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Sooo… I went out for dinner & drinks with my new roommate today, and she only speaks English, so:

me: *talks to her in english*

me: *turns to the bartender and orders in spanish*

bartender: *laughs* whoa, I wasn’t expecting that southern spanish accent from someone speaking english so well, such a contrast *laughs more*

me: *laughs as well* 

and that’s it. roommate and i go sit and have dinner and bartender’s shift ends and we continue eating and don’t think a thing of it.

except then we go out

it’s been at least half an hour

and he’s standing there by the door, waiting for us to come out

and then he smiles shyly and hands me his phone number written on a pink post-it note

he’s very, very cute.

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Who's your favorite FE character? :D

“We’ll change our fates!”

I have a lot of favorite characters but I I think I have to say my children from Awakening ♡ yes i’m a proud mom

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"Can you just back off" with ladynoir please? Bonus points if chat says that 👀 (also I absolutely love your writing I literally cannot get enough💕💕)

Eeep! Thanks, @alpacalypticpotatoes! <3 Hope you enjoy this one!

“Can you just back off?!” Chat Noir growled, throwing out a hand. “Give me some space.”

His teammates looked at each other and took a few steps back.

“Chat, we just want to make sure you’re okay,” Ladybug began. “If you–”

“Stop. Just…just don’t talk.”

“Don’t be such a baby. So you got controlled again, whoopty-freakin-do, it must be Tuesday,” Queen Bee said, rolling her eyes. “LB cleansed the akuma and everything is back to normal. No big deal.”

“I don’t think that’s the issue here, Queenie,” Vixen replied in quiet voice.

Chat Noir straightened. “I’m going home.”

“Nobody blames you, Chat.”

“I’ll see you guys later.” He extended his baton and dropped off the edge of the roof.

“I was afraid this was coming,” Vixen murmured.

“Afraid what was coming?”

Ladybug nodded. “I need to talk to him.”

“About what?”

“I think that’d be best,” Vixen agreed.

“Tell me what the heck are you guys talking about!” Queen Bee demanded, stomping her foot.


“The others running late?” Chat Noir asked as he dropped down to the beam Ladybug sat on, watching the lights twinkle along the horizon.

“I told them we would take care of patrol tonight on our own. I hope you don’t mind.”

“It’s been a while since it was just the Cat and Bug team.”

“Bug and Cat,” she grinned, still looking out over the city.

“Apologies, my Lady.”

Ladybug glanced at him then. “You haven’t called me that in a while.”

He ducked his head. “Sorry. It slipped.”

She scooted closer and slid her arm through his and rested her head on his shoulder. “I’ve missed it.” He stiffened beneath her but didn’t pull away. “Do you want to talk about yesterday?”


“Can I talk about yesterday then?”

Chat Noir sighed but gave no other objection.

“It’s not your fault. You were being controlled by an akuma. I’m not mad at you.”

“That excuse only works so many times.”

“So you’re saying you were completely in control of your actions?”

“Of course not! It’s just…what’s the point of Chat Noir, you know? Vixen can create illusions and Queen Bee can tranquilize anyone who gets in her way. You’re obviously the most important one. Maybe lately it’s just been feeling like I do more harm than good. If I wasn’t around, you guys would have one less person to fight when I inevitably get controlled by the freak of the week.” He knocked his heels against the steel beam.

Ladybug raised her head. “That’s why you’ve been pulling away.”

He shrugged. 

“You realize that about ninety percent of the time you get controlled is because you were taking a hit meant for me,” she stated firmly. “In fact, I wouldn’t have survived this long without you. I can’t even fathom the number of times you’ve saved me.”

“Not nearly as many as you’ve saved me,” he muttered.

She tightened her grip on his arm and laid her head back down. “Please don’t leave me.”

“You’d still have the others.”

“They aren’t you. They aren’t my kitty.”

“Your kitty?”

“Well, you aren’t anyone else’s, are you?” she asked, voice quiet.

“No, my Lady,” he sighed, resting his head against hers. “I’m all yours.”

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A weird/unexplored theory...


Kate here <3 So, I don’t completely know why my spidey-sense is tingling… but I just can’t get my brain un-stuck off of Toby being AD.

Yes, I know, that’s bananas! With prime suspects like Wren, shady shady Ezra (Ostinato), Lucas and a slew of others it doesn’t seem like my brain should be so stuck on him of all people…

But NONE of those people would be surprising or require much explanation (maybe explanation of motive, but not much else). Everyone involved in the show has expressed surprise or indicated initial disbelief when they heard who AD was and then said it was brilliant once explained…

There have been “breadcrumbs” for seasons and seasons…

I don’t know, PLL Army. Wren, Ezra or Melissa wouldn’t shock me. Ali wouldn’t shock me. Bethany not really being dead and being AD wouldn’t shock me. Someone like a parent or Caleb or Jason would feel too out-of-left-field for me and be dissatisfying, and you all KNOW how against anything twin-related I am… But TOBY?! Toby would SHOCK ME!

