eerie roller girls

Not going lie. I am pretty excited to ref this one. Its the season ender for my league (Rubber City).  Its the final home bout of the season of my friend (Hurty Girty of Eerie) my got my wife and me into derby. Oh and it will be my 30th bout. Which I started reffing in February so this will be a good wrap up to my ref season. And to top it off this is my birthday weekend so that after party will be cray.

Things have been so crazy with roller derby lately. We have our last bout of the season and we’ve gotten A LOT of publicity this past week. Local news and radio stations have been so supportive.. As excited as I am about this, it kind of makes me sad that I don’t have he support of people I know. I don’t think anyone truly understands how huge this is for me. I guess I shouldn’t care about that, I should just enjoy everything that’s happening, for myself. Our 2012 season is almost completely booked, we have 9 or so games scheduled throughout 6 months. I love this sport and my league, I’m so excited for the future!