29.01.2017 // It’s been a hectic week, but a good one. I got a conditional PhD offer from King’s College London on Thursday! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to afford to go, because I’ll need funding in order to do it, but I won’t hear back about any decisions regarding that for quite a while yet, as it was a separate application… 

Pictured: me reading a C18th play I printed out, with a desktop background feat. James Joyce. 

One more time, I blame @pimpdaddysebastian for this. Here’s +1k words of barista!Bucky headcanons.

Bucky’s job isn’t very exciting or fancy or classy at all but he loves it anyway. Every morning, he opens up the small coffee shop in Brooklyn and waits for the ever up and coming flow of people coming in and out with their coffees everyday.

He puts his long hair up in a tight bun, cleans up his stubble a little bit and serve everyone in the kindest way he can – even when people don’t seem to care about kindness at all.

It’s a slow day when she comes in for the first time. There’s barely 3 people scattered across the room but she still chooses the farthest spot around before bringing out a pile of books, several colored pens and notes plus her laptop. He swears he tries to hold the thought because that’s most definitely something he should not think about but she’s just way too pretty for him to ignore.

Their first interaction goes as good as it can be but even so, Bucky doesn’t think she’ll be back. Too much flirting, he thinks to himself once he’s about to close the shop later in the night, too unprofessional.

She surprises him in the next day when she comes to him in the counter and asks for his opinion about the greatest drink in their menu. Then, the next day again. And the next.

He’s labelling her as a regular by the middle of the second week and by the end of it, he’s writing messages on her cups that makes her smile every time once she sits on her usual spot. He catches that moment every day but he never mentions it to her. Even after they get together.

She comes in every afternoon and she doesn’t need to say her order anymore because he knows. She comes in every afternoon and she doesn’t need to look for a spot because he always make sure her usual one is available. She comes in every afternoon and she doesn’t need to buy anything to eat because he always sneaks up a pastry for her.

(Sometimes it’s on the house and sometimes it isn’t. Bucky pays for it occasionally but he figures she doesn’t need to know that).

There’s this one day that his shift ends while she’s still there and he can’t help but go to her to see if she’s satisfied. That day also happens to be the first day they spend together. Maybe our first date, as she says to him in their first anniversary. Their first date of many, given she started waiting for his shift to end almost every day from that moment on.

Bucky realizes she’s way more than just a crush when she arrives at the coffee shop later than usual with puffy eyes and red cheeks. An exam gone wrong and she’s upset and he’s suddenly asking for an early leave, just so he could stay with her rather than just watching from the counter.

It takes some time until they officially start dating but his co-workers at the shop say that he’d been dating her since the moment she stepped in the place.

Their life isn’t fancy or classy at all but neither of them would have it in another way. It can sound silly to other people’s ears but the domesticity they live in is just enough for them and to be honest, with the amount of stress they endure every day, it’s just what they need.

A part of their life revolves around cooking and baking and Bucky is pretty sure she’d say it’s her favorite.

Working in a coffee shop earns him some pretty mad skills with food in general, while her constant studying and working routine gives little to no time to think about cooking at all, leaving her to rely on takeout menus constantly. Bucky never really says it but she just can’t seem to cook or bake at all.

But she’s a good helper when it strikes in him to do a new recipe, even if she ends up sitting on the kitchen’s counter while eating half of the ingredients before it makes to the bowl.

Sometimes she tries to cook under his supervision when she finds a nice recipe in the internet and more often than not, they end up in the nearest grocery store with way too much ingredients and unnecessary things on their basket. Still, 99% of the time the recipe fails.

(Though she blames him. Apparently, it’s impossible to cook with her body all wrapped up in your big arms, Bucky, and your chest pressed against my back. Jesus!).

The takeout menus are still there but with time they’re totally forgotten over his homecooked meals and fresh baked pastries that she swoons and kisses him for everytime. Bucky knows he doesn’t have much to offer but he loves the fact that he can do this for his girl and that she loves it so much.

