eel draws


Remember how I said I found a brush I really liked well, here it is! And since my Sai still likes to delete my settings every few months I’ll caution putting it here. 

I Like sketching with it and might start some experimental painting with it as well kinda like the second example, but its just a very loose brush I like doodling and sketching with I still have other brushes I rather render with. 

Harper and his brother Cooper, who was turned into a Clamperl Pokemorph.

As a Clamperl Pokemorph, Cooper feels most comfortable within his shell, and sleeps within the confines of it. He’s capable of getting out of the shell, but his body is relatively weak, and the farther away he gets from the shell, the greater the feelings of discomfort, anxiety, and worry.

Next up is Harper, who ended up as a Gorebyss Pokemorph.

Harper comes from a family of fishers, and live rather close to the docks. Though despite this, Harper initially had no real love for swimming, and didn’t like to get wet at all. Partially due to a small fear of getting into large bodies of water.

Beyond this, he’s relatively easy-going and takes most things in stride. It’s genuinely difficult to get him to show a temper. He’s also quite friendly and willing to help. However, he also suffers a bit from being lethargic and low energy, constantly sleepy and loves nothing more than to just snuggle up in his bed or lay out in the Sun.

Due to some changes brought on by becoming a Gorebyss, he’s gained an actual fondness for swimming and the water, and no longer fears getting into it. He’s also become closer friends to Evan, and joined him in the school swim club.

However, Harper might have accidentally exposed his own siblings to the more… contagious aspects of the Pokemorph Catalyst’s habit of having an easier time hopping to family members and those of a similar genetic pool to the victim.