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Your work is so perfect !!! How long does it take to draw one of these masterpieces ?

Hi there anon! 

Thank you for your ask :D Your words are far too kind! xx

‘Perfect’. ‘Masterpieces’. eeekkk not really, but I try… XD

[I’m sorry, the response got very long, I got carried away]

I’m going to assume by ‘masterpieces’, which I don’t have you mean generally, but if ya wanna know specifics, feel free to send another ask :)

It depends on a lot of things actually. Size of drawing, quality of reference photo, subject, drawing medium, mood, pace, etc. 

I’d say, it could take either from at least 2 hours (the smaller ones that are all scribbly), to maybe 4-8 hours+ (detailed A4 portrait)? I don’t usually do it all in the one sitting though, most of the time it ends up being started and then finished a month later because I haven’t touched it since… *coughs guiltily*

If a drawing takes up an entire A4 page (size of my visual art diary), it takes a bit longer because of all the details and stuff. 

Sometimes a reference photo is literally perfect because it’s so high-quality and you can zoom in and get all the little details (which happens hardly ever), and it makes life a little more convenient. Other times, it’s not great quality but I’ll find other reference pictures and use those, which takes longer. 

The hardest bit is getting the proportions right, which in itself takes at least an hour… (the most tragic/frustrating thing is when you find out the whole thing is a little bit off and ya rub the entire thing out) The rest becomes shading and detail which is much less stressful except hair and mouths which are evil.

If I’m focused and working quickly, the whole thing is a shorter process. But let’s be real here… I usually cruise along listening to a podcast (Dear Hank and John ftw, y'all) and end up taking it very slowly. Then there are those days when you’re distracted and nothing seems to come out right at all. 

Woah, that just turned into an essay, I’ll stop rambling now…

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i'm like?? the suSPENSe!!! i kind of rlly hope it's baek in the wns (i'm biased bc he is my bias) but like????? i don't know. i also feel like it could be sehun. but your wns is so good? how can a series based almost strictly on texts be just like a normal fanfic? i swear you're magic. if anything, it's better bc you can feel your own emotions instead of having them be described for you. i cant wait for the next part tho omgg ~🐰

Ah this is the best compliment thank you so much!!!!!! I can’t believe you actually feel that way about it!!! EEEKKK!! I’m so glad you like it and I’ll have the story up soon!!!! :DDDDDDDDDD