Estonian Midsummer's Eve Gothic

It’s raining. It’s always raining. Someone remembers a year when it wasn’t raining. They argue with ten other people over which year it was. 

There’s someone grilling sausages. There’s another person grilling sausages. Everyone is grilling sausages. Someone is offering you potato salad. 

There are mosquitoes trying to drink your blood. You spray mosquito repellent on yourself. Now there are more mosquitoes trying to drink your blood. 

You are drinking beer. Your friends are drinking beer. Your neighbour’s ten-year-old child is drinking kvass. Uncle Jaan is offering everyone vodka. 

The pile of stuff to burn is a meter high. Now it’s two. Now it’s five meters high. Someone tries to jump over it. 

You go into the woods looking for the fern flower. It does not exist. You aren’t sure why you are looking for it.