So… just found this on youtube

I can’t tell if its brilliant or awful but it had me in hysterics - watch it now!


dtappreciationweek favourite performance - Hamlet.

His performance in this was incredible - desperation, comedy, gentleness, insanity, intensity.  It literally had everything, and I loved it.

Prince!Luke is from a kingdom on the other side of the world, much lesser known and small enough to be overlooked in your typical world geography class. He’d lived his life with everything handed to him on a silver platter, that is until he is sent to study at an American university, his parents arguing that he “needs to experience the world outside the palace walls” and “gain valuable life skills.” He goes, against his will of course, soon settling into the role of normal college student. (Well, as normal as a college student with a large man shadowing him as an undercover security guard could be.) Actually, he had the school wrapped around his finger. Just because he had to conceal his identity as royalty didn’t mean he’d stop acting like it. In a matter of days, undercover Prince!Luke had students doing his homework, taking notes for him in lectures, and even doing his laundry. All the while, he had a new girl on his arm every Friday night as his date to the biggest fraternity parties on campus. But never the girl he had his sights on. You were in his American literature class, your brilliant mind and natural beauty taking his breath away from the first time you stood to read a passage from Fitzgerald at the front of the lecture hall. But when he’d tried flirting with you, you were completely unimpressed, not falling for his “Prince Charming” act. (Little did you know, it wasn’t exactly an act.) His attempts to woo you wouldn’t cease, extravagant bouquets being sent to your dorm on a daily basis, invitations to dinner at the fancy restaurant just outside of town, and loquacious chat up lines all being rejected - much to his frustration. Until one day he finds you in the library past midnight, your nose buried in some thick text as you rub the fatigue out of your eyes. He leaves only to come back minutes later with two cups of coffee (an extra shot of espresso for you) and sits silently across from you at your table, sliding the caffeine toward you and opening a book to read as you give him a quirk of your brow, watching him skeptically. “Thought you could use a pick me up,” he shrugs when he notices you staring at him with a look of confusion, a small dimple forming beside the corner of his lips when he flashes you a shy grin, and you smile despite yourself. Maybe there was more to this guy than you’d allowed yourself to see, you think as you scrunch your nose and gag when the strong drink finally touches your tongue. (Luke thinks it’s absolutely adorable.) What you didn’t know was that you’d soon find out exactly what more there is to this Luke Hemmings. He’s an actual Prince Charming. What is your life?


in case you didn’t know, the new issue of anime magazine spoon 2.di has a poster of the free! characters in the most adorable uniforms <33333 you can see it on amazon and you can zoom in. (anyone have a full pic? if so please link to me, thanks)

here are our babies makoto and haru

but what i also noticed was, look just below that:



Jack: The Invisible Ring Master. Not only is he invisible head to toe, using makeup to show his face and color spray in his hair during his shows, the only thing visible are his eyes, a piercing blue, but due to his love of pranks, he uses it to his advantage by stripping down and sneaking to scare anyone he can, to sneak into the crowd and give candy to the children, to lift peoples hates and play. Or to drive his boyfriend up the wall.

Hiccup: The Amazing Dragon Tamer. Hiccup has no fear of the large, frightening beasts he sends into amazing acts of routines and fire breathing acts. The crowd gasps and screams in fright for the young man as he sticks his head into the jaws of a dragon and pulls back only seconds before the dragon snaps sharp teeth at him. His boyfriend Jack knows the secret though, that Toothless is really just a big ol’ softy with a love of cinnamon buns.

Astrid: The Strongest Woman Alive. Nothing is too heavy for Astrid, no vehicle, no boulder, no entire stand of spectators watching and squealing in delight as the 5'9 woman lifts them with two fingers. Her short temper makes Jacks pranks sometimes end in him being forced on top the circus tent when she manages to catch the invisible trickster. Of course she has a soft side for the acrobat of their group. 

Aiana: The Feathered Acrobat. With bones thin and light as a feather along with delicate wings along her lightly feathered back and figure, Aiana is the most flexible and talented acrobat ever seen! The peace keeper of the troupe, Aiana often is seen hovering a few inches off the ground with her wings fluttering, always on the move. With no safety net in her acts, she dazzles with her high flying routines, twisting and turning in a flutter of color. She also has a disturbing love of collecting teeth in a series of jars.

An amazing collab Au of the wonderful Sophiefarts/Arcanabreak and Guardianoffrost featuring our favorite characters in high flying, dangerous acts, beautiful colors and bonds stronger then the harsh labels of freaks often thrown at them.