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I've never really liked poetry because the musty old poems we analyzed in English were so far away but your writing isn't far away, it's part of me, a part of me that I didn't know existed until you put it into words

I agree, and thank you so much! I honestly still can’t believe my writing is able to have that affect on other people and I’m honestly so happy and thank you, thank you!

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Quickie Review: Naruto 675 - The OT3+OTP Combo

This is heavily laden with intense feels for my Team 7 bbys and my OTP idiots. Be warned.

1. Kishimoto is known for his inconsistency with potential shipping scenes. This is the main cause for shipping wars in the first place. He is consistent with one thing when it comes to these types of scenes…




Yes. Sure. It’s just name calling. Keep in mind though that in the team, these two acknowledge each other’s presence first!

2. I am glad that there was no moment wherein Sasuke/Naruto had to save Sakura. Because it set up a fight, a team 7 fight. And this time Kakashi, gets to watch their new teamwork dynamic. So… EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!

Also, Sakura gets to support the team and kickass as well! Fuckyeah!

3. In the case of “Madara planned this whole shit up scenario,” I call this bullshit. Though yes it is possible that he planned it, I dislike the trope where a villain can plan everything that’s happened for years and execute it perfectly, to the dot, and all the hullabaloo. Too godlike. Too simplistic.

4. The Team 7 flashback bodes well for SS. Because I feel that the way they approach their fight will trigger flashbacks, and it will remind Sasuke of how Sakura could not fight despite her courage. Now her bravery is backed up with physical strength and they can fight together.

Sure, it’s happened with the most recent team 7 reunion with him smirking and all that, but since Kakashi reminded them of the bell test and the past and since this fight is longer, the potential for that scenario is there.

I am pumped for this!

5. Anyone who says Madara getting more powerful is Sakura’s fault, can shut up now. You think you can squash the eyeball of someone who just saved your best friend’s life that easily?! No!

6. Really freaking excited for team 7 fight. I know. I said this already. But this is just so perfect. So fucking perfect. So fucking fucking perfect. And Kakashi is there and shit.

7. Finally:

Kakashi is merely stating Sakura’s maturity when it comes to her feelings for Sasuke. She still loves him but she has a mind of her own now and does not blindly follow Sasuke anymore. Her choosing to continue to love Sasuke and believe in him despite almost killing her merely proves the strength of her love and kindness.

Hell yeah!

Let mah bbys rock!!


“season 2 and 3, next year!”

“new villains new powers new characters and two specials 40′ episodes- Ladybug in Shanghai and Ladybug in Christmas”

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Right, kind of bummed about having to wait until next year, but TWO SPECIAL LONG EPISODES! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!

And tbh I will wait as long as required if it means it will indeed come back and make my life a hit <3 


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Transporter malfunctions and whatnot weren’t all that uncommon on board the Enterprise. To some extent, at least. Nothing could’ve prepared the blonde for what was about to happen on that day as the transporter pad began showing signs of something going wrong yet again.

The first problem was- that no one had been set to beam either from the ship or back onto it and transporters didn’t just turn themselves on as they pleased. Scotty had called for Jim to join him in the transporter room as soon as the readings began going crazy and the blonde didn’t take any second too long to get there. 

Eyes wide on the mess the readings seemed to be, Jim looked at the pad, bright light enveloping it as if someone were to beam on board, which- made no damn sense, because every crew member was where they were supposed to be. On board the Enterprise. So whoever was beaming there, wasn’t supposed to mean anything good. 

Jim got his phaser at the ready as the person- or well whatever it was slowly materialized, before his eyes widened at the sight in front of him, mouth gaping wide open. “…you gotta be kidding me.”

Seeing himself there on the pad shouldn’t be possible, right? 

SO I met JuJubee tonight

And the first thing she said to me was “you’re so cute” (like when I met Jessica Wild, ooof) and then I hugged her and we took pictures. And then I asked her if she listened to K-pop and she said she didn’t really follow it but she’s watched some MVs.

And and and she asked me to recommend her some girl groups, cause she wanted to try out some Asian-pop girl group routines!!!

SO OF COURSE… I told her about mah gurls. I was like “OK well you HAVE TO check out Girls’ Generation”. 

So if any of y'all see JuJubee lip synching to “Genie” or “I am the Best”, it was suggested by moi. 

I don’t care if this is bad quality or not and I’m aware that I look gross and sweaty. 

I MET HANDS LIKE HOUSES!!!!!!! jldskajf;f;kjf <3

They’re seriously the nicest guys I’ve ever met, and they’re kind of goofy weird and I love that. They’re so cute and perfect. They’re probably my new favorite band after hearing them live last night. I talked to them for a little bit and honestly, they’re great people. 

P.S- Australian accents are sexy.

god damn where do you all come from, i’ve only had this blog for three months

more importantly, why i’m a stupid butthole

i still love you guys though, yes all 222 of you

which means i should do another milestone drawing for the 222th follower! alright lets seOH GOD HI MAWILES

(0 m0);;

so now i have to draw for two amazing artists eep

well to both you and drex, expect something when i get a chance to use my tablet c: