eene art

“Uh, this ain’t how wrestling works, Sockhead.”

Here’s a completely platonic hug between two completely platonic friends.

Okay I’m done being a smart ass. ;P

Had to make fun of myself a little bit because I apparently can’t go less than 24 hours without drawing these two acting a little questionable around each other. Lmao. It’s not like this stuff doesn’t happen in the show! XD

I also wanted to give you guys some fluff to satisfy your sweet-tooths. I’m a giggly, sappy little bitch, what can I say?!

Its nice to see Eddy looking a little vulnerable, too. Give in to the hugs Eddy. You know you like them. >:)


Ed, Edd n Eddy - fan art / July 2016. — Hahaa, this show means everything to me. My favorite characters are of course the three Ed-boys, though I didn’t like Eddy when I was younger. Can you imagine! He’s awesome! Maybe his greediness made me angry or something. Kevin (and Jimmy) are surprisingly fun to draw. There’s no other characters because I’m lazy, but maybe some other time. Also sorry about the messy quality, pages in my sketchbook are super thin and scanning anything is a nightmare…