John Green asking you to vote for his book

in Dutch


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(seriously though it’s not even that bad. I understood ALL of the words ;))

So I'm reading The Fault in Our Stars...

Well, I’m reading the Dutch version of it, and I really thought the ‘magic’ would be totally lost when translated from its original English version, but I looove it. I’m not keen on the Dutch title though… It’s kinda weird. And the Dutch book also has a cover that’s completely different than the original, and at first I thought that sucked, but now I kinda see the beauty in it too.

So, I’m somewhere around page 100 and WOW, I love it even more than I thought I would. I mean, I’d seen so much of it on tumblr so I had very high expectations, but it beats all of them. I haven’t really read a lot for, well, the past year, but this is just a totally new start for me.

I love how they’re slowly falling in love, having those cute little moments when they smile, it’s so damn perf. But, in my opinion, it’s not the cliche romantic version at all. It’s just perfectly written and I love it.