Meant to Be ll Cora and Emma

It had truly come out of nowhere. One moment, she’d been fine. Sure, she had just gotten sucked through a hat portal, taken prisoner, and thrown into an underground cell, but not even all of those combined prepared her for meeting Regina’s mother. 

The feelings that the brunette always stirred within her were instant, and she found herself handing on every word she said, believing her full-heartedly until Snow had placed herself between them. And that was how it always seemed to go; every time that she would finally be able to come face to face with the other woman, someone would come to ruin it, but that only made her want to be there more.

She nearly didn’t jump back into the portal with her mother, in fact, she’d had no plans of leaving the brunette behind at all, but Snow had quickly grabbed ahold of her arm to drag her in… and she hadn’t had a choice but to go back and wait for the time that she would be able to find a way to get back to her. It was a craving that took over her the moment she woke up until the moment she slept again, a need to just see Cora again despite everything that had happened, but even the first moment that she saw her in Storybrooke didn’t quench it. 

“Hello?” Emma called out, finally, after waiting for days to get her parents out of her hair for a couple hours and even more to make sure that Regina would be out of the house, leaving only the woman that had been on the front of her brain every waking moment since they’d met. “C-Cora?” She called quieter, looking around her quickly to see if anyone was watching her, though she couldn’t care less if they were.

Little Civil War things I noticed the second time:

  • Wanda having a guitar and music stand in her room ugh
  • Bucky’s chocolate bars on top of his notebook 
  • Bucky’s notebook being organized w/ colored tabs (what does each color represent???) fuckin nerd
  • Bucky unnecessarily flipping Steve and then getting his backpack just for the drama of it 
  • T’Challa’s ring reacting to Bucky’s arm (I possibly misread this tho)
  • Tony only going to get/fight Steve bc he thought Ross was gonna kill him
  • Steve viciously going after T’Challa in the airport scene bc he was gonna go hurt Bucky :’)

Wrecking Ball | Frostiron (AU)

+ Ehehehe it’s finished! There’s one scene that was inspired by this gorgeous gif-set by lokiofasgard! :D The story is in the description box of the video! :)