No Strings

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jimin

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 3,062

Summary: It started off as such a simple question. How do you find out if you’re bad in bed? Of course when you asked, you didn’t imagine Jimin would actually want to answer. 

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Chimney ❆ 5A00-0032-3944 | cozy early winter town (completed!)

Chimney is a cozy little winter town (it’s snowing in the dream!) I started back in June 2015. It has gone through many season changes, area fixes, theme updates, and it is finally complete! Relax and enjoy the natural feel of the town. The pathways should lead you to every area (it should be easy to maneuver around!) and the houses are complete with Mayor Mia’s Forest Café and Arden’s Cabin. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did making it! I worked really hard on this town, and it would mean the world to me to hear what you thought of it.

If you take pictures please tag me #ellesanimalhaven, mention me (@), or send me the post! I always reblog dream visits. c:


YOOOO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO @ikusabamukuroo!!

Excuse my inability to make edits like these lmao. The last edit I did was from a year ago, so I’ll prolly have to try slowly getting into this again ehehe ;;;;
Anyway, happy happy birthday to you! Talking with you is fun and you’re a wonderful person with a great blog (and also a good mod over at @danganronpsconfessions!). Here’s to another year that hopefully will go well for you~


All Bets Off  // Coming Soon 

If you were to look up a synonym for ambitious, Ava Riley’s name would come up. Her name would also come up under the following words: “unfiltered,” and “competitive.”

So it’s no surprise Ava finds herself agreeing when her cheeky roommate Liam Payne wants to place a bet that she won’t be able to bag the new foreign exchange student living two floors below them.

It’s also no surprise when Ava meets him and he’s seemingly interested in her company.

In which Liam likes to meddle, Louis is the personification of glue, Niall spills secrets, and Harry’s simply just Harry.

Coming soon to 1DFF

Me Writing FanFic
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> *writes sentence* yes, that's not bad<p/><b>brain:</b> hmmm,that sentence gives me a great idea for another story<p/><b>Me:</b> shush, I need it in this one<p/><b>brain:</b> but just imagine that sentence in another story<p/><b>Me:</b> no, I've got 7 more fics in the queue after this one...I don't have time<p/><b>brain:</b> whatever, you know you want to write it<p/><b></b> *silence*<p/><b>Me:</b> *cut and pastes sentence into future fics document* I hate you<p/><b>brain:</b> eeeep, it's going to be awesome<p/><b>Me:</b> shut up *types another sentence*<p/><b>brain:</b> Wow, now that sentence is definitely worthy of its own story...<p/></p>

Happy 20th Birthday, tessa !!!! It all started with a compliment of my colour palette gifset (back when i giffed **** **** and back when i thought oversaturated gifs were cool and i guess, so did you tess). (also pls let the record state that tess made the first move. your honour, can u believe this) Now we’ve been friends for over a year now and we don’t even talk about gifs anymore, because obviously our friendship is so much more than that. From our mutual love of star wars, to our mutual hate of past selves (i mean, we thought lipless ***** *’**** was the shit ok, idk her?), and even to disagreeing (but really agreeing) about my main michael b jordan (you totally love him too, admitting is the first step ok.) I love talking to you about the littlest things, how your day was, intersectional feminism, destroying gender roles; anything! 

Our convos include old classics like “raw me”, “also”(repeated 5 times in one series of messages), “your impact”, and your longstanding relationship with captain america himself, to our newer phrases like, “metaphorical boner killer”, “YEET [throws topic away]” and “*nuts instantly*” 

We’re literally internet pals but you’ve taught me so much, you’ve made me feel so much better about myself and you allowed me to be who I am, and that is literally priceless. Happy birthday, I love you, and I hope you like my gifset (i had to redeem myself over last years oversaturated Mess, thank you v much). 

anonymous asked:

Haaaiiiii!!! Your writing is so incredible! I get so excited whenever something new pops up! ^3^ May I request some fluffy goodness? I was wondering how the guys would react to their s/o telling them she was pregnant?? I've been battling some serious winter blues and could use something to cheer me up! (╹◡╹)thank you so much in advance! Your stories make me so happy! ❤️💜❤️

Eeeep, thank you endlessly for the kind words, anon! Knowing our little drabbles can make you smile is priceless.

With that said, GURL, of course you can request some fluffy goodness. It’s a good thing your resident fluff queen takes care of her people so well.😉

I hope this headcannon can warm you up and make these blues evaporate away into the cold where they belong.☀️💙

Note: the s/o is implied to be fem

Song: “Love” by John Lennon

Prompto would undoubtably end up in a fit of uncontrollable tears that rake through his entire body, rendering him unable to speak or make sense of how he was feeling. Pulling his s/o into his arms, he would burry his face in their neck, a weepy mess of a man, inhaling their comforting scent to call himself down. You can’t blame him. As a parentless child, Prompto never felt a loving touch, never heard words of reassurance, never was told he had a shoulder to cry on, and never had a guardian to watch over him and ensure that regardless of what happened, he would have people to go back home to.

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