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You couldn’t sleep the first night in the compound, somehow you were roomed with the boys you showed up with.

You sat up, rubbed your eyes and climbed to the top bunk where Newt was and climbed over him and layed down

Dark and Stormy

It was a dark and stormy night.

Well. Evening. Very late afternoon. It was getting on in the day, anyway. And it wasn’t terribly dark yet, to be perfectly honest. At ground-level, there was still a fair bit of light from the fading day. Oh, but the sky was dark. Rather dramatically so. But it kept lighting up from within as the contained lightning strikes rippled across the surfaces of the roiling clouds. The storm, as yet, was still mostly just on its way to beginning, sending a few fat raindrops to the ground just to see how things were shaping up on that front.
Looking up into the sky, the young man straightened from where he’d been puzzling over the inner workings of his automobile and let out a somewhat frustrated sigh. A line of sweat was wiped away from the side of his face. He wasn’t nearly equipped to even figure out what was wrong with the junker (his own fault, buying the old lemon from someone’s front yard in Nebraska), and it didn’t look like the light would last long enough for him to even cobble something together enough to limp on to the next town. However far away that was, he thought to himself dourly, as he scanned the empty highway and the unending fields of wheat.
He gave the car’s tire a somewhat halfhearted kick before leaning back against the machine, running his hand wearily over his face and up through his blond hair. Thinking over his options. Even if he got a mechanic to tow this in, he didn’t have the funds right now to fix it. It might be better just to abandon the rig, here. He mulled it over, appreciating the slight, stirring breeze. It was just then that the headlights cresting the nearby hill of another vehicle approaching.