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Captain Swan + Memorable Kisses

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do you think 20's puppeteer and normal oliver would get along? or would they constantly be at each other's throats?? idk why i'm asking i just got curious all of a sudden o op

ooo that’s a good question.. i think they’d still be at each other’s throats, because their personalities would still rub each other the wrong way. They’re both villains, but different kinds, if that makes sense. Oliver’s a very snippy and no nonsense type guy, and 20s Puppeteer’s very flamboyant and idk.. a little more unhinged? idk. Oliver would most likely find him intolerable, ridiculous, and a bit unnerving, and 20s Puppeteer, knowing this, would purposefully try to get on Oliver’s nerves. sort of an “oh, you don’t like me? weLL LET ME MAKE YOU DISLIKE ME MORE” kinda deal. it’s the same dynamic with malorey and the puppeteer lmao.. im sorry i went off on a tangent here but this was really neat to think about!!

Banged up

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G U I L T Y (series)

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Word count: 1752 words

Warnings: violence - reader is attacked, beaten up. Also some heavy language (i never put language warnings but there’s a bit in here)

a/n: 400 followers omg! i love you all so much, eep! i hope you guys like this installment! :-)

“(Y/N), anything you say here is confidential. Unless I feel that it may be endangering to you or your fellow inmates, whatever you say,” the prison therapist, Melanie Garcia, said, “shall remain in this room.”

“That doesn’t make me want to talk though,” you muttered, playing with your hands.

“Your appeal went through, and you’re going on trial soon, right?” You nodded in response to her question and she continued. “Tell me about that.”

“What is there to say? My time has come,” you answered, not looking up at her.

“How do you feel about being back in the courtroom again?”

“That absolutely terrifies me.” You laughed nervously, rubbing your hand on your thigh. “I thought I’d be okay, but now I don’t know how I’ll cope back there.”

“And why do you think that you won’t be okay?” She asked you, taking notes on her notepad.

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Newt x reader

Character: Newt (the maze runner)
Rating: K+
Words: 1.903

Warning: hint/mention of smut

Request: Hey, I really really enjoyed your Slytherin!Newt imagine! I was wondering if you could do another one were in the beginning its hinted at smut and then they accidentally wear each other’s house ties. I’m sorry if this is confusing! thank you so much :) - starrystilinski

A/N: Awh hun, I’m so happy you enjoyed it n.n Hope you’ll like this one just as much ;)
Y/h stands for your house of preference.
Y/h/c  is your house colour(so either red, yellow or blue).
Unfortunately, it’d be better for the story if you didn’t choose Slytherin. I decided to write it this way, sorry for all you Slytherins out there!


“We’re going to be so late for Divination,” Newt said in between giggles.
He jumped around on one leg while he tried to get his socks on as quickly as possible.

You laughed and shook your head. “Like professor Trelawney wouldn’t have seen it coming.” Newt threw you your shirt while he was busy closing the buttons of his own. 

“She has probably known about us from the start…” you said as you grabbed a tie and tied it messily around your neck.

Newt looked up to meet your eyes and grinned cheekily.  He straightened his back, walked over to you as he picked the other tie from your bed and put it on lazily. You rolled your eyes at his faked nonchalance when he put a strand of hair behind your ear. His voice dropped to a whisper.

“I think everyone knows love,” Newt winked and he kissed your cheek softly. “Come on, or we’ll be really really late.”

Newt intertwined his fingers with yours and led you out of the empty y/h dormitory.
Everyone in the classroom turned their heads towards the trapdoor where Newt and you had just come in. You started to blush, but Newt simply waved and went to sit at a small round table with some other Slytherin students. In the opposite corner of the room, Thomas tried to beckon you come over, his arms mowing through the air. You got the hint and quickly plumped down on a cloud grey poof next to him.

“Ah, our little lovebirds have arrived,” professor Trelawney said with a sweet voice. “You’re wearing the wrong tie, darlings.”

You looked down and immediately noticed your tie wasn’t y/h/c tie, but green. On the opposite sides of the room, the Slytherin students laughed and mockingly tugged on Newt’s y/h/c tie. Meanwhile, students from your house weren’t quite as enthusiast. You heard disapproving whispers travelling through the small tower chamber and inevitably the red colour on your cheeks returned. It wasn’t that surprising that they didn’t like the Slytherins, that was a pretty common thing to do in Hogwarts, but it hurt. It really hurt that the people who you considered family couldn’t understand how much you liked Newt, and that, when you got to know some of the Slytherins, they weren’t so bad at all. But of course, nobody ever took the effort to do that.

“Anyway,” professor Trelawney continued, “ where was I again?”

A boy named James Emped raised his hand: “Reaching your Inner Eye, professor.”

“Right, right, thank you James. It is very essential to –Sophie dear, keep practising, the results will show soon- it’s very essential to be in touch with your Inner Eye. If you don’t, you will…”

Professor Trelawney continued to stress how important everything until everyone, except for James, fell asleep. And you, because Thomas started talking.

