Revisiting my Poor Edward record sleeve project. Writing out the lyrics in scribbly, almost serial killer font for the back cover…

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Bring back Mordrake

I absolutely love Wes Bentley as Edward Mordrake in AHS. He was amazing along with Twisty. 

My absolute favorite thing about him was his undying honesty. He pretty much told Elsa what she really was….a monster. He himself had a pretty tragic story but he knew in the end what he was.

Elsa in my own opinion is an awful person. She uses her past as a crutch for her behavior. She believes she is this amazing, beautiful person that men would tremble to behold, but really her voice, her behavior, and her ego makes her hideous. 

If the writers were going for making Elsa one of the most hated characters in this season, they did a fantastic job. 

She is conceited, selfish, cruel, and possibly anything relating to a bad person. At first I thought Dandy would be the most annoying character, but Elsa takes annoying to an all new level. Her singing being one of the most annoying traits she carries…and the fact she thinks she is talented…ugh please lady, all of her workers are more talented than she is.

Recently, the only characters to really see what type of person she is are Edward and Paul “Seal boy”. 

I cannot wait till they bring Edward back…I hope he does something about Elsa…and soon 

She is the freak…