Twas the night before playoffs,
and all on the ice,
not a player was stirring,
The Cup in their sights.

The season is over,
the lockout is past,
A clean slate, a new page
Playoffs here now at last.

16 teams will battle,
But just one will win
the ultimate prize-
and the quest now begins.

sorry for the shitty edit i made it in paint lmao

HI Y’ALL! I’m hosting my first meetup! hopefully this doesnt flop eek

what is it?

It’s a sleepover! Everyone loves Sleepover Saturdays, so why not turn it into a meetup? Post a picture of yourself, in your favorite pajamas if you want (and if you’re not comfortable posting a picture, you can always post an edit or drawing)! It’s basically a Sleepover Saturday but posting a pajama (or regular) selfie instead of (or in addition to) making a text post! If you want, put in the tags what you’d like to talk about or what fun ask games you’d like to play (although I don’t blame you if you don’t, that seems like a lot of work lmao). If you see someone post something, drop by their ask box and play some ask games, talk about your crush if you have one, or just say hi! This is meant to just be a fun thing to make friends and get to know each other! Everyone is welcome!!

when is it?

This will be on Saturday, April 9th, starting at 5pm EDT (which is just EST after daylight savings time). It’s 24 hours, so it ends at the same time on Sunday the 10th! Here’s a time zone converter for your convenience. 

what are the tags?

#phandom meetup

#phandom sleepover

When Booth decides that the marriage retreat isn’t a case for Buck and Wanda, he suggests that he and Brennan go undercover as Roxie and Tony. The couple quickly integrates themselves into the retreat – including participating in the sweat lodges and trust games. While they’re not necessarily there to address their own current relationship hurdles, they inevitably come up.
—  Bones 9.02 teasers (x)