#TuckHanson, a character done by #TomHardy or #EdwardThomasHardy in the #movie, #ThisMeansWar. Trust me, I’m never a huge fan of British accent but this guy, Tuck(the character) is the first guy that made me madly fall in love with British speaking character. I mean, a reddish tan complexion guy, with a gun and covered with tattoos all over his body that speaks a whatsoever accent using his husky voice and looks exceptionally wow no matter if he’s in a plain T or formal suits, PLUS fights bulldozer-like guys like nobody’s business. Who wouldn’t want him?! Trust me(again I know), you need not to guess why the hell haven’t I hooked up with any guy YET, because they exist in the movie, none that I’ve met in real YET. #ideal #love

Choose your Brit boy. I call the one in the middle! ☺💚💋🇬🇧😋😍 by _tomhardymadness via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/Va6OGgktw_/


Fuck me sideways…. This line made me an addict not the chains and ties the intellectual battle within the two…. #thomashardy #hardy #50shadesoffuckedup #50shadesofgrey #50shadesofhoran #emilybronte #edwardthomashardy #book #books #literature

1. The wonky teeth that make him that much more adorable.❤ (Credit to littletomhardythings.tumblr) by _tomhardymadness via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/VdgGyWEt40/