Something New I’m Trying.....

Trying something new if y’all like it I’ll make more if not then I shall go back to the way I used to write….

okay imagine your otp both of em sitting on the bed watching a movie person A is sitting in Person B’s lap. Person A chose the movie and is loving it but person B wants the movie to end as soon as possible but is willing to sit through the movie with A.
Sometime into the movie B pecks A on the cheek… A tells B to stop. B then decides to rest their head on A’s shoulder, A just ignores then….. B then decides to put their hand on A’s thigh, A looks at B’s hand, but goes back to watching the movie. B then tries again by moving their hand up to A’s hip. A sucks in a deep breathe hoping B doesn’t know but B knows and moves their other hand to A hip…. with this A gives a little gasp….B knows they’ve got A’s full attention so they decide to kiss A starting from the cheek down to A’s neck to A’s collarbone…..and A is legit trying not to breathe and trying to stay still….

A then turns around facing B and starts to give little kisses on B’s face…..A and B’s lips slowly guide themselves towards each other
which leads B to go on top of A still kissing, eyes closed, B’s hands making patterns on A’s back with one hand and with the other holding them close and A’s hands in B’s hair
Slowly A is on top of B, A starts to pull away but B pulls them back in closer and tighter….A gives a little squeak, and once they have started their kissing session they can’t stop

So it’s kinda like a scenario idk if you guys like it or not please let me know so I may make this blog something you’d like to read cos I’m still experimenting thanksssssss 


On November 9th, (the eve of the Reputation era), I’m finishing up my 1989 inspired tattoo and adding “she found herself” in Taylor’s handwriting under my skyline.
I moved from Seattle to New York, and I truly found myself here in this city.
I’m so thankful for 1989, it was what I needed at that point in my life— and it brought me some of the best friends I’ve ever had.


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Can I tell you guys a secret?

I have a job interview tomorrow! I can’t tell anyone in real life, because no one knows I’m looking, lol.

I have been in my current field for 9 years, and my heart just isn’t in it anymore. This new job is something completely different, completely exciting, and I really want it.

So I am spending tonight and tomorrow preparing for it, and then tomorrow afternoon, I’m jumping off the cliff and hopefully landing on a new job! Eeeeeek!


Part 1/?

Jim Kirk x reader AOS

Summary: Jim helps you out of a sticky situation at a bar and you are both intrigued by each other, but you like to play hard to get. Will you two see each other again after this wonderful night?

Warnings: kissing in this one, I love me some smut so there will be some in later chapters. Not sure how long this will be as I’m writing as it comes to me.

Words: 1,274

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dtappreciationweek favourite performance - Hamlet.

His performance in this was incredible - desperation, comedy, gentleness, insanity, intensity.  It literally had everything, and I loved it.

giant squids and turtlenecks

↳ harry potter au

◇ prompt: “you know, i was joking when i suggested you jump into the lake and see if there really is a giant squid, and i’m still not sure why you needed to take your clothes off to do this (x)

◇ pairing: jeongguk x reader

◇ word count: 1.3k words

◇ genre: fluff

◇ a/n: ahh my first fic! feel free to leave requests and to give me some feed back!! this was so cheesy and cliche so i might rewrite it later but i hope you guys enjoy it nonetheless.

lowercase for stylistic reasons

“i don’t believe it,” you say, not bothering to look up from your “history of magic” textbook. jeongguk scoffed and turned around, examining the lake, before turning back to you.

“why not?”

“a giant squid? in a lake? not to mention the water is freezing? it doesn’t add up,”

“y/n, we’re literally wizards. just yesterday, taehyung turned himself into a frog-cat hybrid. does that ‘add up?’” he mocked. you rolled your eyes.

“i’m just saying, anyways why don’t you go jump in and check? don’t drown,” you say sarcastically. silence engulfs the two of you as you flip to the next page of your textbook and jeongguk examines the pristine lake once more, before you hear a loud squeal and an “omigosh! look! it’s jeon jeongguk!” you immediately grown and smack your forehead with your book. 

“can’t you, i don’t know, control them?” you ask, glaring in the direction of the giant group of girls. jeongguk only grins.

“why? you jealous?” he teases. you reach out and smack him with your book, receiving an “ow!” from jeongguk and a loud gasp from his fangirls.

being friends with jeongguk wasn’t necessarily bad, but it wasn’t easy either–at least for you. you two were childhood friends, having been neighbors before this whole “you’re a wizard!” shenanigan kicked in. 

first year, for you at least, was easy. you were too immature to recognize what a crush was, too childish, just living in the moment. adding to the fact that you two were separated into two different houses, it just made you two lose contact. but when first year ended and you two returned to your homes, you found you and jeongguk’s fates tangled up together once again.

third year rolled around and thanks to the magic of hormones, you found yourself falling more and more for this raven-haired boy. although you two were in different houses, jeongguk always made an effort to talk to you and wow, you had never realized how beautiful his voice was or how looking at his smile made your heart somersault into your stomach. then, after the incident of you having a panic attack while you practiced defeating boggarts in defense against the dark arts during a joint class between slytherins and ravenclaws, and him leading you into the empty corridor and enveloping you in his arms, rocking you back and forth and humming a soft tune, it was safe to say that you had developed a huge crush on this boy from your childhood. 

fourth year, was when things started getting a bit difficult for you. by now, jeongguk was a fourteen-year-old boy, and although still young, puberty was starting to hit him and although you once shared the same height, he was now a whole head above you and starting to develop muscles (”admit it y/n, you want to squeeze these biceps. come on, i know deep down you want to!” you had smacked him with your newspaper profusely). losing his baby fat and losing the bowl cut he once had, you often found it hard to look him in the face without becoming flustered. after encouraging him to try out for the quidditch team, he started to develop a fanclub, and although you hated it, some of the girls in it were very attractive and you couldn’t help but feel pangs of jealousy when you saw them interact with jeongguk.

now that you two were fifth years, it was nice to spend quiet moments like this with jeongguk, by the lake. his presence calmed you down and although you two always bickered, you couldn’t help but smile at how cute he looked with his oversized turtleneck shielding him from the autumn chill, with the wind messing up his hai–


you immediately whip your head up, staring wide-eyed at jeongguk as he stands over your sitting form, turtleneck off and a cocky smirk on his lips. 

