Easter day well spent || Isabella & Colbi

Isabella thought it was the sweetest thing when she saw that Colbi had gotten her and Mason a whole bunch of Easter goodies. Especially because she thought about both of them and not just one or the other. Mason had just finished his Easter egg hunt Isabella had set up for him, and she wasn’t attending an Easter meal with her sister’s until later so thought it was the perfect opportunity to hang out with Colbi again.

Isabella was wearing some jean shorts, with a white tank top with an Easter bunny on it and Mason was in his Pokemon onesie. She walked over to the Easter eggs and carried them all into the living room as she waited for the girl to arrive.

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Just wondering, but how do you feel about how EdWin was handled in Brotherhood? I thought it was kind of cute, but ultimately very rushed, especially with the ending. We skip two years, no real indication that they were even dating or had actually confessed their feelings, and then engagement and photo with babies? And they don't really seem any older in the photo, so I assume they got married and had the kids really young.

I’m pretty neutral to EdW/in in general, but it definitely made me roll my eyes in BH. I don’t really have any good thoughts on it that people haven’t already reiterated many times over the years, but it was… just an extremely typical romance, especially for a shounen series. Boy and girl grow up together. Boy become Man and girl Notices. Girl becomes flagrantly More Domestic through the course series. They fall in love because of course they would, that’s how it always happens. They get married and have kids who, yeah, look exactly like them?? But we don’t get to see any of the actual interesting pieces of their relationship as it builds because…??? Then they all live happily ever after the end, I guess.

That sounded way saltier than I actually am about all of it, lol, but that’s probably because I’m aggressively bored with all of the popular ships in this fandom.

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           Being trapped within four walls was not something Eric was used to. He brought this on himself of course, he was too quick to act, too brash and with a strong need to take back everything that was stolen from him. Somewhere along his careful planning he messed up and took money from someone that wasn’t Ophelia, who’s currently sleeping two rooms over with her door locked and he’s pretty sure she placed a chair under the doorknob. Not that he checked. He’s been in her house for nearly a week now, hiding and keeping away from windows when the curtains were open while he had her do his bidding before he could finally leave down to Florida where he has a sort of business to attend to. Which is why he’s carefully walking towards Ophelia’s bedroom door, it was four-thirty in the morning and he pressed his ear to the wood and heard the shifting of sheets, tossing and turning. Trouble sleeping he’s guessing. He doesn’t blame her, he’s been a burden after all. With a smirk he turned on his heel and as quietly as he could went downstairs and slipped briskly out the door, closing it shut behind him. Now, Ophelia asked him to promise her that he wouldn’t step foot outside her house, she even had the audacity to threaten to cut all of her funds from him if someone who wasn’t her so much as saw him here. Eric only gives his word out when absolutely necessary considering it’s one of the few things he has left to offer and he only gave Ophelia a nod. 

He had to make arrangements with Russell to bring him some of the things he needed for his trip South since he couldn’t go back to The Bronx, at least not until those 28 kilos of cocaine he had acquired were gone and the money he owes returned to Rodriguez. He could easily ask Ophelia for the money worth the amount of coke he has and pay that but he’d still have 28 fucking kilos on his hands and he cannot sell on streets where he has no turf but that’s a problem fixed. At least for him. He pushed his hair back, placing his cap on his head and pulled a cigarette out from the inside of his jacket, placing it between his lips before following with a lighter. He checked his watch to check the time, 4:40 a.m. Just on time there were headlights down the road from one of the many Hampton’s beach homes. Russell parked across the street, headlights dimming as he the window went down. “Did you bring what I asked?” Eric asked, getting straight to the point as he blew the smoke out, looking over his shoulder at the quiet house he exited from. “Yeah, it’s all right here.” Russell grunted, pulling a backpack from under the passenger seat and handed it over before pulling out a gun also giving it to Eric who dropped the backpack at his feet. He examined the gun, making sure it was loaded and locked before lifting up the back of his shirt and tucked it back there, covering it from sight. “That’s it then, see you in three weeks.” Eric said, picking up the backpack again before quickly adding without a thought, “Keep an eye out for her will you?” He didn’t need to classify who, that much was obvious and with a nod, Russell pulled out and left. 

4:48 a.m. Eric made his way back up the front steps but paused halfway, it was incredibly early, the sun wouldn’t rise for at least an hour more and he hasn’t stepped out of this goddamn house in five days. So he dropped the backpack behind a potted plant that decorated the front porch and headed towards the beach. A walk would do him good and if he’s been keeping up with Ophelia’s sleeping schedule he’ll make it in time before she wakes and she won’t know a thing. He wandered for a while, going through two more cigarettes before he stopped in his tracks, eyes landing on a figure a couple yards away. He tilted his head to the side, it was a girl and she appeared to be twisting her body around weirdly but the closer he got he noticed it was yoga. He always thought it to be useless and downright ridiculous. Eric should be heading back, he wasn’t supposed to be seen even by…Wait. That’s one of Ophelia’s friends, the chipmunk with ADHD looking one. And he just can’t resist so before he could help it, words slipped past his mouth, “Thought people who did yoga this early in the morning was a myth. I guess not.” 

