10 years of Vlogbrothers!!

Thank you for everything, John and Hank <3 Here’s to many more years! Hard to imagine what life would be like without the Vlogbrothers!

I’ve been wanting to do a nerdfighter collage for ages (I’ve started making yearly ones a while back)

Looking forward to celebrating Nerdfighteria IRL at Nerdcon: Nerdfighteria next month!

(I was supposed to finish this a month ago, but…life, y’know?)

The longer you know someone, the easier it is to think that you know what they think all the time, and that leads to really bad communication.  When you’re like, ‘I already know how you feel about this, so I’m not even gonna ask.’

“So how do you call it out?”

“Carefully.  And not at the moment when I’m annoyed.  It’s like, set an alarm for 6 hours and then talk about it then.”

Hank Green to Lindsey Doe on Sexplanations episode “Monogamy”

You Will Go To the Paper Towns and You Will Never Come Back - A Poster by science-justin