April Maclean - BBC Class (for @efferveseance)

Thank you for requesting this!! I love April so much and honestly I can’t believe I hadn’t made an aesthetic for her before, so thank you for reminding me!! (also I finally watched the last episode of Class yesterday and I am dead help)

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Aaah, so I spoke with @fanciful-follies about a high school au a few weeks back. (It’s based on this music video.)

So picture this! Aaron and Maria are best friends, they have each other’s backs, have been through thick and thin with each other. 

Now, Aaron has this huge crush on Angelica, and Maria has a crush on Alexander.

When Aaron tries to talk/impress student council president Angelica, and somehow always makes an ass out of himself. It usually ends with Aaron having his foot in his mouth and just ”Maria, please, just end me now.”

When Maria tries to talk with Alexander, but it seems like whenever she tries to talk to him, someone always interrupts him. One day it’s his group of friends, another day he has to run an errand for debate club, or he has to help Professor Washington out, or he’s just so focused on other things that he actually forgets Maria was there. (”Hey, at least Angelica notices you”)

So one day, Maria and Aaron devise a plan together where Aaron befriends Alex and Maria befriends Angelica. They can get to know each other’s crush’s better, create a relationship, and slip in the “hey, so I know someone who’s interested in you” kinda deal.

So Maria joins the student council meetings (which Angelica loves seeing another student being interested in helping the school), while Aaron joins the debate team (which Alex raises his eyebrow at because Burr has an opinion?). But sooner or later they become friends with them, and Maria and Aaron update each other about their likes and dislikes and all that jazz.

But somewhere along the lines, as Aaron tells Alex to get to the point faster with his arguments, he can’t help but be in awe of Alex’s way with words. Or how his eyes lighten up when he’s taking a stance. Or- oh shit. And meanwhile, Maria can’t help but just love how Angelica takes note on student issues. Or how much she’s willing to help out her sisters. Or how she smiles and her nose crinkles up a bit- oh shit. 

Now they’re in a dilemma because “I can’t believe I’m crushing on my best friend’s crush”. So both of them feel guilty - like SUPER guilty. And so as they hang out, they still tell each other about Alex and Angelica, but it gets more hesitant. And both can sense the tension between them, and so “I have something to tell you” “No, I have something to admit” “Me too” and both blurt out how they have a new crush. And they kinda stare at each other before they start laughing.

So later on, Maria is hanging up posters/banners with Angelica (most likely to set up for prom or something). And as they take a break, they’re talking and what not. And Maria kinda leans in before backing off because, oh god, maybe Angelica doesn’t want to be more than friends. But then Angelica gently caresses her face and leans in to kiss her, and it’s wonderful.

As for Aaron, he works on another debate case with Alex. As they read over the documents, Alex and Aaron are in each other’s bubbles, leaning over as they point out certain information and what not. And then their eyes lock together. And we don’t know who initiates it first, but their lips are on each others.

Everyone ends up happy, no friendships are severed, and all is well!


We’ve been typecast // we play losers who keep falling in love with the wrong ones

So, I commence The Big Trip™ in 10 hours, so I hope you’ll forgive me if I go a little quiet.

If you’re going to get sick of hearing how much fun we’re having, then everything will be under a ‘jill and aimee do vancouver’ tag if you want to blacklist. But why would you? I’m awesome, @afairytaleprincess is awesome and Vancouver is awesome.

You’re also welcome to send us some positive vibes and pray for CS filming on Tuesday!


Lemme introduce you to our two new babies :)

They came to us a little over a month ago from the Duke Lemur Center and are finally out of quarantine ! 

My zoo is the coordinator for the Eulemur flavifrons EEP and we have been known for a while now for our care and breeding of this species. So much that today the european population for E.flavifrons are all related to our starter group back in 92. This means that in order to keep the EEP viable we needed to add some genetic diversity into it and this is how this cross-continent exchange came to be.

This is terrific news for the future of E.flavifrons in Europe and over the world. So much hope rests on these two’s shoulders. They’re only gonna turn 2 in a couple of months so they are still very young but they bare so much positivity for the future. I’m so excited to be working with them! 

The blue-eyed black lemur is critically endangered and is on The World’s 25 Most Endangered Primates list. 

I’ll post better pics soon :)