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    He’s given up —- mostly. On top of trying to manage a ‘ healthy ‘ sleep schedule, and then all the ‘ minor ‘ stuff between his ‘ friend ‘ group, it just wasn’t realistic at the time. But even then, he found himself in a daze, not even realizing he’d bumped into someone —– not that he cared, really. 

    “ Sorry – didn’t see you. “   an attempt



[mer-i-tawr-ee-uh s, -tohr-] 

1. deserving praise, reward, esteem, etc.; praiseworthy:
    to receive a gift for meritorious service.

Meritorious is a good example of semantic amelioration. The Latin adjective meritōrius means “earning money, bringing in money, for hire.” Meritōrium is a noun use of this adjective and means “a room or place rented for a short time.” The plural of this noun meritōria means “house of prostitution, brothel.” Meritorious acquired a positive meaning in Middle English “entitling a person to a reward, especially a reward from God.” The word entered English in the first half of the 15th century.

“Not everything that is more difficult is more meritorious
- St. Thomas Aquinas

Chapter 1 - OPEN | TV Party

Red finally stopped shaking. 

Dot’s show and the game they were supposedly playing had ruined him. As soon as it was over, he ran. He didn’t know what else to do. He didn’t want to die… and even if he liked these people so far that didn’t mean he knew them by any means.  In his room, with his chair propped against the doorknob acting as a make shift lock, Red laid in his bed thinking about what he had gotten himself into. This place… it was supposed to help him. It was going to be his escape, and his chance at better himself. Now…

He held up the pocket watch and stared at it, finger hovering over the red button. Why change? Why change when he could just press this button and fix everything. Dot said that this was a train where dreams come true… so maybe if he could just… No. It wasn’t that simple, and he couldn’t even imagine hurting anyone. His arm dropped to his side as he let out a heavy sigh. He felt calm now after having some time to himself to think. But what was he going to do…? He couldn’t trust anyone outside this room, but he couldn’t stay here either.

Be brave, Red. Strawberry told you to be confident. You have to.

He got up, checked his hair in the mirror, and then slowly approached his door. Deep breath in… exhale out… He opened it and peeked his head outside, looking left to right. No one was in sight… That was kind of a relief. Now where to?

[ x ]

Red found himself wandering around for a bit before settling in at the restaurant. He didn’t spend much time in here, but now he found himself lost in his imagination while watching the exotic fish swim about. He pressed his hand against the glass and smiled softly.

“Not a care in the world, huh…Maybe I can be like you guys someday…”

He heard the cabin door open and quickly turned his attention to the source of the sound. When his fellow guest rounded the corner and moved into Red’s sight, he gave a small wave. Better make this easy rather than being too afraid… though he didn’t think he would be able to.


1. That’s so raven
2. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
3. Phil of the future
4. Lizzie McGuire
5. Hannah Montana

Anyone who disagrees with this must write an essay explaining their opinion



[kwin-kwen-ee-uh m, kwing-] 

1. a period of five years.

Quinquennium comes directly from the Latin noun quīnquennium, formed from quīnque “five,” and annus “year.” It entered English in the early 1600s.

“… I do not think we ought to pass that judgment now in this last quinquennium of our century.”
- Frederic Harrison, “Anthony Trollope,” Studies in Early Victorian Literature, 1895

flies and spiders {chapter 1 - open}

Sepia knew she didn’t like parties. Granted, most of them probably were not like this, but she hadn’t been to enough to say for sure. Once the grim explanation was over she’d immediately headed to her room, but after some struggling with her door she left again, sans camera this time.

Before she realized where she was going exactly she was in the kitchen, pouring some fresh coffee into a little mug. The process of making it had been almost a blur, like she was on autopilot, but she felt very present now that it was done. Satisfied, she left the mostly full pot on the coffee maker and turned so she could face the door, leaning against the counter behind here. Holding her mug with both hands, she was mid-sip when someone else entered the room, and she took a moment before deciding to speak up.

“Our doors don’t lock.” she said plainly, by way of explanation. She paused to take another sip, then angled her head in the coffee maker’s direction. “You can have some if you want. There’s probably not any rat poison in it.”



[des-i-deer-ee-uh m] 

1. an ardent longing, as for something lost.

1705-1715; Desiderium comes from the Latin verb dēsīderāre meaning “to long for; require." 

