Elejah Appreciation Week

  • Prompt 3 -  A U   S E T T I N G S (wizardry professor AU)

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Elena is putting books on the shelves of her new classroom, her back to the door. She could of course use her wand to move them, but she wants to savor the moment

My classroom.” She feels a smile stretch across her face and doesn’t even attempt to contain it.  “Mine. I’m a teacher. Professor Elena Gilbert. Here to teach history of the mundane world to the bright witches and wizards of the Salem Institute. And to give out detentions. And to teach.

“Yes, I do believe that is why you were hired Miss Gilbert.”

“Professor Mikaelson.” Elena almost drops the book in her hands as she hastily turns around, a blush already growing on her cheeks. “I… I mean Mr. Mikaelson. I didn’t hear you come in.”

His eyes are alight with amusement, making his already very unfailingly attractive face even more so. She hasn’t seen him in three years. Not since her graduation, but by her suddenly sweating palms and rushing heartbeat she concludes that her old crush on her ex professor is still alive and well.

And she’d been so sure that she’d moved past her secret infatuation. Damn… she owes Caroline a galleon, her friend is going to be so smug about being right.

“I apologize if I startled you Miss Gilbert but-”


“I’m sorry?”

“My name is Elena, and if we’re going to be colleagues now you might as well start calling me by my name.”

“Very well… Elena.” Her name rolls over his tongue slowly and she feels something in her stomach melting. Screw the crush, this is starting to look a whole lot worse than that. “I thought we should go over our class list sometime this week and choose the best day for our combined class.”

Elijah Mikaelson, professor for Magical History. She’s suddenly not sure if she had thought this thing out as well as she maybe should have. Her eyes narrow on a point somewhere over the observing wizard’s shoulder. Or maybe her friend’s gleeful insistence to take the position once it was offered to her, while Elena had wavered on whether or not she could do it, makes a lot more sense now. Caroline did seem awfully set on this being the right choice. ‘That conniving, manipulative, matchmaking little…’


His voice startles her off from that trail of thought, but she mentally notes that she and a blonde witch would be having some words.

“Oh… yes, sure. Should we do that now or…”

“No. We can put it off till tomorrow. It’s almost lunch now and I’m about to head for a meal. Do you wish to finish moving into your classroom, or would you like to join me?”

Her startled eyes connect with his and hold. Right up until this point Elena had thought her high attraction to him was completely one sided. Not once in all the time he had taught her and cultivated her love for history had he ever been anything but professional. And yet right now Elena could swear that he was showing interest.

Okay… so maybe there’s a hug and flowers on top of that galleon instead of an argument in Caroline’s future.

Prompt: Family 
Elena & Elijah Appreciation Week 

“Is Klaus your only brother?”

The question startles him; not because of its banality in the grand scheme of things but because of the genuine curiosity behind it. He glances at her, noting the lilt to her mouth, as if a smile is cleverly tucked behind her fixed frown but she dares not release it in his company.

“No,” he replies shortly. “But he is certainly the one I pay most attention to… for regrettable reasons.”

She nods, accepting the bitterness in his voice without questioning it. 

“Can you tell me about them…your family?" 

He looks at her, scrutinizing every nervous tic her body shows in his presence, which tells him she doesn’t entirely trust that she’s done the absolute right thing in pulling the dagger out of him, which in turns reveals she’s out of any other alternative, and that puts the ball firmly in his court, but for some reason he’s entirely uncomfortable with the power he holds over her. 

"Why?” he asks, and it’s his turn to pave way for his own mortal curiosity. 

“I want to know if there are any other members of your family who might cross my path any time soon.” A pause. “Providing of course I survive the ritual Klaus has in store for me.”

He has to marvel at the unflinching way she talks about her fate, without really talking about it. An undercurrent of something deeper - a plethora of personal revelations - guards her tone, preventing him from learning what truly bothers her about all of this. 

To distract her - and himself - he reveals a little about his family. 

“There’s Rebekah, my dearest sister. Possesses a sharp tongue, a stubborn nature, and a strong will no man I’ve ever met can match.” He eyes her, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. “Something tells me an encounter between the two of you might be most intriguing to watch.” He shrugs, letting the notion linger in his mind for a moment before returning to his reply, “Then there’s Kol, another brother you would not wish to meet in the dark. But his bark is stronger than his bite, and his impulses always have resulted in him getting into trouble.” A wistful smile graces his features. “Finn, my last brother, is very solemn, dedicated to preserving what’s left of his humanity - a far cry from the rest of us. They’re all boxed up now, a result of my brother’s bad temper and incessant need to be right." 

He doesn’t realise she’s decreased the distance between them until he feels her standing beside him, quietly observing him, looking far beyond her years in a way he can’t help but admire. She stands tall, proud, unflinching even though the wind in the air increases in bitterness. He entertains the notion of slipping off his jacket - well, the former Mayor Lockwood’s anyway - and covering her with it, but she steps away before he can make a move to do so, looking out at a vision he can’t see, her eyes glazed over, as though she’s wandered into a dream and cannot find the way out.

