eero niemala


Ran into my homies Eero, Iikka and Devun at one of the backcountry pond skims. Eero lost his sled and had to swim to the edge in all his snowboard gear with his board on his back. I saw this happen before a few years back in the same place.

We got the sled out by sinking a rope and then looping it back around and hooking the handle bars.

We tried the same method this time and it worked exactly the same.

We had lots of people helping so once the sled was near the surface everyone could reach in and pull it out.

All smiles with the sled above water.

After draining out the water for an hour the sled started up. I’m now 2 for 2 on sled salvage and retrieval at the Grizzly Lake pond skim. 

[o] Blair Mckinney


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