“I was swept away by the irresistible desiderium incognitti which breaks down all obstacles and refuses to recognise the impossible”
Sven Hedin, My Life as an Explorer

The extended essay is difficult, it’s time consuming and quite frankly, it’s a bit annoying. I mean, thank you IB for piling on another assignment to our already 20 meters high pile, thank you. Now, if you’re one of the brave ones who have quieted the “science EEs are the harshest marked EEs” thoughts and have chosen to disregard the fact that you’ve essentially signed yourself up to take up residence in your lab, then this post is for you. I have tried to make my tips as general as possible, however, I did my essay in chemistry, hence a lot of these tips may be best suited to chemistry EEs. 

1. Set Your Essay In The Real World - Locate A Problem, Find A Solution.

Pick a topic that will allow you to place your essay into the wider context. The easiest way to do this is to look for global issues that you may be able to solve through chemical/biological/physical means. Look at oil spills, the food industry, previous disasters in medicine (e.g. thalidomide,) eutrophication - the list could go on. Examiners love this because it shows them that you’re aware of the greater impact that this essay may hold (a key element of every great scientific experiment ever done.) If you try and place the essay into a context that is personal to you, it shows your personal engagement and is an easy way to tick off that requirement. 

2. Reference Journal Articles

The fact that you’ve pushed yourself to read through difficult, scientific theory, which is probably beyond your level of competence, shows a lot. Seeing as most journal articles are written by scientists in the field, you can harness solid facts to back up your data and strengthen your argument. This is a must. Please do it. 

3. Why Is Your Method The Best?

Alright so you’ve found a method that is finally allowing you to gather data (hallelujah! must have taken you ages to tweak the method around.) Well, why did you pick it? Why did you alter it? Is there any other method you can use to quantify the same thing? If so, why didn’t you pick that method? Is it too expensive, hazardous or time consuming? You must ask yourself these questions and then answer them in your essay. The examiner wants to know why you feel as if your method is valid, for only then can your data be valid too.

4. Include Original Diagrams And Pictures

I tried my hardest to make sure that 90% of the diagrams used in my essay (including reaction pathways) were done by me. I used a mix of hand-drawing and microsoft word to put together my diagrams. Easy way to show effort and make your essay look great, remember, presentation is half the battle to pleasing the examiner. However, don’t go overboard. Any superfluous diagrams should go into the appendices. Everything in the actual body of your essay must be meaningful, anything else to just ‘add extra knowledge,’ can be put into the appendices.

5. Utilise Scientific Notation Throughout

This includes binomial nomenclature for any species in biology, IUPAC notation in Chemistry and proper SI units and terminology in Physics. 

6. Talk To Science Teachers (Other Than Your Supervisor)

There is a set number of contact hours that you are allowed to have with your designated supervisor, but there’s nothing stopping you from seeking help/advice from other teachers. In my experience, every teacher is really willing to help you out and are genuinely interested in what you’re doing. They have a whole wealth of knowledge that you must tap into. Don’t be afraid of just politely asking them to look over a certain section, or to give you advice if something sounds right or not. 

