You never realize how similar your OTPs are until you watch all their movies in a row... (These are just a few of mine lol)

Like… They all can’t stand each other at first and then stuff happens and then…yay 😋👍❤

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(Won’t You) Stay to the A.M. (15538 words) by lululawrence
Rating: Mature

Harry tucked a few loose strands back up into the bun on top of his head and headed to the front of the building. He really would rather no one saw him behind the gym where he worked if possible so they wouldn’t have a chance to catch on that the address he gave for work was actually his friend Ed’s and the number belonged to his buddy Niall. Harry didn’t like the term homeless, because he was making at least some money now and he was actively looking for a better gig so he could actually afford at least a bed in this massive city, but that’s basically what he was. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, he knew that, sometimes shit just happened and this was how it turned out, but he also didn’t want to broadcast his situation if he didn’t have to either. Especially if Louis Tomlinson, Britain’s most talented young actor, was going to be frequenting Harry’s place of employment on a regular basis.

Okay! I may have cried a bit learning a new thing about some of the mice I’m getting. 


At the beginning of the month I will be getting champagne tan, Black tan, and my Show texel buck! And I am EXCITED about these! Like- hecka excited! However!~

At the end of the month, I’m getting more tans and!!

Snake tailed mice.


 Snake tail, or “Long tailed” mice have tails that are 2 times the length of their body and have been something I wanted to work with since I learned about the gene.