The one thing I keep coming back to is Yvonne… her death HAS to mean something to the storyline, otherwise why bother including it!? She could have stayed in a coma for the rest of the series. She could have survived and broken up with Toby for getting her into that accident. Hell, she could have just died on impact! But no… she survived…. long enough to marry Toby and mention “butterscotch scones” before biting the dust… and we know Uber A/AD likes butterscotch… And the fact that the game board shows a “Deer X-ing” sign and that big jumbled mess where Toby and Yvonne crashed… I don’t know. I’m getting a weird feeling!

Fam, PLEASE do me a favor and chime in with other “evidence” for why/how Toby could be AD! This whole being-an-adult-with-a-full-time-job thing is getting in the way of my abilities to rewatch PLL for clues!!

Thank you, citizens of Rosewood! (Side note: EEEP! Only 3 episodes left…)


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word prompt: jealousy! <3 love your work <3

Eeep, thanks <3 Jealousy for my 1k prompt event!

Sam is new, is the problem. He’s new and fun and different and it’s only fair that Stiles is excited to spend time with him. Derek tells himself this with tense, bloodyminded focus as he waits to give Stiles a ride home. Stiles is usually eager to get into the Camero (the sexy car, he calls it, in comparison to the Ford), but today he’s too busy telling Sam what a great job he did helping with the latest supernatural shenanigans in Beacon Hills. When he finally pulls himself away, it’s only after he casually drags a hand over Sam’s head. Like he can’t help but touch. Derek practically flinches at the easy expression of affection. Sam gazes adoringly at Stiles’s back, even as Scott is telling him to come on and walk home with him. Stiles sends a fond glance back at the pair of them, even as he heads for Derek’s car.

“I can’t believe that Sam helped us find the faerie ring,” Stiles enthuses as he buckles in, still bubbly and joyful. “Can you? I mean, he’s so new to all of this, and he’s already being all helpful.”

“Yeah,” Derek grits. “Good ol’ Sam,” he adds under his breath. From the way Stiles cuts his eyes over it probably wasn’t quiet enough, but neither of them say anything about the comment. Derek’s being stupid, he knows. He pushes down the sick feeling of being boring, stodgy, second best.


Derek doesn’t really warm to Sam, even though everyone else loves him. They just don’t click. He has no idea how to act around Sam, and Sam never looks particularly pleased when he’s in the room, either. And then Sam is not so new any more, and Stiles still seems frankly besotted. There’s no way for Derek to compete with Sam’s uncomplicated friendliness, his rambunctious energy. Stiles is always asking after Sam, telling Derek what new skill Sam’s demonstrated now. What is Derek supposed to say? That he’d be happy if they could box Sam up and send him right back to Berkeley when he came from? No. So he says nothing, and tells himself that the feeling in his gut when Stiles waxes rhapsodic is just irritation, not anything crazy like jealousy.

Anyways, he has a bit of Stiles’ time while they plan the pack’s annual summer barbeque. It’s sort of become tradition that the two of them put it together, since Stiles always has the best ideas for what they can do, and Derek has the money and attention to detail to make sure the ideas actually come to fruition. Overall, they make a good pair. And it’s nice to have Stiles’ full attention, to go back to their usual banter without Sam, stupid fucking oblivious Sam, coming up and nosing into their business every five minutes.

Only then, the day before, it all goes to hell.

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Ohhhhhhh~ my! (-O wO-) i know i’ve done some fantasy/fairy tale AU type pieces before, but i just LOVE this kind of AU! XD i don’t know why! hahahaha!!! I also relished the idea of doing fire lighting! <3 <3 <3 this weeks winning micro fic comes from @moonwalkingcrab :

“I thought Knights were supposed to slay dragons, not work for them.” The prince lightly hopped down from his horse, hand running through his hair as he approached the man in shining black armour. “And I thought Princes were supposed to rule kingdoms, not burn them to the ground.” The knight dropped his helmet, advancing on the man. The prince smirked, “What can I say, I’m not exactly traditional.” The knight reached to cup one pale cheek, “How do you feel about princesses?” “Not my thing.”

EEEP! love it!!! <3 <3 <3 i know this can be interpreted as a meet-cute kind of scenario, but in my mind i see it as these assholes just teasing each other and being ENTIRELY too self-congratulatory - eager to devour one another - totally high on the thrill of crushing their enemies! HAHAHAH!!! XD But only @moonwalkingcrab can say what they had in mind when they wrote it!!! ahhh… this one was fun! LOL! i actually meant to keep it really simple… but then i got carried away! LOL! 

