Foundation or BB Cream? From the Nur Range? ♥
  • Girl: Wow, you have the most amazing skin.... It seriously glows.. What products do you use?
  • Muslimah: Oh thanks, ma shaa Allah.
  • Girl: Like, there's this light being emitted from your face...
  • Muslimah: I'm not sure what to say.
  • Girl: Do you wear like a pearly foundation or something?
  • Muslimah: eeeeer
  • Girl: It's BB Cream durh! Natural but flawless right? Clearly working!
  • Muslimah: Yeah, I'm not wearing BB Cream.
  • Girl: Why don't you want to tell me what your wearing?
  • Muslimah: You just saw me come out the bathroom two seconds ago wiping water off my face, so my face is clean. If I was wearing something I promise I would tell you.
  • Girl: Waterproof! Oh come on, just tell me!
  • Muslimah: It's called Nur.
  • Girl: Where do I get it?
  • Muslimah: On the Straight Path..
  • Girl: Well, that is a bit vague, I'm sure even for Google Maps...
  • Muslimah: You know they say you have to work for beauty right?
  • Girl: Durh..... These legs don't wax themselves!
  • Muslimah: Well in my case; I read Quran, I pray five times a day, take abolition, I am kind and peaceful, I give charity and work towards Pleasing Allah, My Beloved Lord...
  • Girl: But what has that got to do with your face?
  • Muslimah: My soul is on the inside of my body, when I do good, my soul lights up, and when I do bad my soul darkens. That light you see on my face is my soul's light emitting through my skin! Muslims who try to please their lord have it and they are referred to being on The Straight Path. It's called 'Nur', or in English 'Light'...
  • Girl: Well, that light better light the Straight Path for me because I'm about to get packing...

Alright this is one of my favourite combos ever.


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