7 years.

It’s actually crazy how long 7 years is. Think about who you where 7 years ago. For most of you, you were a child, or a teenager. I myself was a teenager. A teenager living in Edwardsburg Michigan and a song in her head 24/7. It’s been 7 years since we put up our very first video… And it feels like I’ve lived 7 lifetimes since then. Being girls with big dreams was everything that Megan and I were. I wish I could take credit for the idea to put videos up on the internet, but in all honesty that is the genius of my other half! But it was genius. Putting up those videos has been the foundation to every single moment in our lives since “This Note” went live. Basically what I’m saying in this obnoxiously long post is that thanks to YOU every person who has watched, and/or continues to watch our videos, YOU are the reason these past 7 years have been nothing but incredible. It’s not easy going after a dream, whatever that dream is, there is always fear, always the “what if” it doesn’t work? But thanks to all of you, you made us fearless. You pushed us, you changed us, you grew up with us. Cheers to 7 years, y'all. And cheers to the next 7! May our story make you fearless, and may your dreams be forever on fire.


Megan & Liz’s FULL “Relay for Life” StageIt benefit concert | Edwardsburg, MI 6.27.14