Pancakes and fresh coffee in the morning that results in content hums against his mouth, nuzzles against his neck and lazy thank you’s until she realizes she’s late for class. Instagram food posts that she jokingly sends while asking for him to cook only to come back home to the said dish and a cute dinner.

She has credit in this too, given she’s the one who introduces him to different and peculiar types of food and sweets like Japanese seafood flavored Kit-Kats and hot chili lollipops. She’s the one who suggests a day out every week just so they can taste weird food.

(She’s the one who comes up with the idea but she never finishes what they buy).

But there’s normal restaurants and new introduced dishes that it suddenly becomes his new favorite. There’s feeding each other between laughs and scooping a little bit of the other’s dessert. There’s kisses that tastes like wine and tomato sauce or chocolate and strawberry.  There’s finding out new restaurants and cheap diners and low-key bars with acoustic music and a local singer.

Also, it’s funny how people at the coffee shop are already used to her presence.

Sometimes she just pays these little visits and Bucky starts to notice that not just his co-workers but other regular clients also know her. It’s pretty impossible not to, even more when they make a point of asking about your girl, Barnes, or when they tease him to death with the help of his co-workers.

Ever the worried and busy woman she is, Bucky isn’t surprised to know she often overworks herself with study and her job. She’s incredibly smart and he genuinely admires how dedicated she is.

He’s seen her spend nights awake just to finish a college paper, he’s seen her cry in frustration over that one subject she didn’t understand while studying for an exam, he’s seen her run up and down the city in order to do something for her boss. There isn’t much he can do to help except his little things.

Back rubs and massages and 5 minute breaks when she needs to stay up until late, tea and coffee and sweet pastries and sweet good luck kisses in the next day when she’s got dark circles around her eyes. Slow readings and quizzes when she needs to grasp a hard subject. A way or two of carrying her up to the bed when she falls asleep in weird positions on her desk. A celebration coffee as he waits for her outside the university building after a good exam.

Their first five years together pass by as a lightning.

She’s nearly over with college after several times of him leaving hickeys on her neck and thighs, almost getting her in trouble for it, after several glares when she sees him at the coffee shop, after several of his smirks as a reply.

She’s nearly over with college when he buys her a puppy, brown and caramel and grizzly with blue eyes that she insists it looks like him.

She’s nearly over with college when he realizes that maybe, this is just the beginning.

And then, it’s her graduation day and he feels like he can burst with pride and joy for her but also of nervousness because nobody knows, but there’s a little red box inside his black tuxedo that might change everything for them.

(It changes. But just for the better).

So…remember how I wanted to write that story about the Kowalski family being discovered by MACUSA? That they hadn’t escaped in time?

I may or may not have started something with that. And I may or may not be willing to post a sneak-peek of what I’ve written, should anyone want to read it…

do you ever get that moment when you’re listening to your favourite song and the best bit comes up and you just get a swell of something in you and it’s not quite excitement or adrenaline but it just fills you up and you can’t stop smiling and it’s just like “this is it.”

do you think Hux would be conflicted if Kylo’s eyes changed from brown to yellow?

because the change would mean that Kylo has become stronger with the dark side, that he’s achieving his destiny of becoming just as strong as Vader, of being more powerful than any pitiful Jedi has ever been

Kylo would revel in his dark prowess and Hux would be so proud of his knight for being unmatched in power, because he loves Kylo and he knows how strong he’s become

but when Hux thinks of Kylo as his lover and not just his knight, he can’t help but be afraid

because the change also means that Kylo’s soft brown eyes have ceased to exist, which means Hux no longer finds warmth or comfort in Kylo’s eyes after a nightmare or after a difficult day where he feels like he should give up, no more staring deep into Kylo’s eyes to see the little lost boy behind them who’s begging not to be hurt anymore and just to be loved because, now, there’s only a tormented and broken soul who used to be human, now a monster, now unrecognisable to Hux’s eyes

because not only do the yellow eyes take Kylo’s soft brown eyes away, they also destroy everything that once made Kylo Ren the one Hux wanted to cling on to like an oasis in a desert–his softness, the deep-rooted passion he felt for Hux, his deadpan wit, his ability to make Hux feel like the king of everything

gone, replaced with a single feeling

lust for power, like Vader when he turned

I’m trying to get back into the habit of drawing, so here’s a Sam/Jared sketch that has been moldering in my sketchbook forever. Since it wasn’t on watercolor paper, it stretched the poor paper to its limits! Anyway, please accept this obscenely colorful offering.

