The Croods

I adore the love story between Eep and Guy. He randomly meets her and takes a change and is all like “we’ll if you survive, uh call me some time.” Turns out she gets in trouble and calls him. He saves her (and her whole family). They have little moments through out the whole movie. One where they accidentally kiss. Little things like swimming, and he watches her, when he thinks she’s not paying attention. They almost kiss at one point, and it’s so cute. He even volunteers to be thrown over to make sure the other side is safe. He volunteered to possibly die for Eep and her family.
I adore their love story.

Just saw the Croods with a friend!

It seemed cheesy at first but I liked it. :) I didn’t cry but I did get watery toward the end because things about dads always make me tear-up (side effect from being daddy’s little girl).

Just a warning, Guy.

Just….. I think I have a new animated crush. u.u Anytime he was on screen I was smiling and I SHIP EEPxGUY SO HARD AND EEP GOES FIRST BECAUSE CAVEWOMAN BIG AND STRONG AND GUY IS KINDA TINY COMPARED TO HER FAMILY. I LOVE IT. <3

Also Belt.