@bamethyst , Noora my dear angel <3

You’re such a sweet human being and blessing to this world, ur giving me such good vibes ^^ i love your blog and your work, pls girl keep it up!!<33

Hope you’ll like this lil edit I made for you, I included some of your biases and well *dying in the floor from the thought of him* bbb..bammie </3333

Please have a great day/night I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH, never change yourself :) you’re the best the way you are



After seeing Mashima-san’s tweet and the chapter title for Fairy Tail 510(which btw is*SPOILERS ALERT* Natsu’s heart):

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“LIE at the HEART of the story”?

(My whole fuckin existence has been a lie dammit,is that what u been telling me hiro?)

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“The one thing that can fight against despair falsely/mandaciously showed as Heaven(Larcade alert?or related to natsu being a demon or one magic or…)-is a HEART that knows LOVE.”

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We all in for a long,shippy,tough,angsty ride here.Buckle your seat belts dear,hope you don’t get motion sickness from the feels.