i still quote stuff from this video IRL to this day

Ed Edd n’ Eddy!

One is big, one is thin, one is small.
They all get back up whenever they fall.
They’re best friends, despite their flaws.
They’ll always stay strong, sharpening their claws.

One isn’t all that bright.
One just doesn’t speak right.
One is always starting a fight.
But they each know, that throughout the day, throughout the night…

These three Eds will be alright.

They love each other, they need each other.
Life is tough, but they are tougher.
It’ll be hard, but they’ll be ready…

It’s those three pals…


Last week

Here is to the final week of Eds Friendship Appreciation Month!

There have been so much amazing participation. I love everyone’s post.

Thanks for all the requests by the way. Keep at it! Ask me questions and send me fanfiction requests.

It’ll be sad to see this month end, but it has been a great one. Let’s make this a great week to appreciate the Eds amazing friendship.


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Favorite Eds Friendship Moment #24

Look Before You Ed was the final season 6 episode out of many others that we could have seen.

The Eds friendship was getting better throughout this season because they were still figuring everything out.

I love the way Edd treats Ed and Eddy throughout this episode. He’s trying to be a good friend and include them in all the activities for the new club. This bugs Jimmy so much that he pushes Edd into the snow having enough. He thought Edd was a different person, but realizes that he is still an Ed.

Edd has found his place in this episode and refuses to leave his friends out of everything even when they miss things up. His friends mean more to him then setting up this whole safety club. That’s the difference we see between Jimmy and Edd in that episode.

Look at the way Eddy is staring at Jimmy when he is kicking snow on Edd. He really knows how to stick up for his friends since his experience with with Kanker’s. Ed is in shock too and he usually gets along with Jimmy.

I would have loved to see all of season 6.