“Y/n,” he whispered sharply, “why, in the name of Merlin, are you wearing his tie?”

You lifted your head from your book and sighed. “You know bloody well why Thomas.”

“You didn’t,” he said as his eyes widened. Luckily, Thomas was one of the few people to accept that you and Newt were together. He didn’t like the idea at first, but having talked to Newt a couple of times, he grew fond of the boy. Now they got along fine, as long as Newt didn’t start explaining in detail how your skin felt or how soft your lips were.

“We did,” you smiled proudly.

“Oh my god woman I can’t believe it. How did you even, where did you-”

“Helped him get into our dorm after dinner, and he hid under my bed. As soon as everyone was asleep, which was pretty quickly because yesterday was so exhausting, he crawled into my bed.”

“And then you…” Thomas wiggled his eyebrows.

You punched his shoulder. “No! Dude, come on. Then we slept and when everyone woke up, he hid under the bed again. And when everyone was going to get breakfast, I told them I was feeling ill and stayed in, and then we did it.”

Thomas faked wiping away a tear. “I’m so happy for you.”

Your heart sank and you rested your head on your crossed arms again. “I wish more people were.”

“Hey, don’t worry about that. I’m sure Hannah and the rest will get over it. Newt’s funny as hell once you get to know him.” Thomas patted your back. “It’ll be fine.”

“… and then everything will be fine,” professor Trelawney said, almost inaudible over the ring of the bell.
You’d been ignoring Newt the past few days after the tie incident. Hannah, one of your best friends in y/h, didn’t approve your relationship at all, but you really didn’t want to lose her as a friend. Nor did you want to make the other people in your house mad. So you stayed away from Newt.
But oh how you missed him. How you missed the way he threw his head in his neck when he laughed, how he always sat too close to you so your knees were touching, how he pronounced your name.
You would see him tonight anyways. Dumbledore organised a theatre group with a some students of your year, and he insisted that everyone came to see the performance. So here you were, sitting next to Thomas on the fluffiest cushions you can imagine, shivering from the autumn wind. Of course, theatre at Hogwarts wasn’t average or ordinary. The audience sat in the middle of a field right next to the castle. The sun had already set and the only thing illuminating the scene, that consisted of a single chair, were the stars and the full moon in the pitch-black sky.
Newt had been given the leading role: an artist with daddy issues, who wanted to make a difference.

When Newt arrived on stage, your breathing stopped so abruptly that Thomas had to ask if you were alright. You were, in fact, more than alright. Newt looked absolutely stunning.
He was wearing a long trench coat with paint splashes all over it. His normally honey blond hair was dotted with blue splatters, and he gracefully entered the scene, accompanied by a wave of paint that he carefully directed with his wand, that, for the occasion, looked like a brush.

The play itself was hilarious, emotional and breathtaking. You could tell the students had put loads of time and effort into it; you also remembered how excited Newt had been beforehand. Once it was over, ear deafening applause rose from the audience and everyone got at least a bucket worth of paint over their heads.  Professor Dumbledore, now with a bubblegum pink beard, gave a standing ovation and, with a single flick of his wand, made a rose appear in the arms of Newt and the other actors.
Professor Snape stood up too, only with a far less enthusiast expression on his face. He wiped the thick green paint off of his forehead and started directing the audience back to their chambers, until only professor Dumbledore was left, still clapping at the empty stage.
Thomas grabbed your hand to lead you through the crowd of robes that weren’t as black as they used to be. You prayed that you wouldn’t encounter Newt, but as soon as you thought that, you saw him standing next to the stage. His eyes were scanning the mass and when they met yours, he started heading your way, waving enthusiastically.

“Thomas,  we have to hurry,” you hissed as you pushed your way through the crowd.


Thomas got cut off by Newt’s heavy breathing.

“Phew, finally caught ya,” Newt said with a wide grin.

“Hooray,” you whispered sarcastically. Thomas threw you a meaningful glance.

“What y/n actually meant,” Thomas said with his eyes still piercing yours, “is that she wanted to talk.”

“I most certainly do not-”

“I’m going to wash this orange stuff out of my hair now. See you guys later.” And gone was Thomas.

Newt scratched the back of his head. “So… I haven’t seen you a lot lately, I’d almost think you’re avoiding me.”

You put a strand of hair, covered by blue paint, behind your ear and looked down at your feet. “You know Hannah and the rest are proud to be in y/h.”

“Yeah, I notice how they look at the other houses. Or should I say Slytherin.” Newt rolled his eyes.

“Right… And since I’m in y/h, and you’re in Slytherin. I just thought. I thought it might be better if we stopped seeing each other.”

“Oh.” Newt’s voice cracked and with that one sound, your heart broke.

