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Hi i was wondering if u could recommend me books with the 'enemies to lovers' romance trope?? (Any genre) thanks

oooh i can try (with some help from people over on twitter, so * is not read)

in a really strange coincidence the amazing people @fizzlereads​ just posted a list of love/hate relationships here so you should check that out too!

How to Pronounce "Silmarillion"

The word “silmarillion” is a Quenya word meaning “of the silmarils”, which means that it generally falls under Quenya pronunciation. By those rules, the “i"s should really be pronounced more like "ee”. However, I’ve never heard anyone pronounce it that way - usually, the first two “i"s are shortened, making it more ”s ihl mar ihl eeon“.

As proof, I present to you the master: Christopher Tolkien saying "Silmarillion”. He pronounces it “s ihl mahr ihl eeon”, with the emphasis on the “eeon”/“on”. And, having edited and published the book himself, I’d say that he’s probably pronouncing it correctly - why it doesn’t seem to follow the Quenya pronunciation, I don’t know. Maybe JRR Tolkien settled on that pronunciation before he’d fully developed his ideas about Quenya pronunciation, and decided to keep it anyway?

SOURCES: LOTR Appendices, This video of Christopher Tolkien saying “Silmarillion”

A Blurb on Crossbreeds/Hybrids

First of all, I’d like to point out several things.

  • These are primarily my thoughts and opinions on the subject. I am not forcing my thoughts and opinions on others; you are allowed to agree or disagree.
  • I am by no means a scientist or a genetic expert, merely an enthusiast that enjoys science in their fantasy.
  • I am not bashing people on their RP. Remember this is not me saying “I don’t like people that do the thing”, all I’m saying is “This is why I don’t like the thing itself”.
  • I could be wrong. I wrote this using as many sources as I could, but I’m very much open to the fact that one day Blizzard could prove me wrong.

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