You can just imagine a AU where they both meet at a younger age or just childhood friends during their worst young life. 

Also the fact that I’m not that good with animal/creature’s anatomy but I still try my best for them! So forgive me if I messed up parts… 



This how they normally look, aside from getting beaten up

And yes, they are both Shiny if you are wondering about the colour.

Author’s note (You can skip my blabbering if you want unless you want to know why I choose these specific Pokemon for them and so on): 

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