edwardsuoh13s 13 days of christmas

[13 Days] Day 5: Naughty and Nice

Okay, well I have this Christmas!AU I just came up with the other day after sketching this, right? (No no no wait here me out, it’s kind of cool I promise)

So, I have this AU idea where Spain and Romano live in a little town called, Christmastown or Christmasville or what you want to call it. There are two sides of the town there, the Nice side and the Naughty side. The nice side consists of perfect, suburban, neat neighborhoods people might imagine with decorated lawns and a white picket fence; and the citizens are nice, joyful, and well spirited. The naughty side of town, however, is the exact opposite. Lots of crime and illegal acts run there and is sort of a run-down city with criminals of all kinds.

Antonio lives in the Nice neighborhoods and is a patrol officer in the “Naughty and Nice Brigade”. His job is to make sure terrorists from Naughty don’t come over to the Nice town, and bust the criminals that do.

Romano is part of Naughty. He’s one of the servants in the strip clubs and helps criminals get into Nice town for extra money.

Romano tries to cross over to Nice one night, but ends up getting busted by Antonio. Romano tries to make a deal with Antonio (whatever he desires) to get out of the situation and Antonio agrees (because he just can’t get enough of that Italian flare~)

Romano and Antonio start to hit it off really well, and…well, you can kind of see where this might be headed from there. A wild goose chase like Romeo and Juliet~


[13 Days] Days 4: Caroling

I have a headcanon in the Theme Park!AU that Romano is a really talented singer, like EXTREMELY talented (I mean, of course you would need to be a good singer, if you were to try out for a face character) But unfortunately, he’s really embarrassed by it, so he only sings in private when nobody is around

I’m planning to make a comic out of this headcanon! I think it’s actually the next comic in the series, actually~


Day 8: Christmas Tragedy 

Well….I think you know which one I chose bros~!! XDD (it was the decision whether you can either choose Christmas movies OR Christmas tragedy from my list) and, being the person that I am, OF COURSE I’m gonna pick the tragedy one!! XD

Well, so first off, I actually drew this my skechbook that mah grandma gave to me yesterday as an early birthday present, and I LOVED IT TO DEATH~!! It’s so small, so that’s why I was able to fit all those tiny background details in there!! It’s a very nice sketchbook must I say~ I might draw the rest of my comics in that sketchbook from now on~ >w< Sooooo…PHEW!! I’m so tired! So, I’m just gonna leave it here bros~ ENJOY! ♥


Day 2 is compleeeetttteee~!! WOO! Ahehe…;w;

And I did the Mpreg!AU this tiiimmee!! WOOOO!! But of course, in the picture, Italy’s baby is a liiiiiitttlle bit grown up! XD

Well, I hope you enjooooooyyy~!! And I brought back Spain’s stubble! I hope you don’t mind~ -w-



Day 4: Crossover: DISNEY’S FROZEN

Not really a “Christmasy” crossover, but still! .w. (And some the sketches in this, like Spain getting burnt, didn’t really happen in the movie. I just added the part in there to fit the AU)

MMmmm…I wish I could of done more, but I didn’t want to spoil it for the bros how haven’t seen it! And plus I didn’t have time so .___.“ Sooooooooo, yep!! ;w; This day isn’t so exciting, I must admit, but THE DAYS WILL GET BETTER I PROMISE AAH!! DX And the part where Spain gets burnt is from this little scene right here —> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNuZC5_9pQQ But, I feel like my version of the crossover would be a bit different and distorted than Frozen’s original storyline, though. I can’t really assign certain characters to certain people because I feel like, in order for the Fairy!Hetalia character’s to fit their personalities, the character roles are gonna have to switch from one Frozen character to another….if…if that makes sense…? ;-; I don’t know. It makes sense in my head, anyway XD But enjoy this…I guess~!! ;w;

Day 9: Christmas Shopping

PHEEWWW~!! I’m finallyy caught up with the days!! XD (I’m not sure why I was delayed so much)

But, anyways, I hope you like this!! (yet, another comic from my sketchbook~)  and I used a image of a jewelry store because I was too lazy to draw one XD (www.stores.org/sites/stores.or… ) and if you’ll excuse me, I need to go to bed before I pass out ;w;

Day 12: Mistletoe

I know how much you bros miss the Fairy!Au~ Sorry I haven’t been working on the comic that much with messes going on behind the screen >w<”
But yet, Romano and Spain are still not canon in my Fairy!AU MWHAHAHA! So no kisseys yet!

I hope you bros have a fantastical Christmas Eve~ ♥

Hello, Hello, hello~!! How’s it going bros?! Sooooo it’s Wednesday! That means I get to post up the list like I promised for the 13 days of Christmas challenge!! 

SO! If you would like to participate in our little thing, then click the link and it’ll show you all the themes for each day (I also added little side notes ;D) IF YOU DON’T WANT TO PARTICIPATE THEN DON’T CLICK THE LINK BECAUSE THEN YOU’LL KNOW THE THEME AND THAT’S NO FUN!! >.<

THEME LIST –> https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/101783183300826179763/albums/5956281365258896481

AND if you’re participating, here are probably some things that you would like to know~


THIS CHALLENGE IS ALL ABOUT YOU!! Express your own style of art/writing and creativity~ You don’t have to go and go copying me to do the challenge. Do what you want! It may be a list I’ve created, but they’re literally just suggestions~ Things that you have control of are…-

  • If you see a theme that you’d rather not do or you have a better idea for a theme and would like to replace it, then you totally can if you would like to!


  • Reminder: You don’t HAVE to draw/write just Spamano! You can use a different fandom or pairing if you’d prefer! You can even mix it up if you want! (I only used the Spamano theme because that’s what I’M gonna do. You don’t have to use Spamano if you don’t want to ;w; )
  • This is gonna be more of a “take it easy” challenge. Don’t go busting your back if you miss a day! You can skip it and go to the next day if you’d like~
  • If you decide to do something and decide to post it, tag it edwardsuoh13s 13 days of christmas (because I would love to see all the lovely things you guys come up with!)

So, that’s all I’ve got! Have fun, bros~!! .w. We start on Friday! (or whenever XD)

and tell me if the link doesn’t work! I’ll try to fix it if I can! ;w;