chapter one :: i see fire

“Coulson?” I paused. The blood in my veins froze right along with the rest of me. It was quiet on his end for a short moment, and every inch of my being was crawling with anticipation. What could be so important? What was enough to make him call me after all this time?

Why not call Barton or Romanoff? At least they’re still in the field, as far as I know. “We need you,” Coulson finally said, sounding a bit reluctant.

“You know I don’t do that anymore,” I reminded, resting a hand on my hip. I tried to remain calm. To hold myself back. But there was a war waging inside me. Deep in my bones. Half of me begged to say yes to whatever he offered.

And the other half of me was pleading with me to just say no. To stay in the simple life, out of harm’s way. I held my breath waiting for him to reply. “I know,” he answered. I can almost picture him nodding. “It’s Ward.”


how the RFA members would react to mc being addicted to videogames
AN : no one requested this but i had a few ideas^^

hope you enjoy my first thingy here?!


  • he’s super happy like
  • you’d end up just spending evenings playing games together and he’d be super happy
  • He probably ditches his online friends to join a team with you on LOLOL and challenge literally e v e r y o n e
  • (ง'̀-‘́)ง come @ me now
  • RFA members don’t hear from you from days at a time
  • Luciel literally has to log on to LOLOL to see if yoosung is alive
  • “yep.. they’re alive”
  • you’d be on the phone to one of the members and yoosung starts screaming at the screen
  • you’d realise what was happening and yell too
  • you just hear a sigh from the other end and a click
  • “huh they hung up”


  • she’d probably just sigh at first
  • probably try convince you to play less
  • but she’d love watching you play secretly
  • you’d convince her to play once
  • “how do you -
  • wait
  • am I dead?”
  • tries again and does a little better
  • she doesn’t end up liking video games that much
  • but she sometimes ends up playing along (rarely)
  • whenever she did play she beat up the men in suits pretty badly?
  • “jaehee what’s the reas-”
  • “nOPE”


  • i’ll fight you if you think jumin like videogames
  • jahee revealed that he had 2 consoles in his room
  • so when he finds you playing he’d probably smile to himself
  • and curiously watch you
  • maybe even give you tips?
  • finds it adorable when you lose and pout
  • one day he sits next to you and plays without making eye contact with you
  • then you find out how good he is
  • like REALLY good
  • ends up attacking zen whenever he’s online
  • probably proper smug
  • “the trick is to - why is this woman attacking me wth?”
  • his pride is HURT
  • “jahee I need to have a word.”


  • he’s probably played before but is confused as to why you’re so addicted?
  • creates a character than looks JUST like him
  • “do they have a hairstyle where the pony tail is slight-”
  • “just shut up and play”
  • sigh
  • he’s probably a good player
  • “how can they beat up someone as good looking as m- jumin?”
  • sulks because he can’t win over jumin
  • ends up being more interested in you instead
  • “mc… can’t you just play with me insteaad?”
  • so you end up playing
  • ;)


  • very similar to yoosung with his reaction and the screaming thing
  • have LOTS battles
  • but unlike yoosung it’s against eachother
  • “ I am the defender of justice!” ;;
  • “but you’ve killed me like 12 times”
  • “…about that”
  • you realise that you die really quickly and you’re like
  • 01100010 01101001 01110100 01100011 01101000 ????
  • but then you realise he hacked the game and he automatically wins
  • so you message him in the gc
  • “i know what you’ve done and you’re DEAD”
  • *chorus of oohs from the chat*
  • he fights back with “not as dead as you were a few minutes ago”
  • then you chase him around the house
  • bonus: probably have yoosung messaging you in private asking if he can join you guys since you’re both number 1 in group battles and you both say yes but end up killing yoosung oops

niall james horan, b. sept 13th 1993 in mullingar westmeath ireland who rose to fame by coming in 3rd on the british talent reality show the x factor in 2010 along with a rag-tag group of boys who then went on to completely take over the music industry and become the most well-known and celebrated boy band in the entire world, has never and will never let me down. im so proud.

Little Civil War things I noticed the second time:

  • Wanda having a guitar and music stand in her room ugh
  • Bucky’s chocolate bars on top of his notebook 
  • Bucky’s notebook being organized w/ colored tabs (what does each color represent???) fuckin nerd
  • Bucky unnecessarily flipping Steve and then getting his backpack just for the drama of it 
  • T’Challa’s ring reacting to Bucky’s arm (I possibly misread this tho)
  • Tony only going to get/fight Steve bc he thought Ross was gonna kill him
  • Steve viciously going after T’Challa in the airport scene bc he was gonna go hurt Bucky :’)