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How I imagine myself arriving in Italy tomorrow…

Versus the inevitable reality…

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I wanted to do something cool for others to celebrate my first year in dragon hell! SO! Two Winners!

1st place: Any one (1) treasure gene of their choice (im poor, but wanted to give something)
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Captain Swan + Memorable Kisses

For my OUAT SS Giftee @icapturedkindness <3

Fixed - Prologue

A/N: Eep! I’m so excited! Without further ado here is the prologue of Fixed, the sequel to Heart!

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It was the last day of school at Beacon Hills High School, the day that I had finally gotten back from San Francisco, sporting a new wound and bump just under my left collar bone.

We had just pulled into the driveway as I practically flew out of the back seat and ran into the house that I had missed oh so much all the way up to my room, flopping down on my bed before I began to laugh at myself.

“And what could possibly so funny?” My dad asked as he lugged my suitcases into my room.

“I’m just so happy to be home!” I exclaimed and my dad laughed as he sat down next to me. “When can I go see Scott and Stiles?”

“It’s the last day of school, right?” He asked and I nodded vigorously causing him to laugh and hand me the keys to the Charger. “I’ll call in a few pizzas to Scott’s”

I grinned as I grabbed the keys from my dad, kissing his cheek and running down the stairs and out the door, trying not to speed as I drove to my wolfy friend’s house, trying so desperately to keep our tradition of hanging out at Scott’s and playing video games well into the night.

I pulled up the curb at Scott’s and raced to the door, ringing the doorbell obnoxiously until Melissa answered the door with a slightly annoyed expression, but that vanished and was replaced with a smile when she saw me, engulfing me in a hug, being very gentle of my still sore incision.

“Mom, who is it?” I heard Scott say and Melissa pulled away.

“They’re in the living room.” She whispered to me and I nodded, sneaking into the room where my boys were set up, staring at the TV.

“Mom?” Scott asked over his shoulder, eyes still glued to the game.

“Guess again.” I said and they both whipped around at the sound of my voice.

“Liv!” They both shouted as they ran over and practically tackled me in a hug.

“Gentle!” I shouted as Scott almost collided with my left shoulder and he stopped short, delicately wrapping his arms around me.

“Why didn’t you tell us that you were coming home today?” Stiles asked, looking at me in a way that made my heart melt, but I ignored it, this was not the time.

“I wanted to surprise you.” I said, smiling at both of them.

“Well, you definitely did. Now, let’s see it!” Stiles exclaimed and I laughed, flashing back to when Scott got bit. I pulled at my collar, making the red mark and slight bulge visible.

“Does it hurt?” Scott asked with his brow furrowed and I nodded.

“But on the bright side, only two more weeks until I can lift heavy things and raise my arm above my shoulder!” I exclaimed with a grin and my boys laughed at me. “But enough about me, look at you guys! Scott, you cut your hair! And Stiles, no more buzz cut?”

“Look at us? Look at you! Talk about long hair!” Stiles said, causing my heart to flutter slightly and Scott cocked his head at me, eyes widening.

“Alright, enough about that, my dad called pizza for us and I literally have not played any video games for three months.” I said, almost successfully changing the subject. Stiles smiled and went to set up another controller for me, I went to follow but Scott held me back, pulling me into the hallway.

“Do you like Stiles?” He asked and I bit my lip, looking at my feet before looking up at him through my lashes and nodding.


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“Stiles, where are we going?” I whined from the backseat for the millionth time as Stiles drove down a road in the middle of nowhere, causing Scott to laugh.

“It’s a surprise.” He groaned back at me.

“Come on, you know I hate surprises!” 

“Well, you’re gonna love this one.” Scott assured me and I huffed, crossing my arms and throwing myself against the backseat, I hate surprises.

The sun was setting by the time that Stiles parked Roscoe in the middle of an open field and stumbled out of the driver’s seat, Scott and I following him to the trunk where there was a massive box of fireworks along with a pile of logs and kindling.

“No way!” I exclaimed, a grin stretching across my face.

“Told you you’d love it.” Scott said with a smile.

“Come on Liv, it’s the Fourth of July! Did you think that we were just gonna sit around all night?” Stiles asked me and I shrugged.

“I honestly had no clue what we were doing this year.”