“well y/n, just like you suggested, i have decided that i will jump into the lake,” he said, squatting down so his face was dangerously close to yours. you immediately back up.

“did you really have to take off your clothes to do this?” you ask exasperatedly, “and jeongguk! it’s freezing! you’re going to catch a cold!” you said, looking anywhere but at him. he rolled his eyes and cupped your face in his hands, squeezing your cheeks together.

“awh~ is y/n worried about her dear jeonggukie?” he says as he gets up and stretches, getting ready to take off into the lake. you hear the fangirls squeal as jeongguk turns towards their direction, waving sweetly and flexing. they start chanting his name and you see jeongguk’s ego start to inflate.

you quickly grab onto his wrist, shaking your head. “don’t do it jeongguk. you’ll catch a cold,”

he shakes his head before giving you a salute. “awh. but that would disappoint my audience,” jeongguk winks and takes off running and you try your best to run after him but wow, he’s really fast and you curse yourself for spending so many years of your life sitting in the lounge room and eating chocolate frogs instead of getting in shape.

“jeongguk!” you scream as you see him jumping off of the dock into the cold water.

“you!” smack, ”stupid!” smack, ”idiot! i told you that was a bad idea!” you say, smacking jeongguk’s head one last time with the rolled up newspaper you had in hand. he groaned as he wrapped the blankets around him even more securely. you sighed and plopped down in the seat next to his bed in the infirmary. 

“but it proved to you that there’s a giant squid in there. and plus, i didn’t think it would hold me underwater like that. i would’ve gotten out quicker if it left me alone so if anything it’s the squid’s fault for making me sick,” he complains, “if anything, i thought there was going to be some spell that would cure me quickly,” he said quietly as you helped him sit up, grabbing the cup of water at his bedside and slowly draining the water into his mouth. he was sweating as if he had just gotten back from a rigorous evening of practice, and although he didn’t show it, you could tell he had a major headache and stomachache. you couldn’t help but feel empathy. sighing, you pressed a cold, wet towel to his forehead and gently brushed out the tangles in his damp hair. 

“you know… i’m really glad we’re friends,” he whispers and you roll your eyes. 

“i am too, you dork,”

“to be honest, i thought you were so cute when i first saw you. i still think you’re cute,” you bite down the urge to squeal, trying to play it off. “well, i think you’re very attractive too, gukkie, but you already know that since you have a fanclub and everything,” you reply teasingly. jeongguk smiles.

“so are you saying you like me? because it’d be sad if you turned me down right now, especially when i’m on my deathbed,”

“ugh, that deathbed comment just ruined the mood. nope, i’m out, adios, sayonara,” you scoff, getting ready to get up but jeongguk quickly grabs onto your wrist. 

“you loser. you’re supposed to kiss me. stop playing hard to get, i’ve been waiting four years for you to give in and confess,”

you grin and lean in, your heart cartwheeling around your chest before you abruptly stop. “but… i don’t wanna get sick,”

“i can’t believe a fucking giant squid just cockblocked me,” jeongguk whined.

wolffoggirl  asked:

Got7 reaction to their girlfriend sleepy face.


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  • “eeeeeek!”
  • “jagi-ah look how cute you aaaare!”
  • absolutely loves it
  • begs to take your picture
  • stares at you while you pour your coffee
  • can’t stop staring


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  • all smiles
  • “you wanna nap on my lap, jagi?”
  • pets your hair and just stares at you
  • tries to look away when you threaten to tell the guys how cute he’s being
  • eye smiles and forehead kisses


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  • “omo my sweet pumpkin, are you sleepy?”
  • kisses your face four hundred times
  • makes you go to sleep
  • keeps cracking the bedroom door to see you
  • finds you unbelievably adorable


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  • grabs your hand and leads you to the bedroom
  • sits you down
  • lifts your feet, and pulls them onto the bed
  • removes your shoes
  • throws a blanket over you
  • straddles you
  • kisses your forehead
  • “get some rest now, baby girl.”
  • leaves the room, closing the door softly
  • smiles the rest of the day, remembering your little yawns


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  • dies
  • can’t handle it
  • finds you too adorable
  • “I don’t even know how someone can be so cute.”
  • knows you have things to do today, offers to get you some coffee
  • places the cup between your little sweater paws
  • collapses dramatically on the floor giggling

Bam Bam

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  • double takes as you walk in the room, rubbing your eyes
  • “stop it. just stop. why are you so adorable right now?!”
  • leads you back to the bedroom and lays with you
  • pulls you into him and hums softly into your ear
  • starts humming a lil wayne song when you start giggling into his chest


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  • “Oh you’re such a sweet little baby.”
  • won’t let you leave his side
  • hugs and hugs and snuggles
  • fluffy bunny just wants to watch you
  • eventually makes you lay down and smiles at you while you fall asleep