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Harry walked down a rough, cobbled street in Muggle London, hands in his pockets deeply in thought. About what, he couldn’t tell you, but he was thinking about it hard. He heard a cat shriek somewhere in the distance, followed by the enraged bellow of some man about trash cans and mangy animals. He sighed, why had he come to this place? The place he had fled to from home last year? It was a good place to wallow in self-pity and misery, that’s for sure. He sat down at a bus stop bench.

Hopeless Records’ Take Action Vol. 10 will will be released April 26 and will include exclusive songs, acoustic versions, and remix tracks from Silverstein, Circa Survive, VersaEmerge, Chiodos, All Time Low, Bayside, The Wonder Years, The Ready Set, among others.

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"I love you so much. Happy Valentine day sweetheart." She heard from the doorway. She quietly walked to the living room where she heard the noise from and the sight she saw was adorable. It was her fiance on the couch watching the Little Mermaid while their daughter was on his stomach laughing at everything. "So I make a surprise visit home to find out your cheating on me with someone much more adorable then me. I see how it is." She joked crossing her arms. Sara's head turned at the sound -

of her mom’s voice and let out happy gurgling sounds. “Hi babe. I didn’t know you were going to be home so soon.” John said sitting up after Lyla had taken Sara off his stomach. “Well I wanted to spend this day with the ones I love most. Our daughter and you.” She smiled at him. He smiled right back before she leaned down to give him a kiss. “Happy Valentine day.” He whispered against her lips. -FZ