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I'm usually very afraid of animals like snakes and eels, but Noodle has really warmed me up to eels and made me like them lots! Now if I can find a cute snake blog to help with that fear

Aww I’m really happy that Noodle has introduced you to eels in a good way! ~<3

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How good a fighter was the English Electric Lightning compared to contemporaries of the era?

So at the time the EEL would of been flying with or against the likes of the Mirage iii, MiG-21 and the F-104.  I’d say that yes for its time that it was indeed a good interceptor and jet as it could definitely put out some great speed allowing it to carry out the interceptor role well. The EEL definitely had a better survivability rate than the F-104 so you can give that, i’d have to say as a fighter i’m not so sure how it would compare to let’s say the MiG-21. for the hypothetical fight stage i’d have to hand this over to @enrique262 but if i would have to say how good the EEL would of been in the fighter role i’d say that it could probably do almost as well as a MiG-21 in combat.

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how hard are eels to care for? and are there different species that take varying degrees of care?

As far as care for eels in general it really depends on the species. Large moray eels are expensive and need big tanks/lots of food. Garden eels need good water quality/thick sandbeds, etc.
I only really know specifics on snowflake eels so I’ll talk about them!
As far as care for eels goes, snowflake eels are probably the easiest saltwater species to care for! They’re quite hardy/docile and stay pretty small (usually under 2.5 feet). They need tanks between 30-55 gallons depending on age (when fully grown they definately need at least 55gal). They also need LOTS of hiding places to feel safe (noodle has 4 sets of pipes and several rocks,) Noodle also digs a lot and gets into places she shouldnt be. I use this plastic netting stuff to cover areas that i don’t want her to get into such as the undersides/insides of decorations (i used to have a dragon statue in her old tank and once she got stuck inside of it so i had to get her out and block the inside off). They also need good lids because they sometimes try to slither out of the tank. (Also if you ever need to transfer them you need a really big net/eel gloves/eel trap/pvcpipe trap/etc to catch them)

As far as like… day to day care its basically the same as other saltwater fish (with regards to water changes/cleaning etc.) The only thing different is feeding. You can’t just sprinkle some flakes in and call it a day lol. They have to be fed bite-sized chunks of seafood :D! So once every month or so i have to buy a variety of raw seafood, chop them into bite-sized pieces, and freeze them for her food.
I think feeding is pretty fun because i get to hand her food and watch her Devour. Some people might find it to be more work/kinda gross but i think it’s a lot of fun… kinda like a reverse crane-game or something.
I hope this at least kinda answered the question??? Sorry for the rambling, i get excited about eels.

This horrible, horrible knockoff of Finding Nemo/Dory has:

- Main fish befriends a group of friendly “ugly” fish, including a rockfish, Anglerfish, lumpfish, blobfish, goblin shark, and a fat seahorse (the highest tier of fishes)

- An unusually long section where a character describing how lateral lines on fish work

- Moray eels are portrayed as good, but dolphins as sadistic predators

- A Sea Cucumber who farts all the time accurately describing how he defeats his enemies by shitting out his intestines, and how seacucumbers pride themselves in how far they can spray their innards out

- An octopus fights a seasnake by taking the recently discovered long lost sons of the sea cucumber and squeezing their intestines out of their assholes .

-Moral of the movie was being a lumpy, ugly or mutated is ok

This movie is an amazing 2/10 and we highly enjoyed it


most fortunate time for rhett to have water instead of scalding hot coffee

Using only song names from 1 artist, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people. Try not to repeat a song title, it’s a lot harder than you think! 

Pick your artist: eels

What is your gender: her
Describe yourself: accident prone
How do you feel: in gratitude for this magnificent day
Describe where you currently live: in the yard, behind the church
If you could go anywhere, where would you go: susan’s apartment
Your favorite form of transportation: on my feet
Your best friend is: kindred spirit
You and your best friends are: gentleman’s choice ;)
Favorite time of day: nowadays
If your life was a TV show, what would the title be: girl from the north country
What is life to you: novocaine for the soul
Your relationship: love of the loveless
Your fear: my descent into madness

i saw the face of god and it was four eels 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit