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Best Birthday Ever ❣

A/N: Happy biiirthday Mia! @ticklygiggles My precious dear, I’m sorry I couldn’t do something better! I wanted to surprise you a little u////u 

I haven’t written this pairing everrrr and it’s a quite underrated pairing and we need more of them I thinnnnkkk ^^ I hope you like it dearie! love you till the end and hope you will enjoy a wonderful wooonderful day

Summary: Surprises are the best when you don’t expect them at all. Especially when your loves knows what kind of things you like the most, even when you deny them 10,000x times. Rei discovers all this on just a regular birthday.

Word Count: 2086

“It’s Rei’s birthday! Rei’s birthday!” Izumi came barging into Rei’s room and began to perform some loud, annoying act around his bed by dancing and singing. How very cute. Eh, not. Rei felt guilty for being so grumpy. He groaned and pulled the pillow over his head, closing his eyes tightly.

“Yes. Thank you,” he murmured sleepily. Shougo was abroad, no big deal. He tried not to feel too upset about it. They had celebrated many of his birthdays together after all. So why would he care? 

A singing birthday card two days early, a bouquet of roses one day early, and a singing Izumi beside his bed on the day itself (probably not Shougo’s doing, but still…) should have been more than enough to satisfy a grown man on his birthday. Right? Yet, why was Rei feeling as if this was going to be the worst birthday ever…?

Happy birthday to Rei, happy birthday to Rei! ♫” Why Izumi felt so desperate to sing to him like this, so overly active, he did not know. Probably because he was feeling bad for him that Shougo wasn’t here, and that the whole Sena family was too busy to spend the day at home to celebrate their manager’s birthday. The thoughts of Izumi pitying him didn’t really brighten his mood either.

Falling back in a brief slumber, Rei dozed off and vaguely could hear Izumi’s singing voice echo through his head before it faded in the distance. Wherever the kid was going, Rei hoped he would just go far away and leave him and his precious dignity alone, thank you. 

Half awake, he noticed how the silence became a notable thing. It had gone from noisy to really quiet in such a short amount of time. Well, he didn’t mean that far away. Was Izumi okay? 

“Izumi..?” He lifted his head off his pillow, only to notice an envelope that was next to him. Wait, what ? Since when was that here? Another singing card from Shougo? Izumi’s present for him? 

Still tired and grumpy, Rei grabbed it and opened it. Taking out the card that was inside, he held his breath, waiting for more loud and annoying singing voices to disturb the peace. Instead, a message was written inside.

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TsukkiYama Fanfic: I Just Want You To Be Happy

This might be a bit cheesy///

Yamaguchi’s POV:

In front of me stands my bestfriend, Tsukki… And his boyfriend, Kuroo. I don’t like it. Not that I have anything against Kuroo, I just don’t like how he’s the one standing by Tsukki’s side. I… Love Tsukki, but what can I do? I’m his “friend”.

Kuroo and Tsukki were going to an amusement park as a date, but decided to invite me and Kenma too. Kenma and I walked behind the couple. “Yamaguchi-san, are you ok with seeing those two?” I turned my head to look at Kenma. That was a sudden question. I definitely didn’t like seeing them togethor, but I want Tsukki to be happy. “Even if I didn’t, it’s not like I could do anything about it. I just want Tsukki to be happy. Why’d you ask that anyways?” Kenma kept his usual stoic face and replied, “Hm, no reason.”

I saw Tsukki turn around to look at…Me? It was only for a second, but it looked like he was mad. He was also blushing slightly. I wonder what was wrong?

Tsukkishima’s POV:

I turned around and looked at my bestfriend. “Godammit, just notice already,” I mumbled only loud enough for me to hear. I was walking side by side with my ‘boyfriend’ Kuroo, on our way to an amusement park. We aren’t really dating, he’s just helping me out with Yamaguchi, him and Kenma anyway. I like Yamaguchi, and I know he likes me too, but he won’t make a move. I’ve let on several hints before, but he never catches on. He always watches out for my well being first, even if it means hurting himself. I don’t like it.

I got Kuroo to pretend to be my boyfriend, so that I could make Yamaguchi jealous. It’s only proven to make things worse though, so we’re going to ‘break up’ at the amusement park today. If everything goes according to plan, then I’m going to confess to Yamaguchi. I can’t just standby anymore, if he won’t make a move, then I will.

Third person POV:

The four boys arrived at the amusement park and decided what they would be doing first. Kuroo wanted to go on the biggest roller coaster first, but the group decided against it because none of them were really big roller coaster fans. Kenma didn’t care for coasters. He brought a gaming console and didn’t plan on doing anything like that.

“Oya oya, are you all scaredy cats??~” Kuroo said. “We’re not scared, we just don’t want go on your dumb roller coaster Kuroo,” Tsukkishima replied coldly. Yamaguchi laughed awkwardly and quietly agreed with Tsukkishima. Kuroo smirked,“ Then, let’s go into the haunted house!~” Yamaguchi twitched, he didn’t like haunted houses. Ghosts weren’t his thing.

“I think I’ll sit that one out,” Yamaguchi mumbled. Tsukkishima looked at him, “You don’t like ghosts right? I’ll stay with you while the other two go in.” Kuroo shouted an “Eeeeh??~ Why?~” and Kenma blatantly stated that he never agreed to going into the house. Yamaguchi shook his head,“ No no, go, Tsukki. You’re on a date, remember? You should stay with your… Boyfriend.” He smiled faintly.

It hurt Yamaguchi to be saying these things. He wanted Tsukkishima to stay with him more than anything, but it wasn’t his place to hold him back. Kuroo looked at Tsukkishima with a concerned face and put his hand on his back. “Maybe you should just tell him now.” Yamaguchi looked up at Kuroo, confused. “What do you mean?” Kuroo grabbed Kenma’s hand and started to turn away. “It’s your turn to talk now, glasses.” Kenma also turned back, smiling a little,“ Good luck, Yamaguchi-san.”

Tsukkishima blushed as the two boys disappeared, hand in hand. Yamaguchi looked up at Tsukkishima, still confused. “Is something wrong?…Tsukki?” The tall blonde looked around, realizing that they were in public and ushered the shorter male elsewhere. They ended up sitting on a little park bench in a secluded garden. Not many people went there, so it was a good spot to talk.

The two boys sat on the bench awkwardly. Yamaguchi was fiddling with his fingers and Tsukkishima was trying not to make eye contact. “Um, Tsukki… What was Kuroo-san talking about before? Do you have something you need to tell me? Is he cheating on you? Is that why he walked off with Kenma like that? Wh-” Yamaguchi was cut off when Tsukkishima grabbed his hand. “Kuroo and I aren’t dating. We never were.” Yamaguchi just looked at Tsukkishima, unsure of what to say.

Tsukkishima continued,“ We pretended like we were dating so that you might get jealous and make a move. I know you like me, so-” Yamaguchi stood up abruptly,“ So what’s this supposed to mean!?” Tsukkishima stared at his friend. “ Of course I’d be jealous! The person I love starts dating somebody out of the blue without even mentioning it to me! You pretend to be togethor to get my attention! Do you have any idea how all of this made me FEEL??!”

Yamaguchi was panting from all his shouting, and tears had been pouring from his eyes without stopping. He looked down,“ I was going to give you up so that you and Kuroo-san could be happy… I was going to move on… Because I know… That you’ll never love me!” Tsukkishima was heartbroken. He never meant to make Yamaguchi feel this way.

Tsukkishima kneeled to the ground where Yamaguchi had collapsed onto. Tears wouldn’t stop flowing as the brunette kept his head down. Small sobs and sniffles surrounded the two. He didn’t know when, but Tsukkishima had also started to cry. He had a blank look on his face and reached over to Yamaguchi, taking him into a warm hug. Tsukkishima nuzzled his head into the shorter boys hair, who was still trying to hold back his sobs.

“I’m sorry, Yamaguchi… I’m so sorry…” The blonde tightened his grip on Yamaguchi, tears falling onto his shoulders. Yamaguchi slowly hugged back, and placed his head on Tsukkishima’s neck. The two stayed in each others arms, until they both calmed down.

Tsukkishima began to explain himself. “I noticed that you liked me a long time a ago, and I was waiting for you to do something about it. You always put me first though, and decided that you didn’t want to trouble me with your feelings, right?” Yamaguchi was amazed with Tsukkishima. That was exactly what he was thinking when he first realized his feelings for his friend.

“I wanted you to stop doing that, to stop thinking about me before you think about yourself. Your happiness is important to me too, you know?” Tsukkishima blushed and looked at Yamaguchi. “Because… I love you too, Yamaguchi.” He looked at the shorter male and became flustered.

Yamaguchi stared at him, bewildered. Tears started to form again. “Tsukki…” The boy crawled over to his friend and hugged him tight. “Tsukki, Tsukki, Tsukki!” Yamaguchi was smiling now, he couldn’t contain his feelings anymore. “ I love so much, Tsukki!” The boy cried as he nuzzled into Tsukkishima. The tall blonde was clearly flustered. “Shut up, Yamaguchi!… I know already.” He hugged back. Yamaguchi giggled, “ Sorry, Tsukki!”

They both looked into eachothers eyes lovingly and Yamaguchi leaned in, slowly closing his eyes. Tsukkishima did the same and felt the other boys’ soft lips touch his. When they pulled apart, they both whispered…

“I love you.”


AHHH THAT WAS SO CHEESY. Anyway, there was probably some head canons in there and lots of ooc moments, but I hope this was ok.
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pepskitstark  asked:

For the BFU AU: Where are the girls or do they not exist and why?

Eeeeh… I haven’t thought of that. Since I said It was about the boys, I didn’t give it a thought but I figure they may work at BF, too. Probably be in Lady Like. Maybe Donna is a bigger name, or something like that.

I don’t think I would make it shippy in any way. And if I do, I’ve been wanting to do something without HJ nd ED, so I would probably make Eric/Buddy canon and have Donna/Jackie somewhere in there, but I doubt it. It’s going to probably be only the EB part.

Horror marathon

Nico had planned out her whole Halloween night with some horror movies. If only she had taken in consideration that she’s not that much into scary movies. NicoMaki, RinPana.

Words: 2.5k

[Ao3] []

A/N: Happy belated Halloween! I planned to have this finished last week but life got a bit too busy just around Halloween.

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