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Rough translation of Owari no Seraph Chapter 52

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Sunlight torture Day 1Ferid:GUUAAAAAHH!!

Page 2

The recapture plan of Ferid, the 13th progenitors cooperation is-

Owari no Seraph Chapter 52: Mysterious mansion

Page 3

Fith mansion of Ferid Bathory in Osaka

Page 4

Shinoa:Wow~ How amazing. This has to be millions (worth?)

Mitsuba:Do vampires make that good money?

Kimizuki:Hey, stop saying such idiotic things. In this world, there is no connection to money.

Page 5

Shinoa:So, does this millionaires mansion belong to Ferid-san, Crowley-san?

Crowley: I´ll come back after I opened the gate.

Mika:Are you alright, Yu-chan? Are you not feeling well?

Page 6

Yu:…Not really……ah but there is still the feeling of dislike

Mika:What´s the matter?

Yu:When…I was in the vampire city, I saw Ferid´s mansion once from far away.

Page 7

Yu:This place is similar. For us, you gave your…

Mika:It is/was for our included family

Yu:If so it would have been better, if I was the one who had been sold.

Mika:Then do you wish that I get mixed up with a monster?

Yu:That´s awkward.

Mika:Haha, see it´s the same.

Page 8

Mika:In addition, an old story, Akane-chan died. Because of me

Yu:No that´s my fault

Mika:Then Yu-chan, is it true?

Page 9


Mika:That you´ll save Ferid. That guy killed Akane-chan, right? And the children.

Our |family| was completely wiped out. Are you really going to forgive that?

Yu:Well…but Ferid said we can revive Akane…

Mika:He may say it many times but you must not trust him.

Yu:But Guren…

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Page 10

Mika:Even if you believe that story, the price of the |Seraph of the end| to resurrect the dead, was the death of all humans in this world. Your precious Ichinose Guren guy caused the end of the world. And then what happened to us?

Page 11

Yu:So, you are saying that because of Guren, Akane was killed?

Mika:I don´t care about someone like Guren. But when you want to revive Akane-chan, what is the price this time? When the remaining people die, or this girl Shinoa, Mitsuba, Kimizuki or Narumi die, are you able to handle this, Yu-chan? …here is only mud

Page 12

Mika: For me it´s already enough that I was able to meet Yu-chan alive.

You must not be greedier than this, Yuchan…

Eventually the 2nd Guren Ichinose…turning into a demon, right? ((Mika is comparing Yu with Guren..?))

Narumi:No, that guy is already a demon

In some wise the person ((referring to Mika)) was turned into a vampire.

Page 13

Narumi: Feeling responsible for this, Yu became a demon.


Yu:Wait. Stop troubling Mika, Narumi

Narumi: I´m not particulary bothering him. But this guy´s stories aren´t constructive. He´s only thinking about running away with Yu.

Page 14

Mika:There are moments where you have to escape. You don´t know Ferid.

Narumi:Are you talking about that tied up guy, who is burning and a cross?

Mika:And of top of that…you must not revive humans.

I´ve witnessed many times, the |Seraph of the end| experiments. The cruel human experiments.

Without any restrictions, and created through hideous desire was-

Page 15


Mika: Despair

Narumi:We might succeed next time. Humans developed like this

Page 16

Mika:The humans

Narumi:The vampires

Yoichi:Both of you, please calm down-

Shinoa:Yes, both of you. This conversation already has ended once.

Page 17

Mika:…No, I´m sorry. I wasn´t planning to run away as only two us. I´m just being insecure.

The fact that I could loose my comrades again, my head just…… Narumi.

Narumi:What Mikaela

Page 18

Mika:You´re easy to control after the corpses were taken by Ferid as hostages. This place is dangerous for you.

Narumi:…I already know that…alright I´ll consider it.

Narumi:|The garden is clean…the trees are trimmed and also the water fountain…does that mean that this mansion has a administrator

A enslaved human or….is it a trap?|

Page 19

Narumi:Draw your cursed-

Squad:A vampire!!? On top of that…a progenitor!!?

Narumi:It´s dangerous!!

Page 20

Yu:Agggh wait…!!

Progenitor:Ah? Get out of the way

Page 21

Narumi:Uaaahhg!! Unbelieveable…what rank does he have?

Progenitor:Why are the humans here…sword lend me your…


Page 22

Progenitor:You´re fast. A vampire? Why are you with humans?

Kim izuki?/Narumi:Careful!! That guy is stronger than Lucal Wesker!!

