a song for each letter of my username

I was tagged by @a-mi-zivi (thanks, Sara! ♥) 

Black & Gold :: Sam Sparro

Everything is AWESOME!!! :: Tegan & Sara

Ticking Bomb :: Aloe Blacc

Help I’m Alive :: Metric

Aluminum :: Barenaked Ladies

Needing/Getting :: OK Go

Yorktown :: Hamilton

Ahh :: The Daylights

Chasing the Sun :: Sara Bareilles

Today is Gonna Be a Great Day :: Bowling for Soup

Un Día Más :: Chichi Peralta

Ancient Light :: Allman Brown

La Vie Boheme :: Rent 

Love is Endless :: MoZella

You Can’t Stop the Beat :: Hairspray

I low-key, no-pressure tag @fooferah, @majorelorne, @tracylorde, @writeanotherballad@junebugninja, and anyone else who wants to do this. :)