eeee this is so cute


Super pumped to get my @houseofalexzander  trans symbol shirt in the mail today! It’s so soft and cuddly I’m so happy 💕 (Her/Him pls)

(ft. my roommate’s grateful dead poster making me look cooler than I actually am)


BTS during EXO - Drop That  (MAMA Awards 2015) (look at how shy Jimin is and all the Taehyung and Suho moments x__x)

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Addie definitely. I mean she's so damn adorable! Also when she went to have some a coffee (I think it was coffee, I can't remmeber it rn) with Jemma and literally threw away the one she was already having I melted. It was so cute!

eeee yess!! and thank you!!! I’m glad you really liked that little Addie moment~! <3

I really like your AU, it is really COOOOOL!!!!

So I made some fanArt…

I hope you like it!


((I had to remove that section for reasons, sorry!))

Oh wow!! These are all so super cute! It just fills my heart with a warm fluffy feeling! It’s been a long time since long hair Chara! All the Chara’s look so adorable! The soft pencil shading on the hair is really nice too! And then Dusty and Tem!Frisk!! Eeee!! Everybody is drawn so cute! Thank you so much for the fanart!

* Tem!Frisk presents you with a box before running away quite a distance and ducking behind some cover. You’re not sure if you should open it…


I was afraid that I wouldn’t see you again
I  h a d  t h o s e  f e a r s  m y s e l  f