edythe scott bagley


There are fourteen quotes on the monument.  Currently one quote of Dr. King will be corrected.  The quote used was a paraphrase of an original quote made in 1968.  The King family studied and taught in the area and faced discrimination.  Dr. King went with friends to a restaurant in New Jersey and was refused service due to his race.  Corretta King’s sister, Edythe Scott Bagley, passed away last July after teaching at Cheyney University. While visiting in DC, I also went to the Martin Luther King Memorial.  The weather was cold but sunny and there was quite a crowd.  Reverend Jesse Jackson stopped by for a quick visit to the memorial.  Several students from Temple University were also visiting.  Everyone was getting their picture taken in front of the memorial.  Great presence of Dr. King was sensed by everyone.

Announced also there are over 200,000 original primary documents available to access from http://www.thekingcenter.org/archive,