Anyway! thank you all again for taking part! every week is a joy! <3 I hope you’re all enjoying your weekends and that i’ll see you all tomorrow at 3:30 PDT for this weeks MFM!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

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eeep hello crimson!!! <3 i was just wondering, i know this throws off the entire eobard thawne thing, but what do you think it would be like if Henry Allen WAS actually guilty of killing Nora? We know Barry's life ia basically shaped around the premise of trying to get his innocent dad out of prison (and so are many of his decisions e.g. career) but what do you think it would be like if Henry did actually kill Nora, and a 11 year old Barry had to witness that instead of a streak of light?

There is no Eobard Thawne. There’s just Harrison Wells and his wife, who never got into an accident, and they started STAR Labs together, worked together on the particle accelerator, but sadly not they or even Hartley or anyone else at the labs recognize what is about to happen when they turn it on until it blows.

Almost everything else is the same. Barry still believes his father’s innocence, because all the shrinks he’s seen over the years are right. He just couldn’t handle seeing his father murder his mother so brutally, so he wiped it from his memory, repressed it and replaced it with thoughts and dreams of a streak of red–like the streaks of blood left in the living room. Barry ended up several blocks down when Joe found him because he’d turned and ran, not because a speedster got him out of there.

Even into adulthood, Barry visits his father and maintains the man’s innocence, and Henry, being deranged and lost himself, feeds into it. Barry is taking several medications, most of which he doesn’t actually take, and Joe figures it’s better that he throws himself into forensics than anything else he might have done with himself, even if occasionally Barry uses his knowledge to try and work his father’s impossible case. 

Cue lightning, and coma, and waking up as The Flash. Everything plays out the same, except Wells IS the man Barry believes him to be, and the others are all sympathetic toward Barry’s belief his father is innocent. They even start to believe him until Joe makes it clear this is just Barry’s delusion.

They try to help him overcome it, but any time someone brings it up in any way other than backing Barry’s claims, he snaps.

Meanwhile, Len’s researching into The Flash, as he would, after their first encounters, and discovers Henry. Learns Barry visits him, that the kid is assured of his innocence, but there is no reason to think he’s innocent. And Len gets this, he knows what it looks like when someone has been let down by a parent but still more than anything else wants to believe they aren’t really that bad, that they could be better, that no, my dad would never be that kind of monster…even when all the evidence proves otherwise.

Rogue Air would never happen, but everything else would, and maybe a few other heists, just for fun, in between…before everything with Lewis goes down. Maybe it would be that moment after Len kills his father, and Barry is there comforting him, but Len just goes off that Barry should understand the need to kill a man who earned what he got, who did terrible things and should be punished for it. Barry should understand but no, he’s too naive and good, fooling himself into believing that people who can’t be saved CAN, to recognize that his own father is just as much of a killer and worthy of being wiped off the earth as Lewis.

Barry flashes Len out of there, not to save him from the police, but to rail against him, yell and rant, snapping as he always does when put in this position, that his father is innocent, Len doesn’t know what he’s talking about. But Len pushes like no one else ever has. Throws evidence at Barry that he’s looked into while researching Barry, says everything others have tried to calmly say and more, in a way Barry can’t escape, and it just…breaks him down.

Soon Barry is crying and shaking as the repressed memories rise to the surface, and damn it, Len is in the same state because so many of his young memories are there in his mind’s eyes too. Len hates his father, but part of him still can’t believe he killed him.

There’s nothing more for Len to do, so he just gathers Barry against him, and they shake and cry together until the tears are all gone. And it’s not all fixed or better for Barry, for either of them, but it’s a start. Finally, some healing can begin as Barry is forced to face the truth.

He doesn’t bring Len to the police. He brings him to the labs to see Lisa. Then let’s them go. Helps the police pin everything on Lewis having stolen Len’s gun and it misfiring on him on accident, saving Len from prosecution. Len gets the gun back eventually. Things return to normal…eventually.

Barry’s better, by stages, trying everyday to accept the truth he can’t run from anymore. He doesn’t visit Henry. But Len visits Barry…at the labs, at home, at Jitters, and they just…talk, about their fathers, and their pasts, and their NOWS that continue to be wrapped up in each other and maybe, because of that, aren’t so bad.


Some updated photos of my beautiful pair of Goniurosaurus araneus. I love these guys SO much. One of my favorite gonis. Second to the yamashinae. I can’t wait to get Jeff moved in with me so I can see gonis all day every day. 

Also, I have some availability in the gonis, so if you want some, let me know and I’ll hook you up. ;)

Mitovich is really digging SQ these days eh;P

well they got that one right the Internet would have indeed exploded(even more than it is doing now LOL;D)(x)