Scott and Stiles set up a small fireworks show while I was in charge of setting up the blanket, cooler and the speakers, connecting them to my iHeartradio and playing Today’s Hits.

After the boys had finished setting up the fireworks, Scott used the logs to build us a small fire just as the sun had finished sinking below the horizon.

“Are you ready?” Scott asked and I nodded vigorously, leaning into Stiles’s shoulder as Scott ran down and lit the fuze before using his wolf speed to run back to us in record time, not even missing a second of the show.

I saw Scott glance at Stiles and me from the corner of his eye, letting a smirk slip for only a second as Stiles wrapped his arm around my shoulders, causing me to blush. 


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“Are you going to tell him?” Scott asked me as we sat on the sand behind my parent’s beach house.

“Are you kidding me? I’m never gonna tell him, my unrequited love has an unrequited love of his own.” I sighed, resting my head on Scott’s shoulder as we stared at the water.

“Wait, you love him?” He asked, shocked.

“Yeah, I guess I always have. I just didn’t realize it until I saw him and Lydia together at the dance.” I said and Scott just put a comforting arm around my shoulders, neither of us said a word, but we knew that we were there for each other, especially when it came to affairs of the heart.

I knew that giving Allison the space that she asked for killed Scott and that all summer he had been dying for anything from her, but nothing came. She had texted me a few times while I was in San Francisco, but I had also gotten nothing from her all summer and it made me miss her even more.

“So, when are you going to get your tattoo?” I asked.

“I don’t know, probably before the end of summer. Why?” Scott asked, glancing down at me.

“I think I want one too.”

Jealous Baby (Pietro x Reader)

I know I didn’t put this in the weekly agenda but I just got this amazing idea for a Pietro x Reader fic where Pietro wakes up after his healing coma after being shot by Ultron and finds out that Wanda has a new close bond with another Avenger that replaced him while he was unconscious and he thinks that it’s Vision and he gets jealous that his sister has a new man in her life and so he finds out they’re going to the mall to try to crash their “date” but then something he didn’t see coming happens… eep! I’m so giddy with excitement over this! I will also probably make a part 2 for this in the future if I get enough requests for it. 

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Hi, everyone! I have a really exciting announcement for you. I’ve been keeping it a secret for weeks, but it is now time for the reveal. I will be collaborating on a fanfic with rongasm (writergirl8) on a new multi-chapter fic called Stucco Hearts. This fic is is a 10 chapter soulmates AU, and we will be posting the first chapter on Sunday, September 21st. Stucco Hearts has been pre-written, so we will update once a week, every Sunday, so the fic will be complete in ten weeks.

Here’s the summary, and for a preview of the first chapter, hit the read more button.

Summary: Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase are soul mates. They know this because the small Timers on their inner wrists tell them that they are meant to be together– and not because they’ve chosen each other. In theory, it will be easy for Annabeth to keep up the wall that surrounds her heart and stop herself from falling for Percy. In execution? Well, that’s a completely different story.

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anonymous asked:

Hey lovely, I hope your day was awesome sauce. I just wanted to ask if you could reblog that post from a while ago where you recommended a bunch of places to eat in the city in response to someone's question? I'm going to SF tomorrow with my bf and was trying to think of fun things to do/fun foods to eat. If you also have any other recommendations for activities to do in the city that would be great? Thanks for you help!!!

Eep I’m so jealous and excited for you!! You definitely need to spend more than a day there to get a feel of what the entire city is like. Unfortunately I can’t find the post you’re referring to (but I know which one you’re talking about!!) but here’s a list of my faaaavorite places to go. Make sure you check a map before picking out places to go! The 7x7 is a little harder to navigate than you would imagine. Brace yourself cause this list is gonna be long


El Farolito –by far the best burritos I’ve had in my life. If you eat meat, get an al pastor super burrito (it’s my faaav)

Sushirrito –sushi burritos, pretty self explanatory

Ramen underground –my favorite ramen place to go to outside of Japan Town

Blue Hawaiian Acai Cafe –if you like poke and acai bowls

Super Duper burgers –the delicious, gourmet version of McDonalds (my order: mini burger with cheese, bacon, friend egg, and avocado)

Philz/Blue Bottle Coffee/Sightglass coffee/The Mill –if you like coffee

Boba guys or Plentea –if you like pearl milk tea

bi-rite creamery/humphry slocomb –if you like ice cream

Kitchen story/sweet maple/outerlands –if you’re looking to brunch

Seoul on wheels and Senor Sisig –best food trucks in town

Crepes a go go –if you like crepes (check yelp to see if they’re open before you go, and if you do go show them a picture of me and tell them I told you to go there and that I miss them dearly!!)