Page 23


Kimizuki:If you look closer you can see it!! Yu!! Yoichi!! Defend!!

Shinoa:Battle formation!! Mika-san withdraw!!


Page 24

Mika: Don´t come closer, Yu-chan!!!

Yu: Asuramaru!!

Page 25

Yu:Arrghh…!! Heavy!!

Shinoa: Shi-chan both of them!!

Page 26

Mitsuba: Tenjiryu!!

Page 27

Yu:Oi Mika, are you alive!!?

Mika:Really, I told you not to come closer!!

Yu:That guy is really strong. But when we stay in battle formation and attack at once.

We´ll win

Page 28

Progenitor:A Vampire and human mixed team? Shit, what is going on?

Yu:Come vampire, I´ll kill you.

Progenitor:Seems that I cannot get along with you. I´m being chased by a monster here.


Page 29

Yu:Hey that guy…

Shinoa:Don´t be distracted! If the formation drops we cannot win against him

Kimizuki:But we can´t leave it like this…

Crowley:Where are you going? Puolla Ont-kun ((??that name tho…))

Progenitor/Puolla:…Crowley Eusford

Page 30

Progenitor/Puolla:You are Ferid-sama´s family-. You aren´t a 13th one

Crowley:Yes, indeed.

Progenitor/Puolla: There is no way that you can stand against me, a 10th one.

Crowley:Clearly must be like this

Progenitor/Puolla:Out of my way, you waste.

Crowley: If you think so then you shoul´ve come faster. Even if we live forever, this conversation is truly-

Page 31


Sggh ((Sound of sword slicing through…))

Crowley:A waste

Page 32

Progenitor/Puolla:You son of a monster…

Yu:…St-Strong!! That guy is really incredible!

Narumi:Hey that vampire said that he´s a tenth. Wasn´t Crowley Eusford a 13th one?

Shinoa:That~ If a comrade is strong enough I don´t really care


MItsuba:Is that guy over there a comrade?

Kimizuki:But more important, what is a progenitor doing here? What do this guy want?

Page 33

Progenitor/Puolla:K….ah…traitor…there is no way that Ferid-sama is going to forgive such act….

Crwoley:Clang ((sound of bell ringing, in korean also a sfx for something thats wrong)) Ferid-kun told me to kill you.

Sleep well

Kimizuki:Miss you, battle formation

Crowley:I also used to do that,when I was a human

Yu:Eh? You…

Crowley:Should we test it?

Page 34

Crowley:The new formation with Mika-kun? Are you able to stop me?



Page 35

You:Got just stronger before!!!

Crowley:I just tolerated it (before)

Yu:What´s with you…

Narumi:I thought you were a thirteenth, but that guy said he was a tenth. So you were able to win?

Crowley:Aahh. On the outside I became a thirteenth. But in truth I´m a seventh.

Shinoa:What happened?/What´s going?

Page 36

Crowley:I got the blood of Ferid, a seventh, so I would have got the strength and rank of a 13th or 14th one. But the truth is that Ferid-kun fed me blood a 2nd one in secret.

So I have the strength of a 7th or 9th progenitor, that´s the advantage. The high ranked

progenitors have known me as a thirteenth, letting their guard instanly down.

Mika:Since when are you pulling this act?

Yu:Just wait!! More than that, he said that he was a human in the past!!?

Page 37

Yu:Did everyone knew about that!!?

Crowley:The time when I was turned into vampire, well. 800 years ago?

Yu:Hey everyone! That guy just said that he was turned into a a vampire!!

Kimizuki:And what do you want us to do

Yu: So when he is former human , he is a comrade!!

Kimizuki:What happened to your brain

Mika: You waited for a day like today, starting 800 years ago?

Crowley:No, I didn´t thought anything about it.

Mika:But Ferid was planning. See, as expected we cannot trust this guy

Page 38

Crowley:I agree, that guy is a mass of harm. Ahh yes, shouldn´t we save him? Then I might be free for a short time.


Yu: It´s decided that we save him. We still have to listen to Ferid´s story. And ask the queen to save a family member.

So, save them

Page 39

Crowley:Then you have become rally strong in a short time. Today you are still no match against a tenth. And got wiped out by 7th me-

|From now on, the opponent you have to fight are stronger than me|

Page 40

|A 5th progenitor|


Facing difficulties before Ferid´s rescue mission!!

A/N: That chapter was so fucking long ahhhh ;-; *rip me* And also Ferid on the first page fucking scared the shit outta me ö.ö