Headcanon that Mundok bought Hak his feather headband, but when he gives it to Hak, Hak turns it away with a “No way am I wearing that. It’s too cute and girly!” Cue a Mundok + Hak wrestling match where Mundok eventually gets the headband on the youngster. Hak vows to remove it as soon as Mundok lets him out of his sights. 

However, it’s one of the days they go to the castle together, and when Mundok eventually does let Hak out of his sights it’s with Yona, and she says “I like your headband Hak. It’s cute!” 

Hak gets a little bashful and leaves the headband on for the rest of the day, and when Mundok questions him about it later, he tsks and says “I guess it’s not that bad…” He then wears it the next day, and the next day, and the next. The boy wears it until it breaks. 

Okay, it’s February 1st (here in Aus at least) and that means that my give away has officially ended. Thank you to everyone who entered and good luck in having your name drawn :)

Due to the way the prizes work, I will most likely be contacting people all week, as winner 1 has to pick their prizes before I can contact winner 2 and so on. Please don’t forget to have your askboxes or messages turned on for the next little while so that I can contact you if you win~

Finally, as many of you may know, I value kindness quite a bit. As such, I have been monitoring every single reblog and have given 1 extra entry to every person who said something nice in a comment or in their tags. Thank you very much to those who did ^__^

Good luck!

Contemplating if I wanna pre-order ‘Q is’ now or wait until later in the week when there’s less a chance of them announcing pretties and extras (OR TWO VERSIONS) of the mini album or if I wanna pre-order it right now.

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10 favourite characters ( 1 per franchise )  These are just the ones coming to mind
Garrus Vakarian ( Mass Effect )
Riku ( Kingdom Hearts )
Nobuchika Ginoza  ( Psycho-Pass )
Homura Akemi ( Madoka Magica )
Claire Redfield ( Resident Evil )
Zuko ( Avatar the Last Airbender )
Fenris ( Dragon Age )
Rubedo ( Xenosaga )
Diarmuid [Lancer] ( Fate )

top 10 otps
Shepard x Garrus ( Mass Effect )
Hawke x Fenris ( Dragon Age )
Katniss x Peeta ( Hunger Games )
Seiya x Usagi ( Sailor Moon )
Homura x Madoka ( PMMM )
Riza x Roy ( Fullmetal Alchemist )
Ludger x Fractured Milla ( Xillia 2 )
Syaoran x Sakura ( Cardcaptor Sakura )
Chester x Arche ( Phantasia )
Ico x Yorda ( Ico )

tag your cool cats ( apparently, 10 ): YOU’RE ALL AWESOME SO I’LL TAG PEOPLE WHO ATE OUT TODAY

poolstorybro asked:

{ your reputation ? I don't know about anyone else but whenever I see you in my notifications I can hear wade cracking bat boyfriend jokes but inwardly smartening himself up to look like a decent person in front of batsy xD you're a+++ with him and I really love having you around stay cool :)

  well shit hello i didn’t even think you followed me back talk about a pleasant surprise thanks pal wowey deadpool is just like one of my frst loves is all no big deal nope i don’t cry at deadpool commercials on tv that would be ridiculous and excessive ok not the last one the last one i was making that tea-kettle whistley noise that isn’t quite screeching


  dude  i like ur deadpool too btw