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Personality wise, which paladin would you most fall in love with. In real life. Ahmagah this is such an immature question but I have to ask. I am immature, this is my shitty excuse^^;

sndfbhjdknsfhb don’t be sorry!! You’re curious and it’s actually an interesting question that I haven’t really thought all that much about…

All people I’ve had a crush on so far had one thing in common: they were kind. Other than that, they varied a little. 

One of the boys I’ve had a crush on was chubby and a total nerd. But he always included me when he talked about his interests and introduced me to his favorite characters and was stupidly optimistic, no matter what other people said. We were best friends for around 2 years before I skipped a grade and gradually lost contact with him :(

The other one I never knew all that well. He seemed kind of like an asshole actually - gelled hair, sometimes with a snapback, worn T-shirts, hated school and had to take tutoring lessons in at least 2 classes. He was the older brother of one of my friends. But the thing about him was that he was so?? Nice??? He always smiled when I saw him somewhere. He offered me something to drink and asked simple questions about my day etc before leaving me to it. I have never met anyone more polite in my life :’D

The last boy I’ve had a crush on was also kind of a nerd. A math nerd though :P He was smart as f u c k, competitive and proud to a default. He pouted an entire day when I got a better grade than him on a physics exam. But he was also super, super kind - optimistic, always smiling, patient when it came to explaining things, open about views that differed from his and really affectionate. 

The first girl I’ve had a crush on was super pretty and seemed like a nice person. She was the typical popular girl: fashionable, smiley, always invited everyone to her birthday and remembered everyone else’s. My crush on her died the day she first invited me over to her home though. There was a book she liked that was to be released soon and she decided that she had to read the 10 page preview that came out that day. Unlike the first boy I’ve had a crush on she didn’t bother to introduce me to the story or characters, so I just sat quietly at her side, our half-finished group project in front of me while she ignored me in favor of that book.

The last girl (and person in general) I’ve had a crush on was sharp af, I can’t count how many people she outwitted with her sarcasm. And she didn’t pull her punches, she destroyed them :P But she never did that to hurt people, she just had a very strong sense of justice and kept standing up for people that weren’t as good with words as she was. She had so many different stories to tell, was never ashamed of her interests and was naturally curious. She was extremely fun to be around and always made sure that you knew she was genuinely interested in you!!

So when it comes to the paladins, at first glance it would probably be Hunk. He is nice and can uphold a conversation easily. Shiro too, maybe. Pidge kind of reminds me of the last girl I’ve had a crush on, if we take her affinity to math and tech away :’D The thing is, I could easily fall in love with all of them. Every single one of the paladins is a fundamentally kind person, I just have to get to know them enough to see that!!


Captain Swan + Memorable Kisses

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10 or 19 for ladynior? Or Adrienette? Just something cute. I love your writing!

Thank you so much!!  Eep!  Here’s your LadyNoir with a side of implied Adrienette.  :)

“Hey, some of us have places to be, so let’s make this quick, huh?”  He called, dropping in front of the akuma.

“Got a hot date, kitty?” Ladybug asked, landing behind him with her yoyo already whirring in her grasp.

“Something like that, my lady.”  

“I am le Saboteur, and I have come for your Miraculous!”

“Yeah, you and every other schmuck Hawkmoth has roped into doing his dirty work,” Chat grumbled.  He dodged a spray of—is that icing?—that shot from her bouquet.  “What’s your problem anyway?  Shouldn’t you be dancing with your groom right about now?”

“Dance?  Dance??”  The white-garbed akuma stopped and turned, pointing to a long drape of fabric that had torn from the waist of her over-the-top gown.  “How can I dance when my cretin of a father stepped on my dress and ripped it?”

Ladybug cringed.  “Ok, that does suck, but why let it ruin your day?”

“I didn’t!” She shrieked, blasting them with more frosting.  “I didn’t even let it ruin my day when the frosting melted off of my wedding cake!”

Chat dove, panting.  “Then what are we doing here?”

“Daddy sent the photographer home!”  Le Saboteur wailed, stamping her booted foot.  “The reception was not over, but he let the photographer go! He sabotaged my whole day!  Everything went wrong and my day was ruined and now I will sabotage everything else!”

“Right now, you’re not sabotaging anything but my evening.  Can we get on with it?”

“Chat!”  Ladybug grabbed her partner and yanked him down behind a car.  “She’s had a rough day, cut her some slack.”

Chat gaped at her.  “Don’t tell me you think she’s justified?”  

“No, but I sympathize.”  She waved her hand dismissively.  “But, whatever.  Let’s just defeat her, so we can all get back to what we were doing. It’s probably in the bouquet, right?”

“Yeah, I’d say that’s a safe bet.”

“Okay.  Lucky Charm!”  A bottle of bright red fruit punch fell into Ladybug’s expectant hands, and she grinned. It wasn’t often that she got a straight-forward charm, but this was definitely one of those times.  “Cover me, Chat!  I have a dress to ruin!”

He nodded, and leapt out of hiding to draw Le Saboteur’s attention.  His taunts were so successful that Ladybug calmly walked toward her, uncapped the bottle, and tossed the contents onto the still-pristine gown before Le Saboteur even knew that Ladybug had rejoined the fight.

The poor girl took one look at the giant red stain on her gown and burst into tears. Ladybug took the bouquet from her limp fingers with an apologetic grimace and easily tore it apart.  As expected, a violent purple butterfly fluttered from the scattered flowers.  Ladybug cleansed it with a sigh of relief, and turned back to the bewildered bride standing in the middle of the street.

