A PWP: Pie Without Plot Masterpost

Mainly this is to bring all the extras in to one place in case there’s some cool PWP-related stuff you haven’t seen. By “stuff” I mean art and pastries. And by “you haven’t seen” I mean that this is a reminder to tag or message us when you post cool PWP-influenced stuff so we can share it with eeeeverybody.

PWP: Pie Without Plot – this is the full fic and we are the authors:

robotmango is orange_crushed
apocalypse-patisseriemajorenglishesquire is mee

Here is the review/rec of the fic on if you need to be convinced to check it out.

Fan-created covers:

The PWP Fanmix by plannersandfairytales.

There are related tags here on Tumblr that I regularly check for recs, reviews, and lovely pictures of pastries:

also here are the tags for PWP on our blogs

and you can always @ tag either Orange or myself.

Last but absolutely not least, there are the the works by readers that have been shared with us and brought to our attention. Some are linked in the original work as they were posted when we were still writing the fic. Some have disappeared (like the first crepe cake :( ), but works are also still being created and things are still being baked!

If you are inspired to bake, make art, or even visit a bakery because of PWP, we encourage you to let us know because we love to share in your experience, we love food, and we love you.



I’ll update this post occasionally if more material pops up. We will always love your continued interest in and passion for Pie Without Plot. Live the bread life with us, friends.

Update 11/09/14: added a link to the 972 timestamp and made this post a permanent fixture, here. As of today, I’ve fixed the formatting and errors that I wanted to.