Easter day well spent || Isabella & Colbi

Isabella thought it was the sweetest thing when she saw that Colbi had gotten her and Mason a whole bunch of Easter goodies. Especially because she thought about both of them and not just one or the other. Mason had just finished his Easter egg hunt Isabella had set up for him, and she wasn’t attending an Easter meal with her sister’s until later so thought it was the perfect opportunity to hang out with Colbi again.

Isabella was wearing some jean shorts, with a white tank top with an Easter bunny on it and Mason was in his Pokemon onesie. She walked over to the Easter eggs and carried them all into the living room as she waited for the girl to arrive.

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Things were all good yesterday Then the devil took your breath away Now we’re left here in the pain Black suit black tie standing in the rain And now my family is one again Stapled together with the strangers and a friend

Tonight I was scrolling through my pictures trying to clear up space….

And then I scrolled upon this picture.

I couldn’t control it, but I fell to pieces. Scrolling past a picture of you just wasn’t what I was expecting.

I’ve been keeping myself together decently and I know you’re no longer in pain.

But damn, do I miss you.

I’ve been ugly crying for the last twenty minutes because of all the things I wish I could have for my birthday today is one last time to surprise you with a milkshake and see that beautiful smile.

My heart is heavy tonight.

I love you. I miss you.

But I am so glad I was blessed enough to be able to know you, to love you, to be a part of your story, to be a part of you.

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Θεωρεις ανηθικο να αυτοδαχτυλωνεται μια κοπελα?

To thewrw apoluta fusiologiko ektos ki an thewrhthei anhthiko to na trabaei malakia ena agori, tote mboroume na thewrhsoume ws anhthiko to gegonos oti oi anthrwpoi ikanopoiountai swmatika monoi tous h kai me allous h genika thewrhsoume anhtiko oti exei na kanei me thn seksoualikh praksh. Kai edw erxetai to erwthma, giati den me rwthses an thewrw anhthiko na kanei akribws to idio pragma ena agori; tha sou pw egw, giati h koinwnia se ekane na thwreis dedomeno oti ta agoria einai fusiologiko na kanoun oti goustaroun me to swma tous, enw ta koritsia mono epeidh einai koritsia (ti shmainei auth h leksh;) prepei na ferontai me enan sugkekrimeno tropo sumfwna me thn “hthikh” pou poios malakas thn orizei;. Genika prepei na bgaleis apo to kefali sou autes tis malakies peri hthikhs k.l.p o kathenas kanei oti goustarei gia na ikanopoihsei to swma tou, ton eauto tou kai oti allo thelei. kai se rwtaw einai anhthiko na anakalupteis to swma sou kai na soy aresei; h apanthsh einai profanhs, kourasthka me autes tis pipes pou mas exei mathei h koinwnia.
(Mhn mou kanete tetoies hlhthies erwthseis)

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A #ThrowbackThursday post featuring my very own style #Ariel! She is definitely one of my favorite #Disney Princesses, double tap if you love her too! She will be finished for some #artdrop at the #Disneyparks starting next week! Are you excited! Spread the eord, you might not be there, but you might know someone who will and would like to hunt down sone surprises for you 💜. Happy almost weekend you guys 😘. #disneyart #edw #disneyworld #DisneyArtDrop #art #sketch #doodle #procreate #mermaid #disneyprincess #princess #littlemermaid #thelittlemermaid #cute #girl #wacom #illustration #digitalart #disneyland