anonymous asked:

Or what if WHAT IF Kylo's actually the prince, and Hux is being given to him like a peace offering? But they aren't sure if Kylo will accept, so they propose a demonstration right there in his throne room, proving how sensitive and responsive Hux is by rucking his shirt up and teasing his nipples until he's bright red with arousal and shame, squirming through an orgasm right then and there *w*

I’m going to have to fan myself, oh my god

Kylo sits and watches eagerly as Hux just begs for someone to stroke his cock because it’s throbbing in his pants from all the groping and squeezing of his nipples, but his owners know how to use his tits like he’s being milked, kneading them alternatively until he’s raw and gasping for breath

The Prince likes what he sees

Aaah, so I spoke with @fanciful-follies about a high school au a few weeks back. (It’s based on this music video.)

So picture this! Aaron and Maria are best friends, they have each other’s backs, have been through thick and thin with each other. 

Now, Aaron has this huge crush on Angelica, and Maria has a crush on Alexander.

When Aaron tries to talk/impress student council president Angelica, and somehow always makes an ass out of himself. It usually ends with Aaron having his foot in his mouth and just ”Maria, please, just end me now.”

When Maria tries to talk with Alexander, but it seems like whenever she tries to talk to him, someone always interrupts him. One day it’s his group of friends, another day he has to run an errand for debate club, or he has to help Professor Washington out, or he’s just so focused on other things that he actually forgets Maria was there. (”Hey, at least Angelica notices you”)

So one day, Maria and Aaron devise a plan together where Aaron befriends Alex and Maria befriends Angelica. They can get to know each other’s crush’s better, create a relationship, and slip in the “hey, so I know someone who’s interested in you” kinda deal.

So Maria joins the student council meetings (which Angelica loves seeing another student being interested in helping the school), while Aaron joins the debate team (which Alex raises his eyebrow at because Burr has an opinion?). But sooner or later they become friends with them, and Maria and Aaron update each other about their likes and dislikes and all that jazz.

But somewhere along the lines, as Aaron tells Alex to get to the point faster with his arguments, he can’t help but be in awe of Alex’s way with words. Or how his eyes lighten up when he’s taking a stance. Or- oh shit. And meanwhile, Maria can’t help but just love how Angelica takes note on student issues. Or how much she’s willing to help out her sisters. Or how she smiles and her nose crinkles up a bit- oh shit. 

Now they’re in a dilemma because “I can’t believe I’m crushing on my best friend’s crush”. So both of them feel guilty - like SUPER guilty. And so as they hang out, they still tell each other about Alex and Angelica, but it gets more hesitant. And both can sense the tension between them, and so “I have something to tell you” “No, I have something to admit” “Me too” and both blurt out how they have a new crush. And they kinda stare at each other before they start laughing.

So later on, Maria is hanging up posters/banners with Angelica (most likely to set up for prom or something). And as they take a break, they’re talking and what not. And Maria kinda leans in before backing off because, oh god, maybe Angelica doesn’t want to be more than friends. But then Angelica gently caresses her face and leans in to kiss her, and it’s wonderful.

As for Aaron, he works on another debate case with Alex. As they read over the documents, Alex and Aaron are in each other’s bubbles, leaning over as they point out certain information and what not. And then their eyes lock together. And we don’t know who initiates it first, but their lips are on each others.

Everyone ends up happy, no friendships are severed, and all is well!