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nuttyrabbit asked:

Got any Sonally headcanons/prompts so I can slowly die on the inside?


~ Sonic loooves lying on her lap when they’re relaxing. Sometimes when he cools down after a mission and she’s reviewing notes and stuff he just plops down on her shoulder or lap.

~ They’re both very tactile! They like leaning against each other, holding hands, ect. Sonic particularly likes running his fingers through her hair. This is just an extension of how close they’ve been since they were kids- it’s natural for them to be near each other, and they’ve gotten really good at reading each other’s mood cues.

~ They have opposite tastes in movies. Sally likes crime dramas, historical films, and mysteries, while Sonic’s big into action flicks. 

~ Sonic thinks new! Sally’s backstripe is adorable.

~ When they cuddle, Sally’s usually the little spoon, otherwise Sonic might prick her with his quills on accident if he has a bad dream.

~ When they were little, they wrote sappy little poems for each other, but never actually gave them to each other. Rosy found them and keeps them in a box- she’s going to wrap them up and give them as a gift on their wedding day.

~ Sometimes, when Sally feels down because something on a mission went bad or a call she made caused someone to get hurt, Sonic reassures her and lets her hug him as long as she needs. She doesn’t want to seem ‘weak’, but she’s a little more open with him.
Carrie Fisher was 'crying' when she saw 'The Force Awakens'
Even Carrie Fisher's dog Gary is a fan.

I just found out she watched it with Adam and Daisy. Here’s what Daisy said:

“There were a couple of times I looked at Adam like, ‘EEEEEE!’ and then obviously it was nice because I was laughing at bits. I think I’d much prefer to watch it together because you get a sense of how other people are feeling as well, and that’s exciting. But we all went downstairs and we didn’t really talk about it. We sat around and I had some pie because it was the day after Thanksgiving and pretended like we hadn’t just seen it.“

Headcanon that Mundok bought Hak his feather headband, but when he gives it to Hak, Hak turns it away with a “No way am I wearing that. It’s too cute and girly!” Cue a Mundok + Hak wrestling match where Mundok eventually gets the headband on the youngster. Hak vows to remove it as soon as Mundok lets him out of his sights. 

However, it’s one of the days they go to the castle together, and when Mundok eventually does let Hak out of his sights it’s with Yona, and she says “I like your headband Hak. It’s cute!” 

Hak gets a little bashful and leaves the headband on for the rest of the day, and when Mundok questions him about it later, he tsks and says “I guess it’s not that bad…” He then wears it the next day, and the next day, and the next. The boy wears it until it breaks. 

Por Merlim, você demorou tanto que não achei que viria, patinhx.