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Presents (Leonard Snart x Reader) - Fluff

Presents (Leonard Snart x Reader) - Fluff
Written by:
Holiday Special: #18 (getting caught trying to open your present) + Leonard Snart (Captain Cold)


“What are you doing?”


You immediately shoved the present back under the tree and turned around, hands behind your back. There, leaning against the doorframe, was your boyfriend Leonard Snart.

Standing an intimidating height of 6′1″, with short dark hair and sharp blue eyes, the man gave you a knowing look - one that made you feel like a child, who got caught stealing a cookie from the cookie jar.

Although, to be honest, that analogy wasn’t too far from the truth.

He narrowed his eyes, suspicious. “__________.”

You laughed nervously.

“Oh, hey, Lenny,” you said, trying your best to act normal. “What - what are you doing here?”

“I live here,” he pointed out in a very deadpan tone. “This is my house, my living room, my tree.”

Pushing off the doorframe, Leonard began walking towards you.

“It should be no surprise why I’m here,” he continued on, closing the distance between you two. “But the question is, why are you?”

“Well, um…” you wracked your brain to find an answer to that very good question of his; but, quite frankly, it was a little hard to do, considering how close he was now.

Standing mere centimeters apart, his face hovered over yours and you could feel his warm breath brushing against your nose and cheeks. His subtle smell of powdered snow and cigarette smoke was intoxicating, alluring - like a drug that you were addicted to.

Despite the fact that he didn’t touch you, you could tell he was the one in control. The hair on your body stood on end, just thinking about it.

“Mind telling me what you were doing?” he asked in a low, gruff voice. “Little _____.”

You shrugged. “Well, I was just -”

“Opening your present?” an amused look took over his features. “I figured you might.”

He reached behind you to grab your present and held it up for examination. At first glance, everything seemed intact - the silver wrapping paper, the blue bow tie.

And then he saw it.

One of the flaps on one end had come loose. Not enough to give you a peek of what was inside, but enough to let him know that it wasn’t an accident.

Turning his sharp, skeptical eyes on you, Leonard tossed the box back under a tree and smirked. 

You smiled innocently.

“It’s a good thing that wasn’t your actual present,” he said, a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. “I knew you were going to peek, so I wrapped an empty box and placed it under a tree.”

Leonard glanced around the house.

“Your real present’s somewhere around here.”

You puffed your cheeks playfully. “That’s not fair…”

He chuckled. “Life isn’t fair.”

And with that, Leonard snaked a confident hand around your neck, pulling you close to him and finally filling the distance between. His breathing steady, he dipped his head to finally taste you.

Reaching up, you laced your hands behind his hand and savored the way he licked and teased your bottom lip before delving into the sweetest kiss you’ve ever known.