eevee eggs


I had to draw the replies I got for this post, ‘cause they were just too good

occasionally-glaceon-here  asked:

Ooh, what type of Pokémon do you think the egg will hatch into?

P: The egg is warm, but I think it’s an indication of it being alive, rather than being a fire type. And the pattern… well, I’ve never seen a pattern like this on a Pokémon before. So… we’re pretty lost on what it will be. It doesn’t really matter, we’ll love our new sibling no matter what!

(With a cameo of @occasionalshinyeyes :3c)


Εevee evolution polymer clay pokemon diorama

fus-ro-dah-motherfucker  asked:

I have a female eevee (Eggs) that i like to take to contests and such, but she has been getting a lot of unwanted attention from breeders that want her, should i consider evolving her to discourage them? Or are there better ways?

You have an attractive female Pokémon in a species with a male-dominant ratio. Evolving her will not make breeders stop talking to you. If anything, it may encourage them, since an evolved Pokémon is almost always more impressive than a pre-evolution. You can, perhaps, state you are not interested in breeding/trading offers, both under the “notes” section on your contest applications and on your business cards, but as frustrating as it is, this is just going to be a part of showing her.


So, maybe drawing Eevee in that stuff is pointless and useless since Eevee can move around normally even if it’s Level 1 but listen, I got this idea of them hatching an egg together and this little Eevee born from that egg, so they take care of Eevee as if it was his very own child.

When thinking about family, specially in Pokemon universe, I can only think of those creatures that accompany us during all our journey and even further, so Red and Blue/Green’s family would be like that!

I hope y’all like it, and sorry for being so late ;-; 

friendlyninetales-deactivated20  asked:

Thanks for answering my question would you like some help with taking care of the eggs?

Cotton is a litttle stressed out, so your help is appreciated. @friendlyninetales

The egg has hatched into a baby Buneary!

Two eggs remain: 5 asks left. 9 asks left.

Sorry for the delayed wait, but Bloom is delivering some more eggs again! No edited eggs this time, because so many people wanted an egg, and it really surprised me! But I still randomised the Pokemon, so I’m going to tag everyone with the Pokemon they got!

@shinyfurretdaily got a Rattata egg!
@lusaminehotsuin got a Hypno egg!
@vajra-furor got a Baltoy egg!
@lampentdaily got a Gloom egg!
@nightfurywitch got a Roselia egg!
@saltybuddy (Once again it’s not letting me tag) got a Wigglytuff egg!
@the-occasional-gijinka got a Swalot egg!
@sometimes-flareon got a Purrloin egg!
@dailydoseofpink got a Drampa egg!
@daily-mantine got a Bronzong egg!
@dailyarcticvaporeon got a Snorlax egg!
@pull-the-trigger-grove got a Chansey egg!
@sometimespikachu got a Type: Null egg!
@themadamharu got a Bulbasaur egg!
@gengardaily got a Spearow egg!
@latias-daily got a Sandshrew egg!
@natu-daily got a Mightyena egg!
@cold-hard-petrified got a Fearow egg!
@dailyhoppip got a Deerling egg!
@dailyemolga got a Wartortle egg!
@cheekycheepcheep got a Vivillon egg!
@ask-backpack-hypno got a Salandit egg!
@dart-the-llama got an Alolan Diglett egg!
@askabeheeyem got a Zigzagoon egg!
@pichudaily got a Heatran egg!
@bat-the-mun got a Solrock egg!
@valisartbin got a Drifblim egg!
@alpha621 got a Whiscash egg!
@zubatsometimes got a Cubone egg!
@sometimesvictini got a Flygon egg!
@daily-zygarde-cores got a Panpour egg!
@bewearium-z got a Zweilous egg!
@houndoom-daily got a Lileep egg!
@fluffsthedragon got a Swellow egg!
@trubbish-daily got a Seadra egg!
@occasionallybeheeyem got a Finneon egg!
@badlydrawnshinymawile got a Ursaring egg!
@chesterdidthings got a Whismur egg!
@bidoofdaily got a Graveler egg!
@queen-antlers (Not tagging again for some reason) got a Emboar egg!
@dailyseviper got a Snubbull egg!
@most-likely-daily-eevee got a Buneary egg!
@zorua-daily got a Beheeyem egg!
@nettnettnett90 got a Quilava egg!
@pokemonfangirl99 got a Bruxish egg!
@dwantless got a Octillery egg!
@bmassacr got a Regice egg!
@theresomethinginthewifi got an Alolan Raticate egg!
@kalam1999 got a Delibird egg!
@pinkiepegasus got a Popplio egg!
@ask-the-pokemon-guardians got a Gumshoos egg!
@occasionally-surskit got a Mamoswine egg!
@dailyspheal got a Ludicolo egg!
@dailywick got a Basculin egg!
@hunterx700 got a Lugia egg!
@alexinbox got a Giratina egg!
@meike11 got a Gothitelle egg!
@joltyjolt got a Natu egg!
@neon–nightmare got a Luvdisc egg!

And that’s all for today! I will get the rest of the eggs up either later today or tomorrow!


How to announce a baby nerd style.  Release the announcement on April Fools Day.  Say nothing while people speculate if its true or not.  Then walk around Sakura-con with an egg.  Hard to say how many people figured out it was a pregnancy celebration, but they definitely found the sign very hilarious.

What will hatch from this?  It will take some time.