9 sınıf başları… Daha yeni başladık liseye. O zamanlar ben çok aptalım. Her bir boku gerçek falan zannediyorum. Bir arkadaşım bana bi kız senden hoşlanıyor dedi. Bende aptalım inandım. Bana kızı gösterdiler. Baktım çok hoş bir kız. Meğer ilk aşkım olacak insanmış. O aralar herkeste bi romantik hava var 11.12.13 14:15 te herkes birbirine çıkma teklifi ediyor. Bende dedim ediyim tam burda. Ama hiç konuşmuşluğumuz yok. Tam olarak 14:10 da gittim yanına. Meraba ben Mert dedim. Oda meraba dedi adını söyledi (Adını vermiyorum). Biraz konuştuktan sonra baktım 14:14 geçiyor. Ee 1 dakika kaldı dedim. Oda neye dedi meğerse safım haberi yokmuş olaylardan. Anlattım işte 14:16 geçe dedim “Bu saatten sonra benim olur musun ? “ Hiç tanımadığım birisine . Oda daha birbirimizi tanımıyoruz dedi. Zil çaldı derslere felan girdik. Ben bunun numarasını buldum. O zamanlar sms kullanıyorduk. Haftalık 5000 sms yapardım. Tanıdık yavaş yavaş. Ben daha fazla kapıldım. Daha fazla sevdim. Sonra ben 23 / 10 / 2014 te çıkma teklifi ettim. Çok sevindi ve evet cevanbını aldım. Sonunda mutluydum. Sevdiğim kızla birlikteydim. Biz onla çok küstük çok ayrıldık. Ama hiç bi zaman sevgimiz azalmadı. Hatayı o yapınca ben affettim. Ben hatayı yapınca o beni affeti. En sevdiğim ilişkimdi. Dizinde uyuyordum. Birlikte ağlıyordum. İlk defa bu kadar huzur doluydum. Sonra 10 sınıf olduk. Büyüdük biraz farkına vardık herşeyin. Dersleri benden daha iyiydi. İddaya girerdik. Hep o kazanırdı. Hep te kolay iddalar koyardık. "Kazanan kaybedenden öpücük alıcak, çikolata” Çok mutluydum, umutluydum, huzurluydum.. Sonra bir gün bana ailesinin öğrendiğini ve çok kızdığını söyledi. Daha 10 sınıftayız ben bu zamana kadar körkütük aşığım. Dedim nişanlanalım. Benimkiler o zaman kadar herşeyi biliyor. Annemlere açtım konuyu. Anlattım. Onlarda onay verdiler. Bi tek onun ailesinin onayı kaldı. O izin vermezler. Yapmayalım dedi. Benden bi konusu aç ne dicekler dedim. Açtı. Cevap hayır oldu. Ben orda biraz umutsuzluğa düştüm. Dedim böylemi olucak. Gerçekten herşey bu kadar mıydı? Aklıma ikimiz arasında söz yüzüğü takalım dedim. Söz verelim birbirimize. Hiç kimse olmucak. Hiç kimse.. Ben buna kanatlı bir yüzük aldım. Kurtuluşumu simgeleyen. Bende siyah bir yüzük vardı. Söz verdik birbirimize hiç kimse olmucak diye. Bi kaç ay geçti. Dayanamadım. Çünkü hiç yanyana gelemiyorduk. Gören olucak diye. Sonra bizim sınıfa gel dedi teneffüslerde. Bende tamam dedim. Her gün teneffüslerimi onun sınıfında harcadım. Sonra biz bunla çook yakınlaştık. Üzülüyordu. Bende tamam sadece dışarda arada konuşalım dedim. Ama bu süreçte hiç kimse olmucak dedim. Sözümüz hala geçerli dedim. Yanlış bişey demiş olmalıyımki yıkıldı. Sessizce ve yutkunarak “Tamam” dedi sadece. O gün sınıftan kafamı kaldırmadan çıkmadım. Oda öyle yapmış.İki gün sonra bana bütün hatıralarımızı getirdi. Yüzük dahil. Herşey bitmişti anladım. Sonra 2 hafta geçti arkadaşlarım zorla çıkarttı beni dışarıya. Bi baktım o. Çocuğunun birisiyle birlikte kolkola. Dedim heralde arkadaşı. Zil çaldı ben bunları gözetliyorum. Tam gidicem. ONA SARILDI. Çok sessizdim o gün hiçbir şey konuşmadım. Yemedim, çalışmadım, ölmüş gibiydim. Ama içimden çıklarla ağlıyordum. Bi ara gözümden bir yaş süzülmüş olacakki o seneki en iyi öğretmenim. Görüp beni yanına çağırdı. Anlattım olan biteni. Dili tutuldu resmen. Bişey diyemedi. Sonra ben yazdım, çizdim, kendime zarar verdim, onun kızdığı ne bok varsa inadına yaptım. Ama hiç bi zaman unutmadım olanları. Şimdi nasıl mıyım ? Sefil durumda. İnsanlar bana kim tutar oldu. Sırf herkese gerçekleri gösterdim diye. Ama artık ağlamıyorum. Onun yerine Yarabandı takıyorum artık. Mutlu muyum? Hiçbir zaman.


[sahy-deer-ee-uh l] 

1. determined by or from the stars:
    sidereal time.

2. of or relating to the stars.

Though the term looks like a combination of side and real, it comes from the Latin word sīdus, meaning “star, constellation,” with the suffix -al, meaning “pertaining to,“ as in the common word natural.

“The sparkling points of light flashed past me in an interminable stream, as though the whole sidereal system were dropping into the void.”
- Jack London, The Sea Wolf, 1904