“I mean it isn’t that I don’t like you, damn I love you, but my friends, they just don’t-”

“Nah it’s alright, I get it,” Newt said as he nodded. He put his hand in the pockets of the trench coat and started walking backwards. He pointed at your face. “You have some paint right underneath your ear, don’t forget to wash it off.”

Just as he was about to turn around, someone pushed against your back while they were moving through the crowd. You fell forward and-

Newt caught you.  He helped you stand up so that your face was only a couple of inches away from his. His breathing made your own slow down, his hands on your hips tightened their grip and he pulled you even closer, bringing one hand towards your neck. His thumb rubbed the spot of paint right underneath your ear and you looked into his eyes. You wanted to kiss him so, so badly right now. You wanted feel his soft and warm lips on yours, his hair in your hand, his body against yours. You wanted to. But you didn’t.

“There,” Newt said softly, “all gone.”

You forced a smile, while inside you were crying. Why couldn’t your friends approve your relationship? The two of you were literally perfect for each other. Why did it matter that he was in a different house? Why did it matter that Slytherin was known for its egoism and hatred, while that wasn’t the case at all? Not everyone was like Salazar or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Yes they value cunning, power, determination and ambition, but does that make them evil? Does that make them worth less than y/h?

All these thoughts spun around in your head while the mass around you diminished. The laughs and talking died out until only Newt and you were left standing outside, still in the same position as a minute ago.

“I should go,” Newt whispered as he locked his eyes on your lips, his thumb absentmindedly caressing your cheek. “Someone from your house might see us.”

You glanced at his eyes once more and in that moment, you knew. You just knew .

“Screw them.”

You kissed him. And  he kissed you back. He kissed you so full of love, so full of desire and sincerity that you’re mind turned into a cloudy nothing except for only his lips. Your placed your hand in his hair and hold onto him like this was the last time you’d be able to hold him. After an eternity, Newt slowly moved back. At first he had a bewildered expression on his face, but he quickly recovered and his usual grin returned.

“That’s more like it. Now let’s go and rub it in their faces,” he said mischievously.

Newt was yours again.

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Oh my gosh, pyrrhy, this is SO beautiful! I love the lines (your lines are always so pretty!), and the way the vallaslin is done is just exquisite. Glowy pretty vallaslin! And those vine bangles on his arms are gorgeous - so delicate and lovely! This is awesome. :D

eep, thank you! I was feeling a little art blocked and frustrated with my colours from last month, so I decided to scale back and focus on what I most enjoyed doing :D (and I do still need to learn to colour better, but I’m really enjoying all this lineart!)

      ☆.。.:*・°     OH  —-  I LOVE  that you get little crinkle above nose when you are looking at me like i am crazy.   i love that after i spend day with you,  i can still smell you on clothes.  i love that you are the LAST person i want to talk to before i go to sleep at night.  bucky,  no,  it is not because i am LONELY  /   i say this tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your LIFE with somebody,   you want the rest of life to start as soon as possible.   ❞  /  @nestoit  (  liked  )

When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun Chapter 13: Of Braids and Brides (Part Two)

I wonder why it’s less terrifying to face the boy you love once you know that you love him. Why I’m not half-sick at the thought of going down to supper with a headful of sweetheart ribbons declaring my love, knowing that he will never love me in return.

Because love is not an expectation, catkin, murmurs my father in my mind, an echo of a conversation from my childhood. It doesn’t cease to be simply because it isn’t returned. That’s why so many hearts break: the weight of love, borne alone and unreturned, becomes too much. Sometimes they shatter, sometimes they split cleanly in two and fall apart, and sometimes they crack slowly and silently over a period of weeks, months, even years.

Of course, any broken thing can be repaired, he explained, but not all choose this path. Some prefer a heart full of holes that can never truly hold love again, and for those pitiable folk whose hearts have been shattered, every last piece must be found before the heart can be made whole once more, and some of those pieces they’d rather remain lost forever.

My heart will never be broken, I told him firmly, with an eight-year-old’s stubbornness and ingenuity. I’ll build a great stone wall around it so no one can get in.

It’s rather late for that, catkin, he replied with a gentle laugh. Your heart is brimming with love already: for your mama, your sister, and me. What’s more, you could build a tower as high as the sky and your sweetheart would still find your heart. Be he a sparrow sheltering at your shutters or a mousekin burrowing through the soil to make a nest in your cellar, a bee in the honeysuckle growing up your walls or a sunbeam spilling across your hearthrug at noon, he’ll find you and you’ll love him so fiercely that you’ll tear down those walls with your bare hands just to embrace him.

I look in the mirror again and raise a hand to cover my naked heart. “You were wrong, Dad,” I whisper. “I didn’t have to tear down the walls. They crumbled when I saw him.”

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Yay! Finally! Can I request GoM+Himuro's (for admin red ;) ) son or daughter calling them "papa" or "daddy" for the first time? Thank you vm... I love your blog 😍😍^-^

Eep thank you ^^ Gif responses because I feel they’re more appropriate! Enjoy! -Admin Red

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