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Drink: coffee 
Phone call: 2 days ago
Text: eisai edw?
Song you listened to:  The Neighbourhood - Daddy Issues
Time you cried:last night

Dated someone twice:no
Been cheated on:yes
Kissed someone and regretted it:yes
Lost someone special:no
Been depressed:no
Been drunk and thrown up:no
List 3 favorite colors:black,purple,dark blue

Made a new friend:yes
Fallen out of love:yes
Laughed until you cried: yes
Met someone who changed you:yea
Found out someone was talking about you: yes
Kissed anyone on your fb list:yes

How many people from your fb list do you know irl:ehh 60%
Do you have any pets: no
Do you want to change your name:yes
What did you do for your last birthday: went out with friends
What time did you wake up today: 12
What were you doing last night at midnight: smoking with a friend
Name something you can’t wait for: have my own place
Last time you saw your mom:1 hour ago
What is one thing you wish you could change about your life:less stress
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom:no
What’s getting on your nerves rn: him
Blood type:A+
Nickname: koutsi
Relationship status: lonely af 
Zodiac sign:Cancer
Favorite TV shows:game of thrones,american horror story, how i met your mother, breaking bad +++++
Long hair or short hair:long
Height: 1.72
Do you have a crush on someone:idk
What do you like about yourself:humor
Right or left handed:left
First surgery: never done one 
First best friend: iwannoeleni 
First sport you joined: ballet-iou
First vacation: pilio

I’m about to:do nothing
Listening to:music

Get married:maybe

Lips or eyes:lips
Hug or kisses:hugs
Taller or shorter:shorter
Older or younger:younger
Romantic or spontaneous:spontaneous
Troublemaker or hesitant:troublemaker

Kissed a stranger:no
Had sex on the first date:no
Broke someone’s heart:no
Turned someone down:yes
Cried when someone died:yes
Fallen for a friend:yes

Love at first sight:yes
Kissing on the first date:yes
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Ksereis ti 8elw twra edw pou menw 10 lepta makria einai ena aspro pagkagi aspro kai exei gamati 8ea 8elw na paw exei isixia taakoustika 8elw mono Esu??

Να περάσει ο πονοκέφαλος.

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poutana eisai kopela poutana tou kerata pou vrikseis swsto na anevaseis auto to prwsopiko mnm sto tumblr kai na grapseis ena katevato apo katw poutana apla k esu kai gamw mana sou kai o kariolis o patera sou kai olo sou to soi sou euxomai olopsuxa na ta pas skata kai min peraseis :) kai twra apanta kati psaxnemo gia na pareis ta reblog sou kai na se upostiriksoun ta 15 kai 16 kai 17 edw mesa ante psofa mwrh pornh kariola

Δεν χρειάζομαι τις εξετασεις για να περάσω. Εχω ήδη δεδομένη θέση σε αγγλικό πανεπιστιμιο όπου εσυ ουτε απο εξω δεν εισαι άξιος/ αξία να πας. Το αν εγω αποφάσισα να ανεβάσω κατι στο ΜΠΛΟΚ ΜΟΥ ειναι δικο ΜΟΥ θεμα και αν εχει ο οποίος διποτε πρόβλημα αυτος δεν θα εισαι εσυ αλλα αυτος στον οποίο αναφέρομαι. Ο οποίος προφανώς δεν εχει τα μούτρα να πει το ο,τι διποτα μετα απο όσα έκανε. Οταν δεν ξερεις να μην μιλάς. Για πρόσεξε λιγο τον τροπο σου. Πισω απο μια οθόνη και πισω απο την κάλυψη ονόματος ξέρουμε ολοι να κανουμε τους αρχιδατους. Ελα πες το μου στα μούτρα μου οτι εχεις να πεις για εμενα και το σόι μου και τους γονείς μου οι οποίοι αντιθέτως απο τους δικούς σου με μεγάλωσαν με αρχές και να σέβομαι τον αλλο και να μην ανακατεύομαι εκει που δεν με αφορά. Λυπαμαι που υπάρχουν ατομα σαν και εσένα. Που έχουν ενα τετοιο βρωμοστομα και ενα κωλοχαρακτηρα. Λυπαμαι που εσυ ψηφίζεις για το μέλλον μας. Συγνωμη έπρεπε να παω να του φιλάω τα ποδια και να τον προσκυνώ επειδη για το θεαθηναι είπε να κανει τον ευαίσθητο.
Άντε πανε να μιλήσεις με τους ενήλικες φίλους σου που πέρασαν και τις εξετασεις τους και δεν κανουν reblogs σε ανώριμα παιδάκια του tumblr.
Πισω απο μια οθόνη και τα anon εισαι γαμιας.