Hot cookie –for penis and boob shaped cookies from the gayest community in the world

Chez maman –cute lil french bistro w rlly yummy food (great for dinner)

Foreign cinema –if you’re looking for a fancy sit down restaurant with an outdoor indie movie playing in the background for a date night 

Places to visit:

Sutro baths/lands end/ocean beach

Coit tower –best 360 view of SF

DOLORES PARK –my favorite park in the city!! also the only place in the world where it’s more common for strangers to sit down next to you and offer you weed and ask you where you got your burrito than to ignore you

Twin Peaks/Corona heights/Bernal heights –parks with a view

Billy goat hill –famous hill with the cute lil wooden rope swing overlooking the city

Fisherman’s wharf/ghirardelli square –if you go to union square, you can walk down market street until you hit the water and then walk along the embarcadero to get there

exploratorium/cal academy –two of SF’s finest science-y museums

SF MoMa/ de young museum

Hawk hill golden gate lookout 

Check out all these POPOs!! (privately owned public open places) if you like rooftop views –link

Things to do: 

Bike along the embarcadero all the way across the golden gate bridge

picnic in golden gate park

channel your inner sunny and eat an el farolito burrito in dolores park while admiring the sick view of the city :’)

let me know what you end up doing and how you like the city! have fun!!

No Rest for the Wicked || Ophelia & Clarissa

Ophelia had always loved rain. She vividly remembered being a child in the convent, and sneaking out to play whenever it rained, despite the fact that it usually earned her a beating. The warlock closed her eyes for a long moment, listening to the steady pitter-patter of the raindrops outside, and inhaling the scent of petrichor. Hearing the sound of a familiar voice, Lia turned around, not bothering to greet Clarissa as she sat down. “So,” she said after a few moments of silence. “I assume there’s something you wanted to say to me?”

This year, I am way more excited about getting into the SFX scene. I have decided that this is the direction I want to go, career-wise. It’s art, creativity, make-up, and spookiness all rolled into one awesome package; it just makes complete sense!
When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun Chapter 13: Of Braids and Brides (Part Two)

I wonder why it’s less terrifying to face the boy you love once you know that you love him. Why I’m not half-sick at the thought of going down to supper with a headful of sweetheart ribbons declaring my love, knowing that he will never love me in return.

Because love is not an expectation, catkin, murmurs my father in my mind, an echo of a conversation from my childhood. It doesn’t cease to be simply because it isn’t returned. That’s why so many hearts break: the weight of love, borne alone and unreturned, becomes too much. Sometimes they shatter, sometimes they split cleanly in two and fall apart, and sometimes they crack slowly and silently over a period of weeks, months, even years.

Of course, any broken thing can be repaired, he explained, but not all choose this path. Some prefer a heart full of holes that can never truly hold love again, and for those pitiable folk whose hearts have been shattered, every last piece must be found before the heart can be made whole once more, and some of those pieces they’d rather remain lost forever.

My heart will never be broken, I told him firmly, with an eight-year-old’s stubbornness and ingenuity. I’ll build a great stone wall around it so no one can get in.

It’s rather late for that, catkin, he replied with a gentle laugh. Your heart is brimming with love already: for your mama, your sister, and me. What’s more, you could build a tower as high as the sky and your sweetheart would still find your heart. Be he a sparrow sheltering at your shutters or a mousekin burrowing through the soil to make a nest in your cellar, a bee in the honeysuckle growing up your walls or a sunbeam spilling across your hearthrug at noon, he’ll find you and you’ll love him so fiercely that you’ll tear down those walls with your bare hands just to embrace him.

I look in the mirror again and raise a hand to cover my naked heart. “You were wrong, Dad,” I whisper. “I didn’t have to tear down the walls. They crumbled when I saw him.”