Underfell Falls

Sci bustled around his lab, putting everything back (relatively) where it had come from.
He couldn’t stop his smile widening on his face as he began setting up the device for the dimension jump.
He was going to see Edge tonight.
He spared a glance guiltily upwards, to where his younger brother was probably asleep. Papyrus had no idea about the other universes, the other Papyruses, the other Sanses…
There were some days when he wanted to tell his brother about everything, but there was just so much confusion involving the dimensions that it would probably go right over his head.
There was no denying that Papyrus was smarter than most 15-year olds, but his eyes had always seemed to glaze over when Sci had explained the concept of the multiverse before he knew it actually existed.
He shook his head to jolt himself back to the present as the device hummed to life. Papyrus’s knowledge of the multiverse could wait.
He was going to see his boyfriend.

He landed in Underfell’s Snowdin, and almost instantly he could tell something was off. There was something in the air that made him feel…
He just couldn’t put his finger on it.
He walked through the forbidding forest until he reached Snowdin Town.
He knew instantly what was wrong.
The Underground was silent.
And for good reason.
Piles of dust scattered the once-living town, thick enough that Sci began to cough.
No, no, God, no.
He quickly teleported to Waterfall.
No one, not even crazy ‘fell Dr. Alphys.
He teleported to New Home.
“So,” came an achingly familiar voice. “You decided to take our advice. It’s kill or be killed. Gotta say, if you hadn’t just murdered everyone in the Underground…”
Sci looked around the column he was hiding behind, and saw Edge confronting a small human in a blue and purple striped shirt, holding a small, seemingly sentient flower.
As well as a small knife.
Panic began to set into Sci with these small details, and Edge finished his sentence.
W e  m i g h t  h a v e  a c t u a l l y  d o n e  a w a y  w i t h  t h o s e  i d e a l s .
Even from the start of the battle, Sci knew it was a lost cause. He had seen Edge fight before, but that was almost nothing compared to the speed and viciousness of the child he was fighting.
His only hope was to somehow get them both away from there before that… thing destroyed him.
When Edge fell asleep from sheer exhaustion, it took everything Sci had not to scream out to warn him of the impending danger.
It turns out, he didn’t need it. As the human lashed out, striking out of turn, Edge bolted awake and dodged expertly once again.
“Heh, nice try kid, but did ya really -”
Suddenly his eyes found Sci and widened for a split second, and he let out an astonished, “Sci?”
And in his moment of confusion, the human struck.
As Edge’s eyes widened even further, Sci shouted, “No!
With his last remaining strength, Edge turned the human’s SOUL blue again and sent them flying down the corridor, buying them a tiny bit more time.
Edge!” Sci exclaimed as he ran over to the other skeleton, who had fallen to his knees.
“Sci, what are you doing here?” he growled. “You’re gonna get killed! This thing’s a maniac!”
“Tonight was supposed to be our date,” Sci reminded him helplessly. “I’m not leaving you here. We can- we can-”
“Sci,” said Edge softly. “It’s already too late. I can already- look out!”
Edge twisted Sci around to face the other direction, and let out a pained yell as the human’s knife sunk in again.
“No!” Sci yelled again. “No, no, Edge!”
Edge’s eyes closed and he sunk fully to the floor.
Sci looked up, tears in his eyes, to meet the smiling gaze of the human child.
The last thing he saw before he felt the knife and everything went black was Edge turning to dust in his arms.

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Summer Days Drifting Away (Society6)

This started out as a simple sketch in stream and I decided to finish it.  Hope you like it!  Many thanks to my livestreamers who cheered me on and gave me suggestions when I got stuck. :’)  AND thank you to Rosewindow for the title! <3

She also suggested that maybe Stiles’s T-shirt had accidentally been washed with Scott’s red hoodie. ;)  Totally adorable!


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And it’s back~!

Thank you for waiting though the hiatus. I’ve got so many cool things planned for the comic (at least, I think they’re cool) and this episode sets the stage for a lot of stuff that will happen in Season 2, and I’m very very excited! I hope you’ll like it?

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Also, there are camoes this week from @theconfusedhyena (thank you for being amazing!) and @forestofpaper‘s OC Miriam (happy belated birthday <3) as well as characters from the webcomics Space Boy, Project Solace (by @leisha-riddel), Acethexis (by @theartofflorence), and Immortal Nerd (by @hannapirita) which are all awesome comics and you should check them out!

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