happy friday y'all.

This Weekend Has Been So Good :D

Friday night - spent with my closest mates, chilling and smoking, bought me and the best friend a fuck load of food and munched out :)

Saturday - Was Miss Nicola’s 18th, got ready at hers, had a little mini pre drinking party (little, more like 7 bottles of bubbly and a bottle of wine) then got in the limo had another few bottles of bubbly and hit it up in Maidstone, oxygen bar, beluga bar and Road House :) got all drinks bought for us, tequila, sambuca, you name it we had it :) Left the bars stumbled our way back to the limo, made out with some guy and went back to Nic’s  at about 3am:) Woke up this morning with a dirty hangover though :) 

Was the best weekend I’ve had in a while XD <3