anonymous asked:

How do I approach to an eevee that I recently saved from an abusive trainer?

Cautiously, anonymous.

The most important thing to remember about eevee abuse is that it normally stems from the unfortunate but not entirely uncommon thought among extreme eevee otaku that eevee are collectible objects, rather than living, breathing beings that have basic needs for survival. Sometimes, “affection” given to an abused eevee may come in the form of dressing it up, violating its personal space, and, yes, even violence, especially if the eevee in question had been bred or obtained specifically for the contest circuit. Of course, while knowing exactly how your eevee was abused helps, this doesn’t change the fact that even if yours had received an entirely different form of abuse (such as, for example, physical abuse, which can be common among house eevee), the process is by and large the same.

Start off by making sure your home is comfortable. Provide all the basic necessities—the higher the quality, the better. Make sure your eevee has a comfortable place to sleep, with a nice bed and the thermostat adjusted for its personal optimal temperature. (If your eevee is shivering or looks overheated, change the temperature accordingly as soon as possible.) Also be sure to stock your eevee’s area with plenty of fresh food and water, as well as a clean place for relieving itself, and also provide it with plenty of toys and distractions.

Once you’ve provided its basic needs, here is where the difficult part comes into play. You need to give your eevee plenty of space—literally, I mean. Don’t handle your eevee too much or too roughly for the first few days and gauge from its body language whether or not it’s comfortable with you. Try to assume non-threatening poses whenever you’re around it, and only touch it when it’s relaxed and ready to receive affection. Allow your eevee to come to you whenever possible, but always speak softly and reassuringly to it in order to establish that it can feel comfortable around you.

What may also help is asking the shelter, center, or breeder your eevee had come from about their routines. Feeding, cleaning, exercising, and putting your eevee to bed at the same time they had every day will help ease the transition from the shelter to your home, which in turn will reduce the stress your eevee goes through and allow it to open up to you more readily. The more you can mimic the first humans who were kind to it, the easier it will be for your eevee to begin to trust you.

Above all else, though, have patience. Take care of your eevee as best as you can and do everything you can to maintain a low-stress environment and day for it. Don’t begin battling or pokémon training right away. (You may train your eevee, but stick to the basics, such as paper training and training it to trust you and adjust to its environment.) Work up to that slowly until it feels comfortable enough with you and its new home to engage in aggressive physical activity. And always keep in mind that it’s very difficult for fresh psychological wounds to heal. It may take your eevee a month or few to begin trusting you, and that’s perfectly normal. Just keep showering it with kindness and being open to it, and eventually, it will be able to grow and love once more.

Best of luck, anonymous!