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my favorite FMA couples all dressed up with their babies for Halloween! i want to personally thank @clois4ever30, @elizabethsmess, and @d31taf0rc3 for giving me such great ideas for their costumes!! i couldn’t think of any at all orz

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I just drew something to say Thank You to all of you :)

Everyone knows that Ed is and AWESOME Dad ;)

just imagine ed and winry getting ready in the morning together. stumbling into the bathroom because they are tired. leaning on each other while brushing their teeth. having to brush the backs of each other’s hair out for each other because they both have it grown out so very long. winry jumping because she stepped on ed’s metal foot and it s o cold. brr. what a way to wake up. shock. they smile at each other a lot. and they talk about what they are going to do that day. and then eventually they start talking about their plans for the wedding. and then fLASH FOWArd what feels like a week, what happened, suddenly they’re talking about what they’re gonna do with the kids today????? oh my. and then they talk about how they hope the kids are doing because they’re all grown up oH GOD WHAT HAPPENED?????

but they still help each other get ready for the day each and every morning and ed complains that winry smells like oil but then he sniffs her hair. and maybe ruffles it a bit. so she punches him. (lightly). because he just brushed it

snapshots; ed/winry, elric family

Summary: Three snapshots, taking place after the births of each of their kids.

Word Count: 3,302

Notes: ok so this is my belated birthday present for my bb cazz who is entirely to blame for my fma obsession. it kind of gave me a toothache to write this, it’s so fluffy ughhh. i haven’t decided yet how many kids i think ed and winry would have, so for this i decided three was a good number. hope you like this my dear~ 


Ed didn’t know quite what to make of his newborn son.

Winry had decided she would be most comfortable giving birth at home, and they’d called in a local doctor to help deliver when the time came. Al and Mei had both traveled from Xing a few days prior, after Ed wrote them to say that her due date was close. Even Colonel Bastard and Hawkeye were there, on temporary leave from their new stations in Ishval. Only Ed was allowed to stay in the room while Winry endured ten long hours of labor, letting her squeeze his hand as hard as she wanted while she fought through every contraction. There were several times that he wondered if he would ever get the feeling back in that hand.

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