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His colored optics starred intensely at the paper work,
despite sitting upon the couch in attempt to relax he
could not. With the fabric now draped over his shoulder,
lensed hues turned giving a smile off towards his beloved.
Files thrown upon the glass table throwing the soft cotton
over her just as she had to him. Arms wrapped around her
pulling her into a tight embrace.

Ignis knew the rules as he had set them himself much as she
had agreed to them. No work at home. They where both known
for over working themselves, so it was a rule much needed if they
had wanted to spend any time with each other.

Apologize, my love.

He uttered snuggling up close to the rosettte. Once his eyes where
drawn away from work and on to her oh how he could not return now
not when the adoration he had for hr over stepped his love for his work
by a ten million to one.