i was kinda bored this week and i thought i might give it a shot at human!bill?

honestly though, it’s less “human” and more “humanoid abomination who will undergo through horrific body horror at any given moment just to fuck with whoever is closest to him”

can’t say i’m 100% happy with it but at the same time [shrugs]

(also i know next to nothing about formal wear so if you’re a formal wear enthusiast and see any mistake in here i’m sorry. actually i’m not but.)

//Closed RP

“Hey, it’ll be okay.” Kat whispered quietly, tilting your chin up as you both stood on the empty dock in an eery silence.

His voice is reassuring to you though, so you make sure to give a small smile, and then give him a small nod, followed soon after with a deep shaky sigh.

Today was the day you were finally leaving your father’s hive, and instead going out to sea on Dualscar’s ship. Dualscar and Kat have been pretty good friends for years, and Signless, his uncle, had even been married to him at one point… At least.. Until he got sick and.. Well..

You were nervous as well, you’ve never left your hive much before, only to go to the marketplace, so this was a huge leap for you.. You weren’t planning on staying with him long, just to get your own sea legs and grow some independence for yourself. 

Kat was happy for you though, he knew you’d be safe here, and the look on his face was just beaming with pride.

“He’s going to love you Kank. He’s never met you before, but he’s been wanting to. And maybe you can show off some of your book smarts. I’m sure on a ship, those are sort of hard to find.. You’ll be great Kank..”