"Jeremy will be okay,” she says, and the comment, apropos of nothing, throws him until he realises she’s trying to reassure herself of something, based around a possibility of a future which no longer has her in it. 

All this talk of family was not to ensure her own safety, he realises now, but to ensure the safety of the people she might leave behind by ensuring by eliminating Klaus, there will be no more Mikaelsons left to terrorise the people back home.

His gaze softens as he appraises her. 

What a marvelous thing it is, he thinks himself, to be proven utterly wrong about the weakness of the human race by the strength of one girl. 

Elejah Appreciation Week

  • Prompt 2 –  N E G O T I A T I O N

…… .. … … .. .…. .…. …………… .…  …. .…. .. . …… .…. .… ..

The first sense that returns to him is hearing. It’s always hearing. He can’t move yet, his heart isn’t even beating, though he can feel the muscles of it knitting back together and he knows that soon it will begin pumping the stagnant cells around his deadened body again.

Like a cornered animal he listens for something that will tell him what to expect once he opens his eyes… once he’s able to open his eyes. But it’s almost silent… almost… no, he can hear someone breathing, and underneath that there is the steady thrum of a calm heartbeat.

It’s… familiar.

He cannot place it however, not until the next sense returns. The air around him is slightly dusty. The most powerful odor in the room is alcohol, it permeates every surface. It mixes with sweat and blood and he guesses he might be lying in some bar, though how he got there he can’t begin to guess. And underneath that there’s the pleasant scent of pomegranates and… honey? Plus something else, something that has always caused his mouth to water. Something that has very little to do with bloodlust, and very much to do with… lust /love/. The simmering rage that always accompanies the removal of one of his brother’s daggers calms.

He would recognize that mix anywhere. The heartbeat is a confirmation.

A minute later, once he can open his eyes and they focus on the room’s ceiling, he doesn’t have to turn his head toward the other person to whisper her name.


He doesn’t have to look at her to know she’s there, but he does so anyway. He’s… missed her.

“Hello Elijah.”

She’s sitting atop the bar counter – so he’s guessed correctly, - her legs swinging absentmindedly over the edge and a slightly superior but genuinely sweet smile on her face.

She’s beautiful. She always is, but there’s something about her that wasn’t there the last time he saw her. There are emotions, for one. So she has regained her humanity, he had heard that was the case, but it’s somehow a relief to see it himself. That’s not all of it though, there’s more. A fire. A… hope? Life.

“How long?”

He has grown tired of asking that question. The answer is never satisfactory.

“Last time I saw you was thirty two years ago, so you tell me.”

He sighs. No. The answer is never satisfactory. Three decades. He wishes those damnable daggers worked on Niklaus. Maybe giving his brother some of his own medicine would teach him some manners. Maybe he’ll use one of the old weapons anyway. Maybe three hundredth time’s the charm.

“And I’m awake now because?”

Elena’s smile widens. He guesses it’s exactly the question she’s been waiting for.

“Well… I didn’t stumble upon you on purpose. But now that you’re here, and I’m here, I do have a… problem, that you might be able to help me with. So how about for old time’s sake… we make a deal?”

Elijah laughs. The lovely Elena Gilbert, his most favorite negotiator.

Elejah Appreciation Week

  • Prompt 1 -  F A M I L Y

…… .. … … .. .…. .…. …………… .…  …. .…. .…….. .…. .… ..

‘Family above all.’

Those are his words. But they shackle you just as they do him. You will die for family. You will kill for family. One day you might both actually tear the world apart and burn the ashes for family.

And you always, always betray one another… for family.

You wish you could stop. That you could keep the word you always mean to live up to. You wish you could have handed him that dagger instead of driving it into his heart. You wish he could have let his brother die. You wish you could have thrown his champagne glass across the room and then slit the throat of the witch presuming to call herself a mother with the shards. You wish he didn’t have to retaliate by leaving you in those caves with his angry sister.

But you can’t change those moments. And you know you wouldn’t even if someone blessed you with the power to accomplish it. You will always make that same choice. So will he. Family above all.

Family above honor…above friendship… above trust.

And yet it hurts. It hurts how their families are at such war that no possibility for peace is in sight. It hurts how much you still trust him, how much you will always trust him. It leaves you helpless and lonely when everyone you love with your entire heart holds such fury for every person that he holds dear. Just as you know it leaves him powerless while his despise yours. You are both trapped in a cycle where to keep ‘the family’ alive you have to shatter ‘the trust’. Abandon that bond you’ve never been able to explain to the people who inquire and never seem to understand.

So it should be a good thing that he’s gone. That he’s left you a letter with a few parting words and an apology and vanished from your town.

You won’t have to make those choices now. There will be no promises that you’ll have to break. It should be a relief. It should soothe the eternal fear that next time he’ll no longer trust you. And you do fear that. It’s the only part about him you still fear. You should be glad.

You clench the parchment, almost tearing it and you curse at him in your mind instead: call him a coward; seethe with the urge to hunt him down and hit him till he changes his mind; kiss him till…

Kiss him.

And there is the heart of the problem. How much you’d like to kiss him in place of breaking another promise. But you can’t. And you’re almost certain that this will never change. Family is above all else… always… even above love.

So you let him go.