“niichan! I,i,i,i…! Is that …!

“Could it be! Human?”


“Nope, that’s a rock.”


Has a tone of “oh is that it -_-” to it

“Look, in front of the rock, something is standing.”


(I..Is that…Human?)

(yeah. )

“I can’t believe it!

“niichan! I finally did it!”

Aww, look at the little brother go big brother I did it!

“Undyne will , praise me…”

BTW, papyrus never calls sans ‘sans’. He strictly goes by ‘niichan’. It’s an asian thing not to call a family member/relative older than you by their name, but by brother or sister or stuff.(Aka it’s fucking rude so I can see they changed this)’

“ There’s nothing more difficult than kids’ challenge puzzle!”

Also junior jumble is now known as ‘kids’ challenge’ puzzle. That’s so cute

Of course, sans has to subtly be undermining

“That’s for baby use.”

(which is more difficult)

Kids challenge crossword

Sorry, too much gold here. Gotta keep to the important parts so this thing ain’t too long

Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou ch. 17

- Seventeenth Period: Trash Teacher -

Sideline: “Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou” starts noooooowww!!

Sign: Survey Corps

Hange: Thank you everyone for participating in the recent sports event. I thought everyone put their all into it and played splendidly well……however…
-What is this heart-pounding summer project that Hange proposes?!-

Hange: If you think about it, the First Years picked a fight with the rest of us, so…perhaps we should mutually work on deepening our friendship…And I have devised such project for us.

Hange: We should go on a training camp trip!!
Blackboard: training camp

Reiner: A training camp huh…
Sasha: We’ll cook meals together…
Connie: And talk about our dreams……
Armin: It DOES present a chance for us to bond together!

Reiner: No, wait, guys!

Reiner: About this training camp business…It’s not any kind of leisurely affair… My old man once told me something about this kind of thing…

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I haven’t done one of these in a while, but this movie deserves it. I am a biased viewer, simply because I loved the first movie to bits. How to Train Your Dragon is in my top 10 list of favorite animated films, but that aside, How to Train Your Dragon 2 was a strong film as a sequel and a standalone. I took a friend of mine to see the movie with me, and he walked out saying he enjoyed it and wanted to see the first one. He wasn’t confused about the film plot, which is something that I always worry about in sequels.

If you get a chance, try to see the film in IMAX3D. Normally I don’t recommend seeing films in 3D mostly because I don’t think it makes that big of a difference. However, in this movie, they really utilized the technology. It is unbelievable how far animation has come. The scenery and dragons were so incredibly detailed. AND THE DRAGONS. THE SCENERY PORN. THE DRAGONS!!!!!! The flight scenes…..I lack words. I felt as if I was soaring- you could almost feel the breeze!!!! Stunning. I started getting teary eyed from the very beginning. What a magical universe!!!!!

The soundtrack, my god. John Powell really knows how to pack a punch. The revisited and reworked theme song to Burke was nostalgic and a great opening way to draw the audience back into their world. And lets not even get into the painful emotional punches this film pulled with the music.

It featured a solid plot, some unexpected events (like Globber coming out!!!!!!!!!!!!), and great character development.

My whole movie experience was basically earporn, eyeporn, laughing, crying, rinse and repeat. Warning, this movie sucker punches you in the feels so goddamn hard you’ll need serious time to recover. I cried like a baby and even accidentally let out an audible sob/whine during the movie.

Dreamworks did a fantastic job and I hope that you’ll support them by watching this film. Bottom line: YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

Ah yes and if you want some earcandy! You’re welcome :)