edwin my babies


my favorite FMA couples all dressed up with their babies for Halloween! i want to personally thank @clois4ever30, @elizabethsmess, and @d31taf0rc3 for giving me such great ideas for their costumes!! i couldn’t think of any at all orz

Everyone knows that Ed is and AWESOME Dad ;)

While I was gone for few days I’ve hit 4k followers here and this is… wow.. 
I just drew something to say Thank You to all of you :)

anonymous asked:

I love that daddy ed picture you made, so adorable!!! Could you draw kinda a 'sequel' to that and draw him holding his son the second time but this time with confidence & gushing over him or sth like that? *.*

daaww cuties

wow i totally forgot how to draw ed’s hair omg

thank you for your request! it’s nice to have your ideas to include in my work.