The girl’s dress was a more understated version of her costume, and thanks to the Miraculous Cure, was as snowy white now as it had been at the beginning of the day.  Even better, Tikki’s magic had fixed the tear at the waist! The only other time she could remember Tikki fixing something like that was Alix’s heirloom watch.  Ladybug silently promised her kwami an extra special treat later as a thank you, but for now—BEEP!  

“Chat!  I’ve got to bug out, can you make sure she’s ok?”

“But—my date—”

“So you are on a hot date!” Ladybug laughed, and flicked the bell at his throat. “Sorry, Chaton, but I’m on a timer and you’re not.  I’m sure she’ll forgive you.”

“Yeah, yeah,” he grumbled as she prepared to swing away.  “I’m just lucky that Marinette is so forgiving—”

Ladybug froze mid-swing, and her yoyo clattered to the ground, momentarily forgotten.  “What did you say?!”

“Er, nothing?”  He stepped to the girl and swept her off her feet, bridal-style, without so much as a by-your-leave.  “Gotta get this bride back to her groom.  Bye!”

Ladybug watched him go with wide, suddenly knowing eyes, and only the beeping of her Miraculous recalled her to herself.  She managed to make it back to the uptown restaurant before losing her transformation, and returned to her table to wait for Adrien.  

That sneaky cat, she thought, smiling happily.  I guess I was the hot date.

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Hi there so I just came out to my best friend as poly. She says she accepts me no matter what but is worried about me she says she thinks that she is having a hard time because she feels if I was truly happy I wouldn't need to have another person in my relationship...

*Big sigh* No offense to your friend, but does she have more than one friend? If so, why isn’t she truly happy with just one? Same goes for all the other examples (people having kids, people having pets…etc). It doesn’t affect the love you have for the human you are with. Period. In my experience, actually, I find I appreciate the long-term partners I have had more because I am reminded of all the lovely things I love about them (especially with the one I have been with for 6 years ‘cause we fall into that whole “used to each other” thing). Sometimes I take my partner of 6 years for granted because I think, “well, he’s always been there and he always will be” (which is highly unfair of me and I try to actively correct) but we both notice that when I am spending time with others (whether it is my friends or my other partners) I return to being the affectionate partner. 

Yes, it makes things harder sometimes. Time management, learning how to handle deep rooted emotions, and what not, can be difficult. But there are different forms of love and different forms of romantic love. What I love about each of my partners is that they might be similar but they all have different passions and different experiences. I don’t love one more. I might have a deeper social bond with one because of time we have been together and active time around each other. But I still have those same “eep, I wanna hold you and cuddle you and love you” emotions about them all. 

Your friend does not understand, and that’s fair. But she is more than welcome to any of the literature online, or in books, or anecdotal evidence that shows that polyam individuals find fulfillment even when they break away from monogamous norms. Though, one thing for you to remember, is that polyamory isn’t for everyone and her brain might just keep reinforcing that thought. But if she truly supports you, she will do just that - support you. But, it’s not like polyamory is going to complete obliterate future heartbreak for you (and don’t be surprised when you have a breakup and someone tells you “well, it wouldn’t have happened if you were monogamous” because that’s not true.) All relationships go through their own turmoils and it is up to you and your partner(s) how to handle them and not anyone else.

Mononormativity is a thing. We have been taught since we were infants that we will find “the one” and that will be BOOM the end to all of our romantic/sexual/etc attractions to anyone else in our lives. But that’s not true and that’s where you get major internal conflicts later in life because no one knows how to handle the fact that most people don’t work that way. 

Feel free to dm me if you ever want to talk. Your friend sounds like she’s willing to listen and maybe she will see 

I can’t believe I just dropped everything to spend an hour or two drawing the human 90s mess.

(I mean actually I totally can but shhh)

rip me who’s actually kinda proud of this

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How about a blurb with Danny and him giving you neck kisses when you’re stressed because everybody loves neck kisses, especially when they come from Danny.

eep! okay, i love this and i love neck kisses. 

he would spot you being stressed out the moment you got home. he knows you better than anyone else does, so of course he can tell. it helps that you don’t really say anything. just greet him with a hey, take a long shower, and get changed into your comfy clothes. and then you’re heading to the kitchen to make yourself some food.

he’d come up behind you, wrap his arms around you and kiss your neck, just the way he knows you like it. ‘what’s wrong, baby?’ he’d ask and you’d tell him about your day, letting out all your frustrations. and of course he’d still be kissing your neck because he knows it’ll help. it does. by the end of everything, you’d feel a lot better and you two would just kind of sway there, you finishing up your food and he’d start to sing softly in between kisses on your neck to make you feel better.

and once your food was done, you’d cuddle on the couch together to watch your favorite shows with him. 

Banged up

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G U I L T Y (series)

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Word count: 1752 words

Warnings: violence - reader is attacked, beaten up. Also some heavy language (i never put language warnings but there’s a bit in here)

a/n: 400 followers omg! i love you all so much, eep! i hope you guys like this installment! :-)

“(Y/N), anything you say here is confidential. Unless I feel that it may be endangering to you or your fellow inmates, whatever you say,” the prison therapist, Melanie Garcia, said, “shall remain in this room.”

“That doesn’t make me want to talk though,” you muttered, playing with your hands.

“Your appeal went through, and you’re going on trial soon, right?” You nodded in response to her question and she continued. “Tell me about that.”

“What is there to say? My time has come,” you answered, not looking up at her.

“How do you feel about being back in the courtroom again?”

“That absolutely terrifies me.” You laughed nervously, rubbing your hand on your thigh. “I thought I’d be okay, but now I don’t know how I’ll cope back there.”

“And why do you think that you won’t be okay?” She asked you, taking notes on her notepad.

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