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mthe1whodraws  asked:

I've gotta ask-- see PJ -I just call him Jammy- who is this 'Mr Fresh' skeleton he's shipped with?

Heh goodness…

Jammy doesn’t exist here o-o

“Jammy” is the nickname of a fandom PJ. Canon Paper never is called that at any point. 

“Mr. Fresh” Is just “Jammy’s” version of Fresh that CQ has made. 

And really it’s just a fandom ship. 
Don’t mind if others ship those two but…
Think ya guys know what I ship PJ with!

also I’m pretty eeeh on anything the Supreme Court decides even if it’s a “good thing” because it’s a ludicrously antidemocratic institution

like great gays can marry now but